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FIFA World Cup Live Stream Online


First ever Fifa World Cup is going to be held in South Africa this June and For the biggest Footballing event in the World there will be a Opening Ceremony to match the actual event. As many big Music Stars will be performing in the Official Kickoff Celebration Concert.

The Stars that will be performing in the Concert are : Alicia Keys, Amadou & Mariam, Angélique Kidjo, Black Eyed Peas, BLK JKS, John Legend, Juanes, Shakira, The Parlotones, Tinariwen, Vieux Farka Touré and Vusi Mahlasela. Best part of the concert is that all the money raised from this event will be donated to the Charity in South Africa and some other african nations.


world cup celebration

11 June – 11 July

All the Action from the Official Fifa World Cup Matches Will be available here Live for absolutely free, Live streaming links and player will be placed here just before the Concert gets under way. Many other sites are showing it live in HD streaming. So I will be posting links to the other site which will be showing the streams. Links will be placed 1o Minutes before the kickoff. So if any link do not work let me know via commment, I will update the Links Sharply.

The Big Final 11 July Sunday

GOAL SCORER: Iniesta 118′
Watch Video Highlights HERE

Watch Highlights HERE

Vote and Watch HERE

FIFA World Cup 2010 Awards Winners

Golden Ball – Diego Forlan of Uruguay
Silver Ball – Wesley Sneijder of Netherlands
Bronze Ball – David Villa of Spain
Golden Boot – Thomes Muller (pictured) of Germany
Silver Boot – David Villa of Spain
Bronze Boot – Wesley Sneijder 0f Netherlands
Golden Glove – Iker Casillas of Spain
Best Young Player – Thomas Muller (pictured) of Germany (age:20)

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  1. big Fan Says:

    hey there admin, when will you post the linsk to the live streaming…..what time kickoff concert begin ??????? please reply

  2. steven Says:

    im really excited about the concert…btw it will begin 8PM GMT ……you will post links at 7:45 ??????

  3. flawles Says:

    hope to get best link here……..dummydam my man…….!

  4. dummydam Says:

    hey there all….

    I will post links 10 minutes before the concert…..several high quality links will be available so that you dont miss the action in a three hour extraveganza….

  5. Nj Says:

    hey thnks..wht abt da matches…

  6. dummydam Says:


    Yeah, I will be posting Live streaming links to all the matches in the Fifa World Cup……not only live streams but also the highlights from the matches…which will be available minutes after the matches……you can take my word for that………….I wanna make this site the best experince for football lovers…………………..Im ready for the action are you ???

  7. Cooliois Says:

    Shouldn’t the concert be starting in four minutes now? need those links!

  8. Nj Says:

    yes..i am in wht time it will start in india…

  9. Me Says:

    Where are the links?
    It is starting now? isn’t it? I am in USA and it is 1:05 pm Easter Time. 7 hr difference.
    Please post them!

  10. Me Says:

    Are you ready ??? – no word?

  11. dummydam Says:

    links are up…check them out….concert will start from 20 minutes from now….let me know if you have trouble viewing streams…..

  12. Nj Says:

    weres da link bro….

  13. dummydam Says:

    mate check them out at the bottom of the post…..

  14. football Says:

    Hey there…please can you post the links, it’s supposed to start in 15mins isn’t it??

  15. Cooliois Says:

    Great links thanks! Both up and working. I only wished we would get a British channel with British commentary rather than an American one.

  16. Klit Says:

    Indeed. Links work! Hope it’ll start in 15 min.
    And also prefer a different commentary.. Dutch of course.
    So everyone can get used to the language of the world
    masters 2010! ;-]
    No, but honestly.. a soccer-playing nation would be
    preferable. British is okelydokely for me.

  17. casperrr Says:

    The first one works for me. Thanks! I’m from Philippines. My net here is pretty fast already but I still keep on getting video stops.

  18. dummydam Says:


    well i trying to find some for the britsh commentry……..will be up as soon as i find them….

  19. AgentX Says:

    @NJ, It starts on 11:30 PM IST.

    P>S, Thanks for the links!

  20. dummydam Says:

    right now there is too much load on the server so my site might load slower than normal…hope everthing will be okay

  21. Nj Says:

    thnks bro…..thk u very much

  22. Cooliois Says:

    oh wow, the VEVO link is amazing. Excellent quality and widescreen!

  23. Nj Says:

    hey 1 streaming is gud but it gets hang fast….

  24. dummydam Says:

    Link 4 is the best to see the action live……HD streaming….

  25. Liv Says:

    dude… thanks a bunch! this is awesome!

  26. Silvestre Says:

    Thanks this is the only way i can see the opening from work! hopefully you have links for the games. that would make my day.

  27. AgentX Says:

    @NJ, What speed you’re getting? Link #2 runs fine for me.
    Also, Link#4 is HD and runs fine for 2 mins and then it goes too worse quality than the others so ill stick with #2.

  28. Nj Says:

    @AgentX hey link$ is fine for me…me in india i am getting gud speed thou it after sumtime quality goes but its ok…streaming is gud…

  29. Nj Says:

    link 4

  30. ali Says:

    were are the links bro…please i need them

  31. Nj Says:

    actually speaking the truth i am feeling sleepy…its getting boring….

  32. Amir Says:

    so is there two opning ceremony or just only one is playing now, and if it is another one when would it be? what time? GMT?

    cheers guys

  33. casperrr Says:

    Will the match tomorrow be also aired in VEVO? Their live stream is pretty good!

  34. dummydam Says:


    no… wont get any streams there…but you can come this site and get several great high quality links to every match in there…

  35. dummydam Says:

    thats it……concert is about to finish………

    do comeback if you want to see the live streams of all the matches…..i will post best possible live links here……so that you dont miss any action…..

  36. football Says:

    excellent man, thanks!!

  37. kaziehsan Says:

    ♠ Hey!! Where’z the list of matches?? Actually, i m trying to find the post of 1st match ‘South Africa vs Maxico’

  38. Najeeb Says:

    Hey, where r the links for highlights of the opening ceremony…and what time will the kick-off of first match is ?

  39. vinesh Says:

    is the link blocked can anyone send it to me…me in dubai

  40. dummydam Says:


    Links will be available 10 minutes before the maatch starts………check out the time of the matches and comback before the games to see the action live…..

  41. charl Says:

    wheres the links?

  42. Stefany Says:

    Hi admin,

    Is there gonna be the opening ceremony live streaming provided as well?
    Thanks =)

  43. rikxxz Says:

    Anyone hace a clue what time the game will start? Cause i live in Egypt…. I know what time the match will start back home but not here…. Pls get back to this ASAP! Thnxx :)

  44. vi Says:


  45. casperrr Says:

    Is there a link in English? Those links are Spanish or Chinese.

  46. wut Says:

    where are the english ones? there’s one that says english….but they’re DEFINITELY not talking in english…

  47. SHIVU Says:

    am so excite to watch match

  48. William Says:

    iam looking for HD-live-streams of the games. Please can someone poste them ?? THANKS

  49. football fan Says:

    hey adm can u post the link of england n usa

  50. football fan Says:

    can u post the link of argetina and nigerya

  51. mehmet Says:

    link not working for nigeria match, unless i have times mixed up.

  52. TeeBee Says:

    Thanks for putting this up man. This makes watching some of the games when I’m away a lot easier. Keep up the great work =)

  53. Raj Says:

    how can i watch match??
    wer is the link?

  54. arpit Says:

    Gr8 Work Man . . . . .. . .Thx

  55. Nirvan Says:

    Thanks a ton for the link!.. Keep it up…

  56. nick Says:

    can anyone please tell me .. which one is Slovenia and Algeria ?

  57. Smk Says:

    Thanks alot!!…TotalSportMadness

  58. Mueez Says:

    Admin u r the

  59. Nyasha Says:

    i cant get thru to the match with the links above,help the game has already started!!!!! wat do i do??

  60. sameh Says:

    could u please tell what is the best link because some links interrupted disconecting during match what shall i do ?

  61. Maxstell Says:

    Admin, sorry to say tat all the link i try to stream are lagging. I think it is not my internet speed problem coz i’m using 1.5mbps connection and didn’t open any things will streaming the match. I hope tat admin can provide some link tat didn’t have any lagging problem. thanks.

  62. PRAKASH Says:

    thanks a lot

  63. hierro Says:

    hey, all the links are not working.

  64. ting tong Says:

    where can i get a live commentary.gosh.this is hard!!!!please…

  65. Team England Says:

    Ivory Coast vs. Portugal

    LINK 1 is playing PAUSE and PAUSE. It’s getting worse and worse. It’s about 80 minutes and exciting moment.

    Thanks, anyway.

  66. G Says:


    Thanks for the links…

    Initially they were sticking for me… but after half time it worked good for the rest of the game…

  67. Jannah Says:

    Could received only from Link 1, though it kept on lagging till the end.
    Hopefully next match doesn’t have the same problem coz had to wait till 2.30am(S’pore time). Thanks anyway.

  68. ChrisDXB Says:

    Brazil vs DRP Korea

    All Links seem to only display a “Test Pattern”…
    Any solutions?

  69. dummydam Says:


    mate links will start jsut before the kickoff……and official kickoff time is 20:30 GMT……so streaming will begin 10 minutes before that ….


  70. dummydam Says:

    @jannah dont worry next game links will work fine….

    and do let me know about the status of the streaming during the matches…….


  71. ChrisDXB Says:

    Sorry… had my timezones all screwed up! Cant wait to try it out.
    Thanks so much for the super-swift assistance.


  72. basit Says:

    yes man m also having the same prblm…. specialy during the match of portugal and avory costa no link was working……

  73. Omar Says:


  74. moied Says:

    plz fix links of brazil match

  75. football fan Says:

    hey adm there is a prob with the stream, it plays for a while a gets stuck

  76. Jannah Says:

    Thanks for rectifying the problems..a little bit of hiccups during kick-off but overall was fine..thanks once again..cheers!

  77. Lisandro Contreras Says:

    Thanks from Mexico, we only got 30 games on Public TV (the other half it’s on SKY). I remember the old times (the 70′s-80′s-90′s) when all the FUTBOL games was free!… :-(

  78. Tad Simkins Says:

    Can not wait till the next round to start :) They should pay those security people though…

  79. Maverick Says:

    ADMIN: only link number 4 is working for me in India…rest of them are not working

  80. Maverick Says:

    Link 4 has commentary in some other language than english…plesae look at the links.

  81. avmum Says:

    All, the links ar not running well sometimes you get a Screen sometimes not…

  82. dummydam Says:

    for Hondarus vs Chilee Link 1 and Link 3 are good…….enjoy matches…

  83. ourlastdefeat Says:

    the links for the spain and swiss match aren’t working

  84. dummydam Says:


    because match has not yet started……streams will start just before the kickoff.

  85. ourlastdefeat Says:

    oh sorry, I got my times for the match wrong. by the way keep up the good work this is the only site I’ve found that has links to live streams :)

  86. dummydam Says:

    @ ourlastdefeat…

    mate you will get the best links here…..and to all the other big sports live actin…….like wimbledon starting soon…..


  87. sleeper6 Says:

    I can only get link1 to work for the Spain match and it only stays up for a few minutes. Can you have a look into this.

  88. knite97 Says:

    Same problem as sleeper6. Please fix it ASAP. Thanks.

  89. Team England Says:

    LINK 1 of Spain vs. Switzerland match is being played PAUSE and PAUSE and couldn’t be watched well. Please help! LINK 2 and 3 don’t work here.

    Thank you.

  90. Team England Says:

    I wonder why English commentary (LINK 1) doesn’t work properly. “” works! But I prefer English commentary to the other commentaries. English commentary is the best.

  91. crislander nawas Says:

    switherland is playing good but spain is playing bad………….why like this i don”t no???????good bye…
    from nawas to switherland an spain…..******

  92. dummydam Says:

    i have updated the linsk and placed two streaming players……hope that works for you people…..

    I working hard to get th best the streams and im sure next games will have the best possible streaming linsk and players…..


  93. bosco Says:

    all t match is being played PAUSE and PAUSE and couldn’t be watched properly. pls see into it for clear pic

  94. LA Says:

    admin, the streaming could be better. pausing too many times to watch the game in proper flow. the audio was much better yesterday but too muffled in todays games. appreciate u’r efforts put into getting us this coverage.


  95. Tiong Says:

    Is the argentina vs korea match available now?

  96. Team England Says:

    All of the links do NOT work here. So sad. :(

    Thanks, anyway.

  97. Tiong Says:

    Thx admin, the link 1 is working greak for me

  98. Tiong Says:


  99. Aidi Says:

    ok what happen here??was watching the germany n serbia match n at 40th min all links when off air??

  100. mohanned Says:

    i want England to kick Algeria’s ass because i hate algeria

  101. theYetti Says:

    Thank you for the free feeds. It makes my day go faster.

  102. suat Says:

    site wotk perfectly.
    fck fifa with a lot of ads

  103. vj! Says:

    which is the best link with english?

  104. j Says:

    the links are not working

  105. jaba Says:

    i think that
    argentina is best

  106. knite97 Says:

    link 3 no sound

  107. dummydam Says:

    Link 1 and 2 are updated…check them out…

  108. Palash Says:

    What a match, BRAZIL…….. be aware of PORTU…

  109. jolovista Says:

    is link 1 working? switz vs chile.

  110. dummydam Says:

    yup link 1 and 2 work fine…..

  111. anvar Says:

    hiiii..nice site……

  112. Team England Says:

    Hello mate!

    Would you show both matches (Mexico vs. Uruguay AND France vs. South Africa) or only one match? ‘Cause they are gonna play at the same time.


  113. Reedtzlol Says:

    Hey, just wanted to leave a little thank you for the effort on the streams. I have been using this site so far through out the whole World Cup – Much appreciated :)


  114. dummydam Says:

    @ Team England…

    yeah i will be covering both matches…..dont worry

    @ Reedtzlol
    Thanks a lot mate….and I will be covering English Premier league, Champions league, La liga and Serie A action as well in the coming season… dont forget the site after the world cup….


  115. anvar Says:

    i am not getting online stream………..

  116. EweJean Says:


  117. Nedal Says:

    Thank you for having this website, I’m able to watch the games at work.

  118. Team England Says:

    Slovenia vs. England

    Come on England!!

  119. stupid. Says:

    heyyyyyy! what about US vs. Algeria?!

  120. Where's USA Says:

    I don’t see a link for the US v ALG game. I know you said both games would be online. Please help ASAP

  121. dummydam Says:

    sorry for being late today, I was busy with some personel commitments….but i posted live links on time in here…its just that this site get too much load and I have to redirect you to my other blog from time to time…….

    but from now On normal service will resume again……thanks

  122. stupid Says:

    hey ALL links are DENMARK! WHERE’S HOLLAND!!?

  123. dummydam Says:

    Links updated …now they are showing exactly what they are meant for…..

  124. praz Says:

    Amazing! watched the whole match without any single interruption. Faboulous link.

  125. Suneet Says:

    Thanks a lot man! Watched Uruguay vs Korea without interruption. Is there a English commentary link available for the next matches with the same speed?

  126. Suneet Says:

    You’re great!!! I comment and the language changes ;-)

  127. Tokki Says:

    Hi dummydam, I really appreciate all the effort that you had put into this website. . Thank you very much… :)

  128. stupid Says:

    Indeed… we can not thank you enough Dummydam!!

  129. dummydam Says:

    Hi its Admin here,

    @ Stupid. Tokki, Sunnet, praz

    Thanks for the appreciation mates, really makes me happy when u post such encouraging comments……make me proud of my blog….

    and I will keep posting links and streams for all the sports out there…….


  130. worldjournalist Says:

    Hey Admin,

    THANKS!!! for the superb job u are doing here. I am at foreign at the moment and was worried, I would not be able to watch the Worldcup – no TV! But thanks to you I can follow all the games if I want to!!

    Super Work!

    Have one question though, will there be a link for the German – England game with German commentary?? I can not get the German TV ARD stream here :( ((

    Thanks again – and God Bless!

  131. dummydam Says:

    @ worldjournalis

    Yeah I can post a link for the german commentry stream…no problem

  132. Asheq Says:

    the game between germany and england’s about to start. The links dont seem to work.

  133. David Says:

    i am sitting in china at the moment and none of those links does work here… i dont know why but every link does only show the advertisement…
    can someone help me ?
    i got the newest flash player ! !


  134. David Says:

    Ahh i forgot something… A few days ago , i found this website with a live stream directly on the page ( it was a polish stream, i think ) this one worked perfectly ..

  135. Team England Says:

    Germany vs. England

    Fully come on England!!

  136. worldjournalist Says:

    U ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :) )))))


  137. dinda.teJa Says:

    im from Malaysia. It works perfectly. tQvm!

  138. Senukas5 Says:

    Thank you for these links.

  139. lee Says:

    here rily can see the live show of fifa world cup 2010?

  140. Mohit Krishna Says:

    hey thanks a million for the wimbledon links. god i should have known this site before. U give links to smaller tournaments of tennis too?

  141. Raja Says:

    Thanks dude, that was awesome as i am in office and no access to TV :)

  142. Joslyn Braganza Says:

    this is kickasss……….. thanks a 1000 terrabytes……….
    greetings from India…….

  143. mr.jiit Says:

    i love world cop footbool .+971503578085

  144. Vijay Says:

    I really hope you’re gonna post the links for the ger – arj game man…!!!

    I’ve been trying to stream it from everywhere… but it’s just not up to the mark..!!!!
    What’s more.. I have an 8mbps connection..!!!

  145. CD Says:

    Will these links work fine in 256mbps net speed? Vijay, which service provider’s connection do u hv? 8mbps is too low man!

  146. bibek Says:

    germany are the looser at the last moment

  147. beastiebhoy Says:

    Hey there, I am connecting via servers outside the uk, do you know if I will still be able to watch the streams you are posting?

  148. hssin Says:

    ena n7eb tuins trba7
    ya3tikom 3asba
    by 7sin

  149. naren Says:

    can you send me the link to watch live match

  150. Vikram Says:

    can u send me link to watch live football

  151. Anshul Says:

    May I have please please please , thanks,

  152. Anshul Says:

    the link please

  153. dummydam Says:

    @ Anshul

    mate links will be available closer to kickoff……still 4 hours to go before the closing ceremony begins… please comeback closer to the kickoff to get the live streaming links…


  154. ronchi Says:

    david villa is going to kick your ass HOLLAND

  155. utsav Says:

    can i have the link too…

  156. dummydam Says:

    @ Utsav

    Yeah sure, you can get the live streaming links closer to kickoff, right here…

  157. faizal Says:

    where is the ink man please update it

  158. dk Says:

    hey,post the links

  159. faizal Says:

    its already 9 pm here man wat r u doin please update the link

  160. dummydam Says:

    @ Faisal

    yaar, links will be available closer to kickoff….Still 2 huors to go….

  161. dummydam Says:

    sorry for the confusion…..Closing ceremony will begin 18:30 GMT….. and Links will be available 10 minutes before that….

    sorry again mates….


  162. rajesh Says:

    has d stream started for closing ceremony?

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