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Soccer stud Ronaldo scores yet another beauty, this time in his current home town Madrid. He has had loads of relationships which never lasted long so this might be just another hottie for sometime as he would move on pretty soon. Well the Raffaella Fico (people hate her, check out the comments) lasted just a month and now she is gone and he is dating some of the most hottest women out there.

Status Update>June 2010: There are rumours that Ronaldo is dating Victoria’s Secret model Irina Shayk. Irina is a Russian model with an exotic look that’s hard to resist. While there are other stories linking him with curvy celebutante Kim Kardashian. Both spotted having an intimate dinner with him at a restaurant in Madrid.

Ronaldo girlfried 2010

Kim Kardashian, Nereida Gallardo and Irina Shayk

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Here are three hotties Ronaldo have dated at some point or the other, and who is the hottest of them all well you can vote for a Ronaldo hottie. He has on a role not only on the Pitch but also off the pitch, as scoring beauty after beatuty. he was also linked with Paris Hilton last year, Now Kim Kardashian, Who is next ?

Recent Irina Shayk Update:
Spanish GQ has hit back at Cristiano Ronaldo current Girlfriend and model Irina Shayk who claimed the magazine Photoshopped her pictures in the recent editorial to make her show nude, saying she agreed to do the shoot and that her agency signed off on it and russian Model says she was wearing lingerie in every pose and is considering suing the magazine for that.

However , The magazine’s editor is maintaining that Irina Shayk ‘took her clothes off completely’, according to a report in the New York Post.

59 Comments For This Post

  1. NG Says:

    Sir! wake up! even gone new one after that ugly granny.

  2. hira Says:

    ewww she’s gross

  3. mary Says:


  4. Man U....All Da Wayy Says:

    Shes Fukin Angin Wer Da Fuk Did He Find Her Frm…..He Can Do Fakin Mmch Better Than Dat Female HOE!!…Haha x

  5. akv Says:

    she looks so old and eww…….

  6. johnny Says:

    She looks like someones mother!!!!!

  7. yana Says:

    wow man!!!
    how old is she?!
    may be 100 hahha

  8. Vaishali Says:

    She is so old, whats wrong with your choice sweet heart.

  9. malvina Says:

    cristiano you`re so beautiful sweet

  10. kevin Says:

    Ronaldo’s mother u mean

  11. shelly (: Says:

    ahhhhh! your so damn sexyy! (:

  12. dr Says:

    She is like over 50!

  13. Luciana Says:

    Ok im sorry… But she is sooooooOOOOOooo disgusting! she looks really old and wrinkeled! i hope he leaves her soon for a better, more beautiful younge woman!

  14. jenny Says:


  15. meghan Says:


  16. JACKIE Says:

    y u r sooo hot and soo damn sexy y her u can do soo much better like me GET A BETTER LOOKING GIRLFRIEND MY LOVE PLZZZZ!=) I LOVE U RONALDO!

  17. Mihaela Says:

    She is his sister. RAFFAELA FICO has 21 years old and has curly hair…

  18. marisda Says:

    Too old my goodness,There are many girls are about to die because of U…
    U can choose 1 of them….
    Meu ROnaldo,nao precisas de uma mulher mais bonita ou rica e artista…
    O mais importante eh uma mulher k sabe o amor e nao veste as roupas pieces to show her body….
    Come on,it is just accessories…
    Real woman is the one who loves u the way u r, not what U do…..
    Come on, Ronaldo ,,,Nao precisas de mulheres artistas no seu lado……….
    Tu tens tudo ,,,,,,,,,,,

  19. I HATE Raffaella Fico(X2) Says:

    Hi guys! i think she’s really awful! and she looks older than my mom!!
    ew.. Cristiano, have you lost your mind?? how come you can attracted wid a slut??
    well, how could you dating with a girl who looks like a bunch of chicks???

  20. rachida Says:

    oh my god !!!!! she’s so horribles!!!! ha! it’s horror picture show
    sorry for the texte but i’m french !!!!

  21. jackie Says:

    dang he sooo needs 2 serch better u deserve more than her ronaldo

  22. looook Says:

    that´s definetly not raffaella

  23. Bunny Says:

    She’s look like Ronaldo Aunty

  24. Khadijjaa Says:

    Well She Looks Old Enuf To Be Hiss GRANDMA And Ronnie Ill Text Yaa Babee
    Love U Ur Auntie Khadijja

  25. evelia Says:

    hahahahahahahaha shes so0 ugly can you get a better one?

  26. 2010 World Cup Says:

    In the last picture it looks like she’s squeezing a fart out now that he’s gone…

  27. Riley Says:

    look…..ronaldo…..its ur life…..n uh really should have ur choice of grlfrnds….its ur lyf……decide watevr uh like……..but as a fan if uh want d truth from me……this 1 really sux…….after breakin up with 28 grlfrnds..this is d only 1 uv got ?…..d othr 1s were better……i wont go much further……..but uh really deserve a bettr 1……..she is definitely not d 1………..but after all its ur lyf……..choose rite dats all……this was just a free advice…..u can take it or leave it….doesnt matter………luv uh……

  28. babloo Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzz change her….ur previous girl friends were better…she s so old ..luuuuuuuuuuv ya…

  29. Ambuj Says:

    Nah..common yaar,if not looks at least go for her attitude..looks like having looooots of ego..Huh..good luck dude,,from me,find som1 else..

  30. querida Says:

    all i have to say about her is vete a la mierda puta

  31. d_r_8 Says:

    R u sure she is a model ?she looks more like a prostitute to me! CHRISTIANO seriously u can do so much better :/

  32. L19 Says:

    listing girls…..They are lot of girl who like to go out with Cristiano Ronaldo because they when his money not his love get like the other 28 women he want with out…..(Paris Hilton, she is out of the photo for now) But he need to fine a good woman who will look after him, love him, care about, have children together and will stay with unilt they time come together. He can be happy forever.

  33. sweta Says:

    hey ,christino, im a great fan of yours.but,i got a shock when i saw yur gf.i will just say she”s just not the one for you.i think so.yur so cute and hot .but yu can take my advice or not,that”s upto u cause this is yut life.but yu may think a little abt of luck

  34. T on holiday Says:

    Kim K would be a good GF for cristiano if she wasnt such a skanky famewhore with a sextape. What a waste of a beautiful woman – I wish I had her body. Nereida – no Comment!
    Irina – Not really famous or sucessful, just a pretty face with a 13 yr old boy body.

  35. shivani Says:

    hey…..cristiano….ur soooooo cooool…nd dating sooooo stupid womens…..they r looking dam older than my mom….please choose some beautifull and cute womens….

  36. BJ Says:

    I’d DO Cristiano B4 any of them!

  37. Christina Knieriem Says:

    KIM KARDASHIAN is so beautifull dont like the others :/ x

  38. feeza Says:

    hey Roanaldo hun! that gil doesn’t match u. U desirve sum 1 way beta than that fat but chick. i love u sooooooooooooo much u guys lost i cried my eyes out it was heart broking

  39. ronadlo Says:

    gotta fuck them all

  40. cherry Says:

    ugh! all fans wants the best for their idols, well am one of ronaldo’s fan and i also want the best gf or better wife for him..i agree with riley., he says that its ur life and u decide whatever u want but ugh! so what if all of ur gf are famous and had a good/nice body and pretty face if they are all just for sex stuff and display?? hello,!! ur just wasting ur time and money…find a decent gf whom u can spend ur love and the rest of ur life worthy.every girl u had a relationship desires u are serious hving relationship with them but u just broke their heart. you egoist and too proud of urself, u really think that every girl would crawl under ur feet huh?! i’m sure oneday u’ll find ur match!anyway, am moving out as one of ur fan…u dont deserve admiration,HEARTBREAKER!

  41. cherry Says:

    someday u’ll find a girl whom teach u and give u ur own medicine!! i swear it would happen..u’ll gonna cry., ^, ^
    0 huhuhuhu
    even though you’re a HEARTBREAKER u still deserve to v happy.. hahahaha
    good luck on finding real and true love! it will be hard for u.
    u r sorrounded by hypocrites and social climbers..

  42. dummydam Says:

    @ Cherry

    He is a stud and will continuo to act like one till he retires from football….he is enjoying his celebrity status full time and making wrong use of it…….he needs to learn from the great David Beckham…..he was the bigger star than him but never crossed the limit u know what i mean…..

    Ronaldo is like a cheap celebrity who recently got fame and making a very wrong use of it…..and thats just my openion…… cant beat Beckham !

  43. cherry Says:


    hahaha right!

    well, oneday he’ll realize his mistakes but i wish it won’t too late for him.
    its a fact! he’s acting and showing it…too proud and can’t think a single word to call him but its already on my mind…uhmm,…

  44. tasfia Says:

    just change her…plz…i think i m better then her….

  45. Carolynn Salassi Says:

    Kim Kardashian Is Rollin’! Went and got herself a new car..

  46. seher Says:

    i think cristiano is made he meery to this girls ho yeak just look n….and……ho my god she,s looking like witch

  47. seher Says:

    she looking like someone,s mom ask wear is your baby ladeys

  48. seher Says:

    k.. n.. ira.. dont love you he only love and loooooooove your mony and feam right mr cristiano not love you

  49. seher Says:

    your choes very bed just look it the women how old her she

  50. seher Says:

    you are chooes the boy i vote for sorry women n…. kim…ir…but thats true your heart is broken now she is girl not boy she is miss cirstoan ronaldo

  51. Abutterfly Says:

    I dont think any of you have the right to judge who he choses to go out with… and you also have no right on saying who is ugly, everyone has different tastes. Plus who knows what you all look like, wouldnt be nice if someone said all these things about each one of you so i think you should all grow up.

  52. seher Says:

    you read the histery he playing to every girl but not meerid …. big q… is that its one choes its two choose but day by day the list ………… no what i am saying he just a fu…

  53. seher Says:

    all the gils just search the cristiano 30 girlfriend only her pocket just remmeber

  54. fareeha Says:

    no any one . becouse ronaldo HAS MADE fathe :)
    he should marry with baby,s MAMA.

  55. fareeha Says:

    RONALDO, you should marry with your baby,s MAMA

  56. seher Says:

    merry to baby.s mama what about this girlfriend.s i am so confeuse

  57. umair Says:

    i not see cristiano fucking face losser men

  58. umair Says:

    all of you girls like kim………..iri….nare……playing wwe who win she win the cristiano is better disishion right

  59. sambo Says:

    all girls weastid his time he pleying to every girl not iam telling cristianoronaldo histery his telling

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