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ICC World Cup 2011 Final Tickets Mumbai – Semifinal Tickets Mohali


The International Cricket Council has announced the new system with the help of which they will be selling World Cup tickets to the fans for the Semi Final and the Final to be held in India. The ticket sale was supposed to be done earlier but due to the huge traffic the official partner site got jammed and could not process the sales whcih hampered the proceeding on the scheduled date now they will be hoping to change the system and will use another way of doing that.

ICC WORLD CUP 2011What is Interesting here is that there will be public ballot process for World Cup semi-finals, final tickets which will help in dealing with the sale of tickets and get rid of black market as two agents were arrested in India and Sri lanka for Selling tickets in black which is a shame to the process.

So If you want the Semi Final or Final tickets please beware that you need to be quick and start getting into the action to buy tickets here is the step by step guide how can you buy tickets on line for the Semi Final as well as the FInal tickets.

The ballot process is as follows:

Ballot Application:
*You may apply for the ‘Ticket Public Ballot’ from February 28 to March 6.
*Use the links to get and submit the Public Ballot application form at
*Remeber 1 person can apply for maximum of 2 tickets in maximum 1 application per person

Application Submission:
*Upon successfull submission of ballot application you will recieve the Ballot Confirmation Number, at this point no payment is requaried.
*Carefully comlete the form becuase any mistake and you offered ticket might be cancelled and make sure you submitt the form no later than 6 March 2011.

*Computer will decide which application is successfull and whic his not, so if you dont hear from Krazyoonga by 12 March assume failure of your application.

*Now Successful applicants will have to pay for the tickets at the secure krazyoonga payment site and if you dont pay on time you ticket will be offered to next applicant.

Once they recieve the payment you will be notified by email, so keep the email safe and your ticket will reach you in 3rd week of March.

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  1. lalit Says:

    inform to me

  2. gourav Says:

    our bcci is v bad not gud deal with tickets no tickets 2 be sold for semifinal and finals ppl try 2 take but all tickets going 2 black ballot system is all make u fool some tickets sold this way rest all going 2 black

  3. vicky goel Says:

    i hv tickets of semi final match moahli..m selling it at 1500 each..if intersed den wreply with ur cntact n mail me………..

  4. Soli Says:

    I am interested in buying tickets for Mohali semi final. You can mail me at

  5. Sid Says:

    interested in buying tickets for the semifinal in Mohali. Can also exchange them for two tickets to the semifinal in Colombo. contact on

  6. gourav Says:

    i am having 4 tickets of vip stand wanna sold that tickets any body want that contact me on my no 9814246280 only genuine buyers

  7. rahul Says:

    i want mohali semi final tickets,..if any one have do contact me..thanks..

  8. gourav Says:

    i am having tickets of semifinal in mohali any body need tickets call 9814246280 only chair block and vip block tickets

  9. Harry Says:

    I have 4 tickets for SF-2 Mohali match – VIP stand (1000 Rs.). In all probabilities, it will be India Pakistan match. If interested, please send me your quote at

    Tickets can be collected from the stadium prior to the match


    P.S. I already have quote for 12000 rupees per ticket.

  10. Nitish Mittal Says:

    I got two extra tickets for semifinal at mohali……….Anyone willing to buy??
    Face value-1000

  11. pranshu Says:

    I need the tickets for India semifinals….. contact me at 9891992176.

  12. Ravi Says:

    Mail me ppl if anyone wants to sell tickets for semifinals in Mohali


  13. Anurag Says:

    i am willing to buy ticket,

  14. narayan gupta Says:

    i have need of 3 tickets
    plz cntct me on 092114498144

  15. gaurav Says:

    i want 5 mohali semi final tickets,if any one have do contact me..thanks. cont me on 9465308347

  16. AMIT KUMAR Says:

    i want 4 tickets for MOHALI SEMI FINAL MATCH
    pls mail me :

  17. Rahul Says:

    I want 2 tickets for semi final match in Mohal and 2 tickets for final inmumbai. OPrice is not constrain. Please contact me on 9833466001 –

  18. dhriti Says:

    i want 3 tickets for MOHALI SEMI FINAL MATCH.. 30th ko mera bday hai n main apna bday mohali manana chahti hu…..
    plzzz contact me on 09988210808

  19. aamir Says:

    i want two tickets for mohali semi final..plz cntact me at

  20. vicky Says:

    i want 6 tikets for ind vs pak match…..plz contect 8800910006,9891108011

  21. SAJJAD Says:


  22. Raj Says:

    Need tickets for mohali . Ple me know price and I will give for semi final . I also have ticket or colbo semi and qtr . Pls let me know if interested on

  23. rohit Says:

    contact me if you have mohali match tickets my no is 9312059000

  24. PRATEEK Says:

    contact me if you have mohali match tickets my no is 09897143989

  25. sohail Says:

    i wanna give any rate for 4 mohali ticjkets if any ona having tickets cantact me 9915181906 hurry…..

  26. Ashish Bansal Says:

    I need the tickets for India semifinal at Mohali contact me at 9810087788 or at

  27. rohit Says:

    i need tickets anyone

  28. Sachin Says:

    Need 2 tickets for semifinal at mohali
    Anyone ready to sell at premium price, kindly contact at 08802255463

  29. rahul Says:

    plsssssss if any one has got 3 vip or chair class tickets than let me know on
    011-=43015668 or

  30. rahul Says:

    only indai vs pak

  31. Rohan Says:

    i have 2 tickets of Mohali Semifinal Chair Stand

    P.S. I already have quote for 15000 rupees per ticket.if anyone intrested mail me

  32. harry Says:

    I need the tickets for India semifinal at Mohali contact me at

    09759747506 or mail me at

  33. vishal Says:

    I am interested in buying the mohali match tickets. Incase you have plz call me at 9876116500. Thanks

  34. Prakash Says:

    am interested in buying the mohali match tickets. Incase you have plz call me at 9945066535/9742801916. Thanks

  35. Samir Says:

    Does anyone have 2 tickets for Mohali or Wankhede?

    Please email me at

  36. Gobind Says:

    i have one ticket of the members block… me on 9888915638 if ur interested…8000 for the ticket

  37. Sameer Says:

    Dear Viewer,

    You can buy mohali match tickets @Rs 2000 and Rs 2500 for VIP pass.
    For any assistance you can mail us on the same email id.

    ICC Events
    Mohali 140301


  38. Harry Says:

    India v/s Pakistan World Cup Semi-Finals Mohali

    VIP block (Rs.1000) tickets available (4 Nos.)
    Expected price – Minimum 25,000 per ticket
    (No negotiations on price, highest bidder gets it)

    Please revert with your quote at
    Tickets available for pickup from Monday onwards. Buy it now and secure your tickets.

    Serious buyers only.

  39. Gobind Says:

    only one ticket for members block(A Block)….14000 last price….
    serious buyers contact me on 9888915638

  40. Vikram Says:

    Hi guys,
    I have 3 VIP (Rs 1000) tickets and 1 Members block ticket. If anyone wants it pls call me at 9815036555.

    VIP SP: Rs 25,000 per ticket
    Members Block: Rs 15,000 per ticket

  41. Final tickets Says:

    Mumbai World Cup Final Tickets for Sunil Gavaskar Stand are available at Rs.50,000
    Ppl intersted mail your requirement with your contact number to
    Buy it now and secure your tickets.Prices will increase once India makes it to the finals

  42. umvik Says:

    Pls if u have VIP block ticket pls contact us I want to buy any cost.

  43. Simardeep Says:

    ACTUAL PRICE – 1500/-
    I M GIVING IT 3000/-

  44. Talha Says:

    i am interested 2 tickets for semi final which is held in Mohali.
    plz e-mail me as soon as possible.

  45. ruchit Says:

    Mumbai finals
    2 tickets left for vijay merchant pavillion

    40k each

  46. iftikhar Nawaz Qadri Says:

    I need 10 tickets for semifinal Pak V Ind 30th March.

  47. Gobind Says:

    ticket already sold….please do not contact me…

  48. Pushpinder Says:

    one ticket available for India -Pak semi finals Members block
    Rs 50,000 No bargaining please
    +91 94782 54451

  49. komal Says:

    1 ticket for north pavillion – Rs. 50k.
    pls call only if serious buyer.

  50. Pushpinder Says:

    2 tickets of members block…..50000 each ticket….
    no bargaining….09478254451

  51. gagan Says:


    My friend is having near about 5-6 tickets and want to sell as his family don’t wanna go now so please mail if anyone interested in buying tickets


  52. sameer Says:

    i have two tkts semi final india vs pakistan rs 500 each .
    expected price rs 25000 each .
    cantact at (

  53. komal Says:

    2 ticket for VIP – Rs. 22k each
    pls call only if serious buyer.
    call on +91-9833536126

  54. arvind Says:

    want to sell 4 ticket for ICC 2011 world cup final tickets

    2 tickets – Sachin Tendulakar Stand
    2 ticket for Vitthal Divecha Pavilion
    contact 9920961238

  55. sathish Says:

    only 1 Ticket available..
    Mumbai Finals – Sunil Gavaskar Lower Stand-Face value : Rs.1700.
    Interested people can mail me with YOUR BUYING PRICE.
    My Email :

  56. sumit joshi Says:

    hi i need two tickets for the match…!!will be reaching chandigarh tomorrow. please mail or call 9769347565

  57. Pushpinder Says:

    2 tickets for members block.45,000 for each ticket.please call if serious negotiations at all.

  58. Ashish Says:

    I have two tickets for India vs Pakistan match in Mohali (Semi Final) chair block.
    Ready to sell for Rs. 20000 each.

    Contact at

  59. shree Says:


  60. Pushpinder Says:

    i have 2 members block tickets for 40,000 each …and 2 chair block tickets for 30,000 each….call on 9888915638 if SERIOUS BUYER….

  61. Arvind Says:

    arvind Says:
    March 27th, 2011 at 3:04 am
    Sold out all ticket for ICC 2011 world cup final tickets

    2 tickets – Sachin Tendulakar Stand
    2 ticket for Vitthal Divecha Pavilion
    pl. dont contact at the above mentioned blog dated 27th march 2011

  62. rohan Says:

    have 2 tickets of mohali chair block price is 20k each
    contact me or 9803107440

  63. Simardeep Says:


  64. Dhaval Says:

    final mtch tickets- ind vs sl
    4 tckts available- 2 of tendulkar upper nd 2 of gavskar lower..
    if interested, let me know ur price..

  65. Zulfiqar Says:

    Im Looking For The Final Tickets..
    Please Contact Me ASAP

  66. dhaval Says:

    people come…

    India vs Srilanka mtch tickets available
    mail me wid ur price..2 of tendulkar upper nd 2 of gavskar lower..

  67. aditya iyer Says:

    ICC Finals (India vs. Sri Lanka) Tickets

    I have 10 tickets to premium seats north stand (Sachin Tendulkar Stand)… the printed ticket value is Rs. 15,000 + tax…

    I will be in bombay by afternoon tomorrow (Mar 31)…
    serious bidders please contact me on +99005 84000

    P.S.: (minimum offer price expected is Rs. 75,000 per ticket)

  68. sparco Says:

    i require 8 tkts fr da finals…
    is in this range thn only….
    sunil gavaskar lower till: 13-15k,
    north stand: 24-25k.
    sunil gavaskar upper: 28-29k.
    let me know.
    spot cash payment on da spot,

  69. Amitesh Says:

    Hello people!

    I have one spare ticket for the CRICKET WORLD CUP 2011 FINALS AT MUMBAI ON 2nd April as one of my family members will not be able to come for the match…..its a premium seat is in the VITHAL DIVECHA PAVILION (UPPER A)……the original price (face value) of the ticket is around Rs 17000…I will sell the ticket at a reasonable price…..I will be in Mumbai tomorrow afternoon…..I can give the ticket to you tomorrow in person in mumbai….people who r seriously interested can mail me at………


  70. dhaval Says:

    Gavskar Lower 2 tckts..
    And S Tendulkar Upper 2 tckts..
    Hav tckts wid me..readily available.. Interested ??

    Let me know ur offer..

    Pick up at Andheri or khar road..

  71. dhirendra Says:

    y r all my comments awaiting moderation ???

  72. Final tickets Says:

    Mumbai World Cup Final Tickets for Sunil Gavaskar Stand are available at Rs.50,000
    Ppl intersted mail your requirement with your contact number to

  73. Simran Says:

    Require 3 tickets for world cup final…quote ur amount and contact immediately to 9861241180

  74. rutvik Says:

    World Cup 2011 Final India vs Sri-lanka tickets available.

    Sachin Tendulkar Stand: Rs. 70,000
    Garware Stand: 1.8Lacs

    Interested People Mail me on

  75. Vikas Says:

    Ticket avilable for of VVIP Stand contact on 9769117117 for the same

  76. Final Tickets Says:

    Last 4 tickets for Suil gavaskar Lower stand..Rs.65,000 for each..Its expensive but then such is the demand…In case, you are interested,Plz mail to

  77. rahul Says:

    Available north stand, garware if interesrsted contact on +919833466001

  78. kala Says:

    World Cup 2011 Final India vs Sri-lanka tickets available.
    Sachin Tendulkar Stand: Rs. 80,000

    contact immediately to 9994328078

  79. Rahul Says:


  80. Rahul Says:

    Available only north stands and 1 pollu umrigar, if intersted confirm fast. +919833466001. garware pavilion last 1 tkt

  81. Santosh Says:

    I have 2 tickets sunil gavaskar stand rs. 30000 each. pls call me on 09870768981

  82. dhaval Says:

    sale- 4 tckts of finals available.. 2 Gavskar nd 2 Tendulkar stnd
    any1 interested to buy, mail me @

  83. Rahul Says:

    anyone needed 4 north stand and 1 garware pavillion can contact me on +919833466001

  84. sandeep Says:

    ticket of divecha stand
    50000 each

  85. Aryan Says:

    For Delhi DareDevils vs mumbai Indians match tickets to be played at ferozshah kotla , new Delhi contact me on 8447659480……

  86. Aryan Says:

    Hi All

    Any 1 interested to buy Royal Challenger Vs Mumbai Indians held in Bangalore by 8 PM.
    Denomination : 1100 MCDOWELLS BEST VIEW (C Stand)
    Expected Price : 1800

    Please call only few ticket available on 9448401586

  87. Aryan Says:

    HI Cricket Lovers…

    IPL tickets available for Royal Challenger Vs Mumbai Indians in Bangalore on 12th April.. 8 PM
    Denomination 1100
    Expected Price : 1600
    Contact me on 9448401586

  88. Raghav Says:

    I have TWO tickets in the Sachin Tendulkar Stand right next to the commentary/celebrity box for Mumbai Indians VS Rajasthan Royals. Genuinely interested buyers,contact me on 9867748494

    Venue : Wankhede
    Date : 20th May,2011
    Time : 8pm

    Ticket Price : 2000/-
    Expected Price : 3500/- (Already have a quote for 3k,so lesser than 3k need not contact, all 2000 seats are SOLD OUT)


  89. micky Says:

    Qualifier Tickets (Semifinal) @ Wankhede for 24th & 25th May, Only few Tickets left,
    Selling Price 2000.
    Sunil Gavaskar Stand.
    You can call me on 9004055155 (Micky) or email me on

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