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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Game Review


Another installment of the most famous and realistic soccer Sim to date, PES 2010 is released and up for grabs. I played the game and i have to say finaly after long time Konami has made some very good changes in the game.

You can Download the game and all the updated Patches on Pes 2011 Patches


What is my rating of this soccer sim ?

well, I will give it a handsome 8/10

Graphics: 9.5

Gameplay: 8.0

Realism: 7.5

I have removed all the links to download the game, because the New PES 2011 is coming shortly and i believe no many of you want to download the 2010 version, and the real fun to play the game is when you buy it legaly, believe me it really worth it.

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  1. Hossein Says:

    what is the serial number?

  2. Hossein Says:

    tnx a lot!

  3. DingoDogg Says:

    I think, that you are not right. I am assured. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM, we will communicate.

  4. SuperSonic Says:

    Hi, to GoogleReader!
    Thank you

  5. Robie Says:

    thanks for the links mate………..really appreciate that

  6. Dud Says:

    Im doenloadin it right now, but not sure if its full or demo. Plz help. Thx mate.

  7. dummydam Says:

    @ DUD

    its full game mate…..dotn worry go ahead and install it….

  8. Dud Says:


    thx mate. I finished loading it, but there is no setup link. All i have is a folder full of rld-210 files. How do i install it? plz help… thx

  9. Dud Says:

    and after i extract it, there comes this NTI media maker thing…. is this some sorta scam? cuz i dont see PES anywhere…

  10. Rob Says:


    Do I have to burn a CD? Cuz after I install it, it says I cant open it cuz theres no CD. Wuh do I do?

  11. dummydam Says:

    @ DUD
    mate you might have to install that daemon tool, which makes a virtual drive…..than you will mount the big file u downloaded into the virtual drive….

    i hope it works for you,

  12. dummydam Says:

    @ RoB
    mate you need to mount the disc in the virtual drive…..try this software(

    and btw, did you install the Crack for the the game to play………
    search for “Pes 2010 crack” u will find it easily…

  13. Rob Says:

    thx mate ill try it out

  14. Dud Says:

    Hey thx ill see if it works

  15. Rob Says:

    and ye i think i need the crack…

  16. dummydam Says:

    this is how it done after downloading

    1) Mount rld-p2010.iso or burn it.

    - to mount use Virtual Clone Drive (it’s free)
    - (

    2) Install the Game.

    - while installing use serial.txt to get serial during installation.

    3) Now Go to Crack and Serial folder and copy pes2010.exe

    - and paste it over to original game .exe file (backup original)
    - if u can’t find where it located it then right click on shortcut and Find Target.
    - normally u will find this file under you’r default game folder
    (example) :- C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\

    do let me know it worked or not for you….:)

  17. Rob Says:

    kay its kinda complicated and i suck at using computers, so would you mind staying in touch and ill ask you some questions? thx. P.s. wotchu do with the daemons then?

  18. dummydam Says:

    @ Rob

    no problem mate…..

    see the video tutorial here:


  19. Rob Says:

    thx for the help man… rly need this game…

  20. Rob Says:

    hey i watched the vid. I pretty much geddit except the part that which file to mount. Could u clarify on that? Thx mate

  21. Rob Says:

    Oh i found the iso file. But when I mounted it and tried to play, it said wrong disc inderted. Plz help. Thx.

  22. dummydam Says:

    hmmmm have you copied the Crack into the folder where you install the game..?????

    if not than do this…

    copy the file in the crack folder “pes2010.exe” and paste it in the folder where you install the game… will ask to rewrite the file click yes…..and you are done…enjoy the game….

    hope it works for you this time…..:) if not im always available !

  23. Rob Says:

    thx mate havent tried that yet. although when I press the file in the crack folder directly, it starts the game, so I dont know if that could work also….? P.s. do u know how to play World Cup? Cuz all I can see is Champions League. And once again, thank you soooo much.

  24. dummydam Says:

    No there is no official world cup tournament in there……

    but you can install the World Cup 2010 patch with a few simple steps….. have all the pes 2010 patches…..


  25. Rob Says:

    thanks man! one last question if ur not too busy… Can I start playin directly from the crash file? cuz that would be a lot easier. Once again, Thank you.


  26. dummydam Says:

    hmmm i think you should copy that file in the folder where you install the game…..


  27. Rob Says:

    Well I think I already did that, cuz all my PES files are under one Folder called ‘PES 2010′… the crack file is in a subfolder under that, and the autorun is just under the ‘PES 2010 folder’… Is that okay?
    And also now I rebooted my computer, and when I tried to play PES from the crack file again, it said somethings blocking it and I cant open it… Is that normal?


  28. dummydam Says:

    Rob mate…..just copy the crack file into the main folder (pes 2010)….. when you do that it will ask to overwrite and click yes… should run just fine after that……

    dont make any subfolder etc…….

  29. Rob Says:

    kay gotcha. I do the same with patches right?


  30. dummydam Says:

    no get all the patches at

    you will have the instruction how to install them……very easy to use….
    trust me

  31. Rob Says:

    all of them? and after i downloaded, there is no setup application, so how do i geddit working?

  32. bharat Says:

    i downloaded the game and put it on daemon tools
    it tells me to insert the original disk
    wat should i do????
    please help!

  33. dummydam Says:

    @ Bharat

    mate you have to copy the crack in the main folder where u install the game….. and if still does not work ….check out my earlier replies here just above…

  34. ajik Says:

    where to click

  35. Niyaz Says:

    Super game.

  36. mohamed ashraf Says:

    nice and thank you

  37. Claudiu Says:

    Where is the download button?

  38. bla Says:

    Kako se igrica preuzima???

  39. denny w Says:

    s can u put the link back just for now till pes 2011 comes out… really need the game badly…

  40. mohamed Says:

    pes is wonderful games

  41. mohamed Says:


  42. matey123 Says:

    how can i download a full game to my computer for free?

  43. hang thien chi Says:

    toi rat can ban dich nay

  44. hang thien chi Says:

    toi rat mong ban nay

  45. Branislav Says:

    how to download it?????

  46. Stillhaywhy Says:

    Wanna download my pes2010

  47. adeniji Says:

    i lov this game because it is the best

  48. Juniour Says:

    please return downloads link because others we need pes2010

  49. valbon Says:


  50. tum Says:


  51. TOBI Says:

    it really fantasic and the coolest game i have ever seen

  52. nag Says:

    i cant geting the game to play wat to do

  53. anant Says:


  54. mohamed elfar Says:

    very gooooooooood

  55. mohamed elfar Says:

    very goooooooooooood

  56. trey Says:

    hw can j download thjs game

  57. ANIM OPOKU Says:


  58. ANIM OPOKU Says:

    why is the game so difficult to download?

  59. JULIUS Says:

    I will like to download this game.

  60. muhammedsafar Says:

    how will i download this game

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