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Pakistan wins the Gold by Defeating Malaysia – Asian Games 2010


Pakistan edge the defending Champions South Korea in the Semi Final of the Asian Games on Tuesday night while India were dumped out by Brave Malaysian side which stunned them by a 4-3 Victory confirming their place n the Finals of the Asian Games 2010. This is Malaysia’s first entry into the final where they will be going head to head against Pakistan side which had a mixed Asian Games so far but still find themselvs in the Final and have a great chance of getting Gold Medal in the hockey event.

Pakistan has beaten Malaysia (2-0) to win the Gold in the Asian Games

pakistan vs Malaysia

Pakistan are the Gold Medal Winners

Korea’s charge to the third successive gold medal in the Asian Games ended when resurgent pakistani team defeated them in the Semi Final of the Asian Games by the sudden death. It was Salman Akbar who made it possible for them as he shattered the dream of South Korea in the Semi Final to book the palce for his national side in the Final against Malaysia where they have a wonderfull chance of winning the Gold Medal.

Match Result and Goals
[Pakistan 2-0 Malaysia]
[ 1 - 0 ] Sohail Abbas ’28
[ 2 - 0 ] Rehan Butt ’39

It was Pakistan’s eighth Asiad hockey gold, ending a drought that stretched back to Beijing in 1990, and handed them their first major title since winning the World Cup in Sydney in 1994

Pakistan vs Malaysia - Who is Winning the Gold ?

  • Pakistan (87%, 1,813 Votes)
  • Malaysia (13%, 275 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,088

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98 Comments For This Post

  1. carolyne Says:

    at what time is the final game? is it a 17 hs pakistan or china time?

  2. vin Says:

    Malaysia Boleh…….1malaysia…..2-1 we r winning

  3. Saqi Says:

    its at 2pm Pakistani Time
    and 5pm Chinese Time

    and Pakistan is gonna win for sure :P

  4. fahd Says:

    pakistan zindabad

  5. kimi raikkonen Says:

    Who said that Pakistan easily can win the final game? They must face the Malaysian brave team first then they start thinking of winning the game.Of course the presure on Pakistani side right.

  6. kimi raikkonen Says:

    Bravo,bravo,bravo Malaysia…Aim for winning GOLD MEDAL!Now we r the best in Asia

  7. Raza Says:

    Go Pakistan..

  8. james Says:

    Malaysia’s gonna murder the Paki’s

  9. kimi raikkonen Says:

    Not to say murder la James..but destroy the Pakistan Team..All Malaysian must stand and singing togehter for our Victory..

  10. Wacki Says:

    anyone, can you please tell where can i watch the highlights of this match?

  11. Akhtar Says:

    Go Pakistan

  12. Abbas Says:

    Inshallal we(pakistan) will win the gold medal

  13. abbas Says:

    Don’t Jealous from Pakistan

  14. S Says:

    May the best team win and hope we see a great match

  15. Azinar Says:

    Malaysia will be the winner – 3-0

  16. farhood Says:

    Pakistan wil surely win…INSHALLAH…

  17. Mahad Says:

    Well we’ll see who destroys who… Pak team iz gonna win 4 sure…malaysia is not even a threat

  18. Sajjad Malik Says:

    The great nation Pakistan will win Asia cup 8th timeInsha Allah with the help of Allah today

  19. Amlish Says:

    Malysia will be crushed by the great PAKISTANI’s
    Pakistan is world champion
    where does Malysia stands?>>>
    its so funny to hear that malysia will win….

  20. Mohsin Says:

    Comments of the writer are good. But spelling mistakes irritates

  21. Waqas Says:

    Qoute: (kimi raikkonen Says:
    November 24th, 2010 at 3:32 am

    Not to say murder la James..but destroy the Pakistan Team..All Malaysian must stand and singing togehter for our Victory..)

    Un Qoute:

    We will see you what do u do in final…

    We fuck Malaysian in final with high score…..

    We are lions….

    Naraay Takbeer!


    Pakistan Zindabad

    Jeetay ga bahi jeetay ga pakistan jeetay ga

  22. zado janjua Says:

    wov wov . i think it will be very good final and it also depend on luck as well.

    i hope pakistan will murder malishian.

    we are the best and Pak’s always great .

    we will sonn win the victory .

  23. Maaz Ahmed Says:

    Pakistan gonna win inshAllah

  24. tekat Says:

    malaysia boleh..go malaysia go..we can win..

  25. Saqi Says:

    well lets see ….
    but you know Pakistan badly need this win ..coz sports is the only thing left to cheer up the Paki people .
    anyway hoping to see a thriller…

  26. Petronas Says:

    Final Result : 4-2 Pakistan wins gold. Just saw it in my dream. Oh well, i’m happy with silver

  27. WAHAJ Says:

    We must say INSHALLAH before saying something about future.So me ,Raza bhai ,Saqi bhai and all Pakistanis are saying that INSHALLAH Pakistan will win this final.And if Malaysia wins this match then we will not be sad or greeve as malaysians are our Brothers.

  28. neha Says:

    pakistan will win inshallah
    geo to esay :)

  29. neha Says:

    wat time will it telecast plz tell nd frm which channel ?kisi web pe online ayega plzzzzzz bata dain koi ?

  30. arslan Says:

    beat the hell on malasian’s

  31. BABAR QATAR Says:

    pakistan will win inshallah

  32. KS Says:

    pakistan will inshah Allah win this one

  33. Makmedicine Says:

    Pakistan will crush Malysia definitely

  34. malik Says:

    pakistani and malaysian brothers just relax and pray it will be a good game of hockey and please dont curse each other..malaysians are muslims as well and how can we curse our brothers..i am pakistani and expecting a very good game of hockey and whoever play good will win…Good Luck both teams

  35. kimi raikkonen Says:

    See u all in the final..Fighting..fighting..Aim to be a winner!

  36. shahbaz anjum Says:

    Pakistan is a great hockey playing nation.they have won the world cup 4 times. and Malaysia didn’t even reached in the final for 1 time.. i think pakistain team has a great psychological advantage..but pressure will also be on Pakistan bcz Pakistan is a well known good hockey team. it will be a great match…watch…

  37. Ahmad Says:

    Pakistan BOLEH – Pakistan BOLEH – Pakistan BOLEH

  38. Adeel Fakhar Says:

    inshALLAH Pakistan will win.


    INSHA_ALLAH pakistan will win

    Malaysians are our brothers…but game is game,

    No Hard feelings….


  40. asim Says:

    Hey Pak Will Win InshAllah Comon Guys You Rocksss

  41. SAEED AKBER Says:

    jiss team mean junaid and saqib jaisay baray kilari hn, woh zaroor jeetay gi.

  42. asim Says:

    2 baje din ko pak time

  43. AHSAN ALI Says:

    at which time pakistan will play hockey match in china, can anyone tell me according to pakistan ????????

  44. Farooq Says:

    Pakistan will win inshallah by the grace of Allah and by the spirit of our players…………….. Pakistan Zindabad

  45. maqsood Says:

    Inshallah pakistan will win

  46. BakaBaik Says:

    Malaysia will win..insyaallah. Malaysia Boleh!!!

  47. lone Says:

    kimi raikkonen = fahmi mohd noor?

  48. john Says:

    i don’t pakistan will be lucky today….wait and see….

    u can be world champion but that was history……you can still brag abt it and Malaysia going to win its 1st Asian Games gold and then u will know who is the new Asian champion now….:-P

  49. Abdullah Says:

    Pakistan Will win this final today INSHA ALLAH, GOOD WISHES 4 MY PAKISTAN.

  50. saqi Says:

    yeah you are right WAHAJ…..Inshallah we will win ..:)

    and Good luck to Malaysia too..

    just want to see a good match ..:)

    Malaysians n Pakistanis are brothers ..:)

  51. M.Jawad Amin Says:

    Pakistan win 3-0

  52. Dave Says:

    Pakistan lost cricket semi finals to Afganistan?? hahahahahahahah, GOD bless them…

  53. Dr. Umar Says:

    Well, as a Pakistani, first of all congrats to Malaysia for going through for the first time. Strong support for my Pakistani team, we need a win desperately to revive our hockey. But i must say the final is already over for most of us as Muslims because the trophy is already ours (muslims). We see Malaysians as our brothers here in pakistan so looking forward to a good match. Long Live Pakistan, Best of luck Malaysia!

  54. gshan Says:

    Bravo, u are the heroes, cm bc with the gold medal, we will salute u all., good luck.,

  55. Farooq Says:

    Pakistan and Malaysia both are Muslim countries so victory of Pakistan or Malaysia both will be good for us

  56. nasir Says:

    i love my country whenever he lost or win. thanks god i am musilm and being a pakistani.

  57. Farooq Says:

    It is requested to all my Pakistani friends brothers and sisters to be calm and never give any negative remarks about brother Islamic country Malaysia, its team or people they are our brothers. India beat Pakistan but Malaysia beat India it means Malaysia have some potential.
    I think now the victory is not a matter let us see which team will play supper style hocky

  58. Noman Says:

    @ Waqas, yaar you should look at your choice of words, one side you are using “f***” and other side, Nara-e-Takbeer, i request all to please understand its a game not a battle and v muslims are like brother, at least we should leave gud impression on others, i support my paki team but yes, may the best team win….

  59. yousaf Says:

    assalam o alaikum

    Inshallah jeet usey teem ki ho ge jo hardwork kare ge kha wo pakistan ki ho
    ya malaysia ki.both teams are muslims.i hope pakistane will be win this match
    bcz they playing workhard.

  60. Irfan Says:

    Please use civilized language when u post ur posts. Please avoid phrases like Pak will murder Malaysia of we shall fuck them. Why dont u care about the image of our nation?? They would think we all are bad people.

  61. Irfan Says:

    Please use civilized language when u post ur posts. Please avoid phrases like Pak will murder Malaysia or we shall fuck them. Why dont u care about the image of our nation?? They would think we all are bad people.

  62. mazhar Says:

    match kitne bje start ho ga????

  63. bilalb Says:

    Inshallah , PAKISTAN will won , and this will be a blow of fresh air, not only for Pakistan hockey but for Pakistani nations as well , who is surrounded by great monsters !

  64. k-oi Says:

    yeah…pakistan and malaysia are brothers..doesnt matter who will win as long as it is a fair and good match..pakistani will support pakistan and malaysian will support malaysia..good luck..

  65. haseeb goraya Says:

    yaar any link?

  66. kimi raikkonen Says:

    Loon> kimi raikkonen=Ex F1 driver now become no 1 fan of Malaysian Hockey!
    I love their skill very classic and formidable game.Looking forward for the better result today.

  67. Irfan Says:

    Congrats Pakistan!!! Well played Malaysia. Good Fight.

  68. Abdullah Says:

    Congerats Pakistan!!!

  69. Akhtar awan Says:

    My God help the pakistan team and InshaALLAh they win the match.

  70. Akhtar awan Says:

    Allah HAfiz.

  71. ani mirza Says:

    hi congrat pakistan is in the finals and inshallah wil grab a gold for the pride of pakistan.. Pak 2 malaysia 0 hehehe.. Luv u pakistan meri jaan xox

  72. Hisham Says:

    Congrats to Pakistan team for winning the Gold Medal..
    Good try Malaysia n nice game..

    Pakistan : 2
    Malaysia : 0

  73. Hafiz Says:

    I hate people that saying bad word and provoke here. Does you care about other feeling. this is just a sport why you say bad thing..

  74. Naeem Says:

    Pakistan has WON by 2-0. They outclassed Malysia in all depts. With this win, Pakistan also qulifies for 2012 London Olympics. This will revive hockey in Pakistan.
    Congrats to all Pakistan & Tough luck for Malysia. It is still an achievment for Malysia to even qulifiy for the final. Better luck next time.
    Pakistan Zindabad!!

  75. dummydam Says:

    Awesome Pakistan..

  76. Aatif Says:

    push .. stop .. and a scoop by Sohail ..

  77. kimi raikkonen Says:

    Congrate Pakistan for winning gold medal.Malaysia team best try ever.

  78. fakhar alam zeb Says:

    congrats to pakistan team and all the paistanis.well done.

  79. fahd Says:

    pakistan i love u we are the champions

  80. fahd Says:

    pakistan:2 hahahahahaha malasia could not even score one goal….lol….

  81. ahmed saleem Says:

    very good pakistan team after 20 year bad asin cup final ka champion bana very weldan pakistan team JEET KE GEO FORM AHMED BUTT

  82. hassan Says:

    pak is grt i loeve my pak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Tariq Noor Says:

    Well done boys, keep it up!

  84. zain Says:

    Malaysians are out brothers…we respect them…it was a good match…better luck next time malaysia…and yes it was a great effort by malaysia to reach in finals..

    congratz on pakistan winning a BIG FINAL…we badly needed it

  85. Somesh Says:

    Wud have been better if it was India Vs Pak in the finals… the match wud have been more equal then… anyway congrats to Pakistan and in paticular the legends Sohail Abbas and Rehan Butt.. Hard Luck India… Kudos on winning the Bronze medal :-)

  86. asda Says:

    Malaysia have lost the finals

  87. hassan Says:

    kimi,james,john what happened? i think Pakistan crushed Malaysia quite clearly. Paki team is not like Indian team whom you can beat that easily. well played though better luck next time. :-)

  88. Asghar Says:

    I am pleased that Pakistan won and feel sorry for the Malayasians as a sports man have learnt coming second is a feeling I hope no one has to endure having come so close to winning.However, Malayasia should take heart from their performance and endevour to qualify for London 2012 via a qualifying round .Inshalla, they will succeed if they play with the same passion as they did in these games.I implore all genuine fans of the sport please do not write abusive comments , whether we are from Pakistan , Malayasia , India , etc.

  89. Zafar ,Meraj Says:

    After a long time we have seen a match like this . Congrats 2 all pakistanis

  90. Adil Says:


  91. bhatti shakil Says:

    z bada

  92. WAHAJ Says:

    First of all thanks to my AlMighty ALLAH for giving us this Success.i congrats all pakistanis frm the core of my heart.i am happy bcoZ the world will now see us frm a different angle whose people are involved in healthy activities .Pakistan has got a big victory after 16 years last in 1994.Malaysians must not be sad as its part off the game.

  93. WAHAJ Says:

    For dave’s information:
    Pakistan’s best eleven cricket team was playing against South Africa,Pakistan’s A cricket team is in West Indies while Pakistan’s third team played against Afganistan having only Khalid Latif who got the chance to play in best eleven while Afghanistan was playing with best eleven you should
    not be so much happy on the defeat of Pakistan against Afghanistan.thanks

  94. kamal nasir Says:

    pakistani team ka bohat shokeriya keh mare birthday par mujhe sone ka gift deya ….. thankssssssssssssss pakistan

  95. sajid malik Says:

    pakistan zindabad we love pakistan

  96. FURehman Says:

    Need to be maintained such performance consistently.Excellent show by Pakistan.

  97. umair Says:

    i love pak hockey

  98. husnain and hafiz Says:

    we love pakistan hockey team pakistan zindabad

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