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India vs Australia Quarter Final ICC Cricket World Cup 2011


In the next match of the World Cup 2011 we will have India taking on Australia in the 2nd Quarter Final of the ICC Cricket World Cup and it will be interesting to see how they go about this match as India will be going into the match as favourites to win ICC Cricket World Cup. They are coming into this match on the abck of winning against West indies and finished as runnerups in the Group B While Australia finished 3rd In the Group A. This is a huge match for both the sides and Aussies are no longer invincible in the World Cup as they were beaten by Pakistan in the Last group Match.

India defeated Australia by 5 wickets in World Cup 2011


India vs Australia World Cup 2011:
Date: 24 March 2011 – Time: 09:00 GMT
Venue: Ahmadabad, India

Both of these teams were favourites to go all the way but they are now going head to head in what will be a blockbuster event on 24 March 2011. India defeated Australia in the ODI series in the later part of the 2011 year and now they will be hoping to repeat that in front of a very hostile crowd on thursday. Australia on the other hand will be looking to get back to winning ways as their unbeaten record have been shattered after 12 years in the world cup cricket by Pakistan and that might have some sort of effect on their performences in the upcoming quarter Final tie.

Indians rely alot on their batting but their bowling is also coming good in the recent matches with the likes of Zaheer Khan and Harbajhan Singh spearheading the attach for them. Yuvraj Singh has been in sensational from at the moment with both bat and bowl, picking up 9 wickets and scoring 284 runs making him one of the best performers so far. While Australian Captain Rickey Ponting is struggling for form at the moment and he owe a big inning the the world Cup cricket and from the looks of things if Australians are beaten in this quarter Final tie this might be Ponting’s last match at international stage.

juvrajIndia vs Australia Quarter Final – ICC Cricket World Cup 2011
Yuvraj Singh guided India into the semi-finals with a fluent half-century after Australia had them in a tricky position in Ahmedabad. Full match highlights of the match placed here shortly after the match.

Match Result and Highlights
Australia: 260/6 (50 ov)
India: 261/5 (47.4 ov)
India won by 5 wickets (with 14 balls remaining)

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  1. Adeesha Says:

    India will going to home by bus defernatly . india will out of that tourment and australia will win that game easily….. defernatly australia will win ………. defernatly win…. and inidia is gone………………. plese hightlight that my words. thats a true …….. india defernatly will out of this world cup…………………………………………………………………………………I m a astrology…… im great

  2. Shiv Says:

    Time will shut your mouth…………

  3. indian Says:

    adeesha go & fuck your self

  4. Sachin Says:

    Shane warne was one of the best bowlers with Australia.. recall those days when Sachin has smashed consecutive centuries.. and Warne was scared in his dreams as well… India has beaten Aus many times on home ground… and Aus is no more havong the same squad that won the recent world cups… I strongly feel that India will win.

  5. Great indian Says:

    Addesh bosdike indian win the match and the world cup just watch and give the replay madharchod

  6. kapil Says:

    pahle aus ko harao fir pakistan ko fir sri lanka ko our 2 april ko 1983 0ur 2011 ka jeet ka tayour banao

  7. naresh yadav Says:

    addesh sale bhagwan se pry ker ke tere juban koye kat na de or age es tarah

    na kah dena nahi to guban kat de jayege.india australia ko to harayega hi cup bhe jetege.or gab jet jayena to apna kala muh karke india chor dena.ok

  8. indian Says:

    india will win! …..inshallah!

  9. Bidyut Mukherjee Says:

    @adeesha… First correct your english grammar and spelling then try to post a comment…. Shut your stinking mouth and watch the match first.. You looser,and if you have query then send me a email in my gmail address which, then i will give you perfect reply according to your standard


  10. suman Says:

    Adeesha you mother fucker, do u know the meaning of cricket aleast???? u think that you are an astrologer??? fuck your astrology.. u better leave India madarchod, people like you dont deserve a place In india, either you leave India or our public will fuck you off from here..

  11. sachin ramesh tendulkar Says:

    Adeesha:no words to describe u. who thought u english? a butler speaks better english.first learn english and then predict who will win/post ur comment.

  12. kapil Says:

    u know guys we shuld respect others openion , calling names using bad language reflect our culture and if we can’t listen others openion it’s called exteremisem

  13. Gopi Says:


  14. Gopi Says:

    Dont waste Ur energy by scolding that stupid. Be ready to watch the semi final India vs Pakistan…..

    its an real worldcup to match..
    and Proud to be an INDIAN.

  15. Jatt Says:

    guys if you want to watch hd live cricket for free heres the link plz share this link with everyone admin plz share it enjoy the HD FOR FREE

  16. usman Says:

    Well it gonna be a tough game today ,I am hoping that India will bat good against the world best pacer Australian attack ,that will be a test for Indian best batting side .Infact india has a poor bowling as we seen in world cup ,i hope Indian bowler will perform beyond their expectation , but for me AUS are favorable to win this game ,well best of luck for both teams .I want healthy competition .

  17. rajesh Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Plz don’t use slance .Hope/pray ,India will win the match vs Australia
    Adeesha ,plz doesn’t predict any future of cricket ,bcoz cricket is a uncertain game no body can say anything still last game had thrown?

  18. great indian Says:

    india won the match!!!…….adeesha no use of your astrlogy!!!

  19. blowjinder Says:

    how r u
    who is out now
    i think u r out of this world

  20. suman Says:

    Adeesha what happend to your astrology??? India won the Game, u think you are great?? stop watching cricket and stop making fool of others.. BTW why are u not replying???? let me tell u one thing, if u want to save your ass, dont ever try to post any comments on any websites from today….Its a Lesson for you…

  21. GIRI Says:

    I think youre adeesha pls dont ever live here you mother fucker thevadiya payalae hey u mother fucker adeesha

  22. MUTHU Says:

    adeesha i dono ure a male r female… even i cant guess ur gender with ur name… that much of confusion… i think ur father s not an indian, thats y ur focus on india is such a manner. plz ask ur mother about ur birth, sorry youre an astrologist right, so better search whos ur father… loosu koodi munda

  23. PRIYA Says:

    hey INDIANS leav that stupid adeesha. India won!!!!! let us hope the same will happen in semi finals also…. ALL THE BEST HEROES……..

  24. Ghandi Says:

    Semi Final:: Indian vs Pakistan

    Result: Pakistan Won by 10 Wickets

    Fact: India Loser

  25. Mani Says:

    India will win semi final. Pakis will make tons of money from this game .

  26. kirati Says:

    adeesha you are a good windup! everybody here seems to love you!

  27. Ishtiaq Says:

    Everyone had seen what happened with Australia and now be ready to watch the semi final b/w India & Pakistan.I am Pakistani so dafernately I will support my home team. Thanks to Jutt because he had mentioned the web site where I could watch the match. So Good luck with both the teams.

  28. Ela Says:

    Semi Final:: Indian vs Pakistan

    Result: No

    Fact: No Loser

  29. Harpreet Bains Says:

    Mr. Jatt Thanks for the Web site
    Residing in Canada,but love India. Chakde India…Go India Go…& Win
    We all are with you.Best Wishes forthe Semi Final.

  30. Manu Says:

    Finally a good fight from India. Being an Indian am proud of my team to defeat Aussies. Thanks to Yuvi, Sachin, Aswin, Raina.Common Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  31. Gopi Says:

    India vs Pakistan is the real world cup final…..definitely India will win the match….
    And we have a very strong history, India never ever failed with Pakistan in world cup.

    Lets wait for the Happy Moment :-)

  32. Indian Says:

    Adeesha….first learn a proper English…and then speak up….or..keep your mouth shut……hope You watched the India vs Australia match….and got ur nose cut…

  33. indian Says:

    @Ghandi ur indian o pakistani?

  34. vijay Says:

    i love my india chak de india! sta volta abbiamo noi la cup del 2011

  35. vijay Says:

    sta volta abbiamo noi la coppa del mondo !!!

  36. vijay Says:

    vijay from italy punjabi boy. chak de yuvi

  37. Thilak Says:

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  38. Thilak Says:

    The one and only india will win the game awesomely. Your fucking prediction will fuck you. Dick sucker.

  39. To Jatt Says:

    Dude can you provide an alternative link for HD view ?
    The gamehosting link is not working..

  40. parag Says:

    phele haraya goro ko,fiir haraya haramkhoro ko,aur aakhir me haraya sita ke choro ko.aadesh tere jaisa chutiya dekha nahi mene

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