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Britan’s Golden boy in boxing took on American Paulie Malignaggi at the Madison Squad arena. Khan is very strong on his feet and he has managed to better his weaker department that is his Defense.
Amir Khan wins by 11th Round TKO at 1:25 of the Round Khan was faster, longer, stronger, better technically.

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  1. dummydam Says:

    you can have full fight replay shortly……….

  2. Maz Says:

    And the war is won by finally a PAKISTANI SOLDIER !

  3. Boxer1230 Says:

    Maz dumb and idiots like you are disgrace to whole Pakistani nation boxing is sports not a war so please shut your dumb as- and don’t post stupis comments.

  4. Jadoon Says:

    Maz, hate to break it to you, but he’s also english, he comes from Bolton England. During the olympics HE SAID “i’m english first and pakinstani muslim second!

  5. Rauf Says:

    thanks for the video……..Khan is Pakistani….he is in England just coz he earn loads of money there….and in Pakistan he would not have that sort of money in Boxing….

  6. dummydam Says:

    Cool down mates……Pakistanis hate USA and rightly so……but dont drag politics in sports…..

  7. white Says:

    black cunts

  8. mo Says:

    fucking idiots, y does it always come down to race and religion. just watch and enjoy the great sport

  9. Viking Bodybuilding Says:

    I had some money on Khan so I’m happy. I just couldn’t see Paulie take this. Sure, Khan has that chin, but he wasn’t exactly facing a one punch knockout artist, and his talent combined with having Freddie Roach in his corner makes him pretty darn hard to beat right now.

  10. colin Says:

    khan was born and bred in england u idiots ad what differnce does colour of skin make ,coming from a country who has a black president morons ,mind u everyone nows yanks are thick

  11. Superpaki Says:

    I love how morons like Maz, Rauf, White and others turn this into a race war. You fools aren’t fooling anyone – you’re not boxing fans, you’re not Khan fans, you’re not Malignaggi fans, you’re just idiots.

    And as someone of Pakistani descent myself let me second the comment of Boxer1230 – Maz you’re an embarrassment to us. Shut up.

  12. dummydam Says:

    Superpaki, I totaly agree with you as Amir Khan is a boxer, he plays a sport which we love……we should not take sports into war and politics debates…….

  13. Murali Says:

    Hey Pakis,

    nuff said. Amir ain’t a Paki man!! He has been born and brought up in Europe. Pakis only need credit for everything.. All they know is bombarding and terrorism. Look I don’t wanna generalize it but that is happening almost everyday. Right from Suicide Bombers, Terror Attacks, The Recent NY Blasts (A Paki behind it) and stuff. Now Spare Amir. He is Compeltely European…

  14. flawless Says:

    @ Murali you gotta get yr facts right. amir khan regularly visits his hometown of MIRPUR in Pakistan, and actively donates money for good cause. So why would a complete European do that? I wonder. Secondly, the terrorists in Pakistan were actually created by Americans during the Soviet War to save their asses. This, was confirmed by Hilary Clinton in a recent visit to Pakistan. I wonder again.

  15. hannah Says:

    oo if bein born n raised in Europe makes amir khan non pakii
    den dahh wud mean m nt paki :S
    he may b british buhh das only by paper
    hes pakii by nature
    n for ur info pakis n muslims r gud 4 WAAAYY mor den just terror attacks, bomings etc…
    eg. muslims- found universities, the tooth brush, algerbra n optics

    n pakis alone invented solar powerd flash lights n Submarine screen doors

    nw ders nuff sed bout enthnical n religious arguing

    AMIR KHAN is dahh best boxer eva n every1 knew he was gonna win i fort he was gonna win is lyk dahh 2nd round

  16. Ali Says:

    Murali, what about American / eng people, they colonized killing million all around the world and still git a lot of wars all around the world for oil and i aint generalizing either, just saying open facts

    thanks to people like you we have people like bush ruling. you are a disgrace to human race

  17. haroon Says:

    well said ali!!!

    hey guys we pakis never forget where we come from no matter where we live!! cuz we r proud to be ones!! n thas why everyones jealous of us!!! n we r the ones who r sacrificing so much in helpin usa and england in the war on terror.. so dont say shit comments which make no sense…

    anyways amir khan is the best boxer so enjoy n pray he wins the heavy weight title one day!! i would love to see that!!inshallah!!ameen!!

  18. haroon Says:


    u r a loser maan!! if u dont have a boxer from your country stop watchin boxing or learn to respect boxers of other countries and ppl as well!!.. grow up!!

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