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Rugby Super 15 Season 2011 Matches Online


Super 15 Rugby 2011 Season Matches

2011 Superbowl 15

Super 15 rugby has started from today and It is one of the best rugby tournament in the world, this year the tournament have a new format and it will be interesting to see how 15 teams from three nations compete against one another and after it there will be Rugby World Cup 2011 as well which will be played in September 2011 and this is one of its kind event as matches are played every weekend over the three nations and since there is alot of time difference between these countries we will be placing kickoff times for every match.

There has been many changes in the Formate of this year’s Super 15 previously known as Super 14. Now fans will be able to see huge number of matches which reaches to 125 and 15 teams are dividing into three groups of 5 each in it. Super 15 will start with teams playing the other teams in their own conference. There will be 16 round robin matches for every team.

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  1. Bertus Says:


    thanks guys.

  2. Bertus Says:

    Hi Guys.

    Are you guys going to show these games over the weekend?

    Thank you.
    Best Regards.

  3. dummydam Says:

    of cource Bert..

    we will post live links which will show the matches live in good quality….if everything goes out as planned ofcource…

  4. Bert Says:

    BIG Relief.

    Last week when there were no games posted, we thought we were doomed. You guys are really helping us here.

    Much appreciated, keep up the good work gents, I am telling everybody about your site.

    Best Regards.

  5. dummydam Says:

    @ Bert

    are you okay with the streams ? i have placed veetle stream which actuatly is very reliable and good….let me know if you have trouble viewing…

  6. zac Says:

    great work stream all the rugby here, especially the southern hemisphere stuff.

  7. Dirk Engelbrecht Says:

    Hi guys, I’m a South African working in Afghanistan, will I be able to watch the rugby from here as well, I really miss watching the rugby while I’m this side…

    All help will be appreciated

  8. dummydam Says:


    ofcource my friend, streaming links will be placed above just before the super 15 matches start.

  9. Bertus Says:


    Fantastic, thank you, had the guys round to my place and the quality was really good.

    thanks once again.


  10. dummydam Says:

    @ Bert.

    thanks for taking the time and appreciating…I will post the stream for next round of matches here. do remember to bookmark this page and comeback here shortly before the matches gets underway…

  11. rl Says:

    is there going to be live streams for the Crusaders Match today?

  12. Al dow Says:

    tuned in to watch the Crusaders play waratahs but can’t find any link. Are there only going to be certain games broadcast??

  13. dummydam Says:

    @ rl and Aldow
    sorry mates, I messed up with the dates and timing for friday matches…that is why could not post links for crusaders match….anyway saturday matches will be available live..

  14. Cody Says:

    I am in Australia and cant get pay tv in our apartment, if I can watch the games on here that would be freakin AWESOME!!!

  15. jono Says:

    Hey everyone, is the cheifs game going to be played today?

  16. dummydam Says:

    @ Cody,

    could you watch the match you wanted…..Links were up and running..


  17. Cody Says:

    Yeah thanks, it worked awesome, i ran it into my plasma and worked a treat, wish i had got up and watched the highlanders beat the bulls though that would have been great, will all games be up on here?? Cheers for the stream its brilliant

  18. rl Says:

    Any games to be posted? Crusaders V Brumbies?

  19. brian Says:

    Is the crusaders v brumbies friday 11 march being streamed? Desperate to see some rugby in Bali now that the Australian Network hasn’t bought the broadcasting rights for 2011.

  20. bc Says:

    just discover the site!! Any games for the weekend? I am starving for southern hemisphere (real) rugby!!

  21. Bertus Says:

    Hi guys.

    Are you showing the games this weekend?

    Looking for th sharks game at the moment, but no joy.


  22. Cody Says:

    Will stormers v highlanders be on here, i hope so i really wanna see highlanders smash them

  23. dummydam Says:

    Oh Sorry again….Why do they play on Fridays

    I forget to post live links for todays matches….but stormers vs highlenders will be up for sure..


  24. bc Says:

    will there be a link for raiders vs sharks?

  25. Brian Says:

    Please post live links for fridays super15 game Chiefs v Sharks @ 7.30am GMT.This would be greatly appreciated as we have no other way of watching here in Thailand. Thanks in anticipation. Brian.

  26. Al Dow Says:

    Oh no, doesn’t look like any rugby again! Chiefs versus sharks about to start soon………….

  27. Al Dow Says:

    Thanks Brian!

  28. bc Says:

    thanx once again for GREAT RUGBY!!!

  29. jacob Says:

    hope u stream the crusaders game 2moro,, i a kiwi in belgium and there ust no way to watch it

  30. jacob Says:

    can u post the game fri morn 7 am europeon time

  31. dummydam Says:

    @ Jacob

    Yes, i will post the links for that match 3-4 hours before it all starts….its good thing remind me about Super15..


  32. Stevie Shaw Says:

    hey guys you putting the hurricanes-rebels game on here tonight?

  33. brian Says:

    the crusaders aren’t playing on march 25 as the game is now being played in London on Sunday 27 March. Crusaders v Sharks

  34. Al Dow Says:

    I cannot seem to get Friday’s game again. Hey Brian if you have an alternative can you email me on please. Thanks mate

  35. jacob Says:

    is the crusaders being screened in a few minutes

  36. dummydam Says:

    @ Jacob

    I hope you were able to get the streams….

  37. Brian Says:

    I know you think you are doing your best,but could you please check the super15 program & give us a link for all games, including Friday games.Some of us are in the unfortunate position of having to rely on your link entirely.Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Brian( Thailand)

  38. bj Says:

    super 15 rugby?

  39. Al Dow Says:

    Any Super15 rugby today?? Game about to kick off between “canes and Bulls and I cant see a link here….

  40. Rots Says:

    are these Super XV links able to be seen in Australia too? someone said they were blocked somehow

  41. louis Says:

    Hi, what games for super 15 are showing this weekend?

  42. klc Says:

    try>sports channel. Some streaming S15 games were shown last week – hopefully tonite too…

  43. Bertus Says:

    Hi Gents.

    Just wondering if there’ll be some S15 action on this weekend, in particular Sharks vs. Stormers, last weekend your link was to english rugby streams.

    Best Regards.

  44. dummydam Says:

    @ Bertus

    Sure mate….Just remind me 1 day before the matches you want to see…I will make sure you have the live stream links on time…..

    Sameer [Admin]

  45. ToAsTeD Says:

    Will the match Stormers Vs Blues coming up shortly be broadcast live?

  46. Bryan Says:

    When will the links for the Super 15 matches Cheetahs v Rebels and Sharks v Blues be posted please?

  47. Bryan Says:

    Sorry I meant the Sharks v. Bulls.

  48. dummydam Says:

    @ Bryan

    I have placed the links widget…I hope it works for you

  49. Bryan Says:

    First time on your site. How do I access the game? I clicked on the game and it just opened down but not a page to show the game.

  50. dummydam Says:

    Links will appear closer to start of the match….right now there is one link of JustinTV which is working fine

  51. Andrew Says:

    How does this work? Where do I find the links? DO I have to download anything to watch the Super 15 stuff? cheers

  52. bigben Says:

    How does this work? Where are the links?

  53. Nadine Says:

    Good day!!! I’m looking foward to your game…cHEETA’S VS Bulls… Will I be able to watch it on my pc?

  54. imo Says:

    theres no links available to watch the rugbyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. tnz Says:

    hello, just found this site – missed out on buying tix for today’s reds/crusaders match – too bummed about that to go watch in a pub – will be able to watch from home now , thank you!

  56. tnz Says:

    @ andrew, nadine, imo, bigben – click on the “OTHER” tab to find rugby games :)

  57. tnz Says:

    is it actually there anyone? i’m having trouble help!

  58. Durbanite Says:

    Hey guys.Will the Sharks vs Bulls game be streaming this weekend?(GO SHARKS!!!!)

  59. Phil Says:

    Hey mate, any chance that you’ll be streaming the Reds Vs Blues semi this saturday night? I’m desperate to watch it and can’t find another way! Would be fantastic if you could get a stream going.

  60. dummydam Says:

    Hey Phill,

    first tell me have you been successfull in getting the streams in last couple of weeks matches ? If yes than yeah it highly likely that you will get the streams…and if you havnt been able to get the streams i will have to look into it for you…

    cheers for stopping by at my site….

  61. Phil Says:

    I haven’t watched any of the other streams but I’d still appreciate it if you could put this one up? Have you had problems in the past couple of weeks?


  62. Albun Says:

    hi could you give me a site i can check out for the semiĀ“s this weekend sitting in spain which are not rugby crazy, thx apprectiate it go crusaders

  63. Stef Says:

    Thank you very much for this, got to see a cracker S15 final in the US!! The only other option was a satellite dish and two-year subscription.

  64. Storm Says:

    Is there a live stream available for the AB’s v Sa today?

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