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India vs Pakistan ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – Semi Final


India defeat Pakistan by 29 Runs Semifinal – ICC World Cup 2011

India vs South Africa 2011

India vs Pakistan World Cup 2011:
Date: 30 March 2011 – Time: 09:00 GMT

In the first Semi Final of the Cricket World Cup 2011 we will have two of the Arch rivals when it comes to cricket going head to head in Mohali in what will be the most important and biggest game of cricket of this decade atleaset. Pakistan are coming into the match on the back of a huge win over West Indies and India defeated Australia after a very intense match and now we will witness another Indo- Pak cricket match in the World Cup. It is the repeat of 1996 knock out match when India defeated Pakistan.

People often say that Ashes is the biggest cricket rivalry but people in Asia would strongly disagree and the reason for that is India and Pakistan cricket matches which always attract huge attention not only in home countriese but also people living abroad have huge interesting in these games and the matter of fact that both teams dont play aften against each other becuase of political strains this have put extra emphsis on this match which will be played on 20 March 2011.

Pakistan has the upper hand over India when in comes to overall ODI matches played between the two counties but India are unbeaten against Paksitan in the ICC World Cups so far and that would give them extra boost going into this match and specialy considering the fact that they are playing at home will make them favourites to win this match although bookiese have lableled Pakistan as favourites to win the World Cup after the great win over West Indies.

India defeated Pakistan by 29 Runs World Cup 2011

One of the biggest match of last couple of years will be played between Pakistan and India in World Cup 2011 Semi Final. This is going to be a nerve racking and most anticipated match for quite some time now as both team try to get themself in the Finals of the Cricket World Cup 2011 – Full match highlights of the match placed here shortly after the match.

Match Result and Highlights
India 260/9 (50 ov)
Pakistan 231 (49.5 ov)
India won by 29 runs

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  1. Fawad Says:

    I Don’t Know Who Will Win … But I Just Say One Thing …. SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF PEACE… PAKISTAN & INDIA Both Play Their Full Intentional Game .. Everyone Should ENjoy ;)

  2. indrc Says:

    Pakistan is in good form and we cannot predict on India. India can win from Aus and can loose from Bangladesh. So, the semifinal match between both teams will be amazing to watch.
    I am with INDIA…fingers crossed.

  3. owais Says:

    @fawad well said man and im so proud of our pakistani team for reaching this far and MashaAllah the whole team has a nice attitude

  4. Khan Says:

    Pakistan have an upper hand over india. Hopefully my team will win. I want to see pakistan flag waving on indian land. 8)

  5. madiha Says:

    inshallah pakistan will win the sami final with the prayers of their nation and their struggle. all the best wishes for pakistan.

  6. ravi Says:

    fuck ur pakistan flsg

  7. Gopi Says:

    India vs Pakistan is the real world cup final…..definitely India will win the match….
    And we have a very strong history, India never ever failed with Pakistan in world cup.

    NO WAY to see pakistan flag waving on indian land….Pakistan always suck’s india feet.

    INDIA will WIN the Pakistan…no doubt …
    Lets wait for the Happy Moment :-)




    Improve your language and dont insult pakistanis u dog!
    What will happen if u dogs loose,? hAHA U WONT BE ABLE TO FACE US !

  9. karam Says:

    well its interestin to c the time has come to play our naighbours i tink sport is a good way to iteract and see the love both people have for they teams smiles up for both india pakistan hope we can get on bettr and see gud in both may allah purify india pakistan relations and make uz a bettr people love u all

  10. karam Says:

    pls pls i beg dont be nasty to each ova and give sport a bad name remember wen we all lived in india there was peace til we got invaded and they split uz up like they are doin 2day round the world so plz b clever and understand we are stronger united then singling ourselves owt so dnt hate no1 learn off history and show respect to ur leaders elders society community we only live 4abit then wer gon so jus b happy n enjoy the sport

  11. AHMED KHAN Says:


  12. AHMED KHAN Says:


  13. owais Says:

    oh come on guys stop swearing geez be proud that after the disastrous performance at the last world cup both teams r now in the semi final and both teams beat australia

  14. inamdar Says:

    Oye, A.Khan mind ur language n don forget dat u r muslim……Galiyan bhi deta hai aur khuda ka naam bhi leta hai

  15. Norway Says:

    Inshallah Pakistan will win the match on 30TH March, and Afridi will take Tendulkar’s wicket, but this match will be better then the final match :L Pakistan Zindabaaad!

  16. ihaterave Says:

    fuck u ravi you’ll probably pms all over the place like a bitch when india loses

  17. Salman Khawar Says:

    You fucccccccccccccccccccking indians time will come very early when pakistani team makes you cry

  18. terry Says:

    cant wait when afridi gets a indian wicket, stands in the middle of
    the pitch and both fingers UP,

  19. dev Says:

    ela….chunni pakistani…..india….kandipa win agumla…….sehwag ….and sachin…’ll hit….ur afridipussy ball….da…..bharath matha hi jey………..jei hooooooo….

  20. dev Says:

    I’m just kidding, I hope India will win but I know Pakistan is very strong team, so Pakistan have a chance to win the ICC World Cup

  21. John Says:

    Pakistan will win the match, and norway you have right, Afridi will take Tendulkar’s wicket :D

  22. A khan Says:

    All shut up…
    India will win tha match by 10 wickets…….
    pak all out in just 40 runs…..

  23. Muhammad Ali Says:

    I trust on OUR ALLAH . INSHALLAH Pakistan ll win. Allah always help Muslims. just pary for Team. inshallah ALLAH ll help us to win this game. AMEAN.

  24. anwar Says:

    allah help india to win the world cup… All the best sachin. All the best india

  25. Thilak Says:

    @ pakistani>> The fuckistan can never wave their flag in my land. Its blue indian’s land. Only we are only allowed to make it possible victory as a team sprit. You know your fucking team never win the game against us in the WC tournament. Soon that will happen again. CHAK DE INDIA. BHARATH MATHAKI JAI… JAI HIND.

  26. Thilak Says:

    JAI HIND. Say it louder… Hmmm louder… Much more louder… TRUTH NEVER DIES. India will win the game

  27. Thilak Says:

    @jhon> hey mother fucker. You son of a bitch. You dick sucker. Fuck you man. Sachin the god of cricket wont give his wicket to mother fucker afridi. Your ass hole gonna be peeled soon. He he he hoooo.

  28. Thilak Says:

    @salman khawar> hey mother fucker, name itself you having fucking WAR. What the fuck is this all about man. I dont know how many of your mother fucker are gonna break the TV in fuckistan. Plz you one dont commit suicide man. Better fuck yourself. Mother fucker.

  29. Thilak Says:

    @mohaMAD ali> name itself you having “madness”. What the duck. what the fuck. I feel lot about your fuckistan man. Since you know the power of india yours mother fuckers are believing with allah. Oh god. Allah will trun to india due your madness. You fucking mad

  30. Thilak Says:

    @Dai ass hole kickers(fuckistani)>> you all pakistan mother fuckers, just listen you cant raise you fucking flag in my GREAT BHARATH. ITS MY LAND MY FLAG MY VICTORY. You all go and fuck your fuckistan. Mother fuckers. Pakistani=pig dick fuckers and suckers. India and india only Jai hind.

  31. Thilak Says:

    S A C H I N

  32. Ali Says:

    Well if our Pakistani president will not sell out the whole team, like in worldcup 1996 when the father of wasim akram was kidnapped and our had to loose the game then there is a chance to win.

    May Allah bless Pakistani team.

  33. Indian babu Says:

    Friends don’t use slang words afterall we are neighours.We can not predict who will becz both the teams r playing well in this world cup.Lets see what happens.
    Being an INDIAN i will support INDIA.

  34. KK Says:

    You fuckin paki’s, u dogs have to hide faces after this match. go go go , go fuck urself…stop day dreaming u porkis.India will win this world cup.

  35. Narayon sarkar Says:

    I am a class xii

  36. Sachin gandoo Says:

    Abhey Gandooon tumhari maaa ko chodon chub karo Rundi kay bachooon Kia Maaa chudai laga rakhi hain..Who give a flying fuck either India or Pakistan won,enjoy the fucking game of cricket, You the fucking viewers wont get shit and these mother fucking cricketers and banging the best lokking bitches. Even the fuck face Kamran Akmal got a hot wife, i saw her on ZTV..darn she should be blind by marrying this Ugly lookin guy.

  37. aditya Says:

    jai ho india win the match against pak.
    also win the match world cup final.
    india team was not loss against pak in world cup.
    1992,1996,and 2003 india played good world cup.

    i love my dhoni,sachin ,uvi.sehawag,etc all player good farms.
    blowing and filding good .
    world centuary king of sachin tendulker.

  38. Min Bahadur pun Says:

    I love Indian cricket team, specially when respected Sachin is playing,,,both team Ind & Pak looking good equally at the moment. Now, they’re playing in the semis which is going to be the biggest n most awaiting game ever. My best wishes to Indian team n would like to see Sachin breaking his own world record of 200 runs,,,,,,, Cheerssssssssssssss!

  39. Bahadur Nepali Says:

    Why u both Ind n Pak people messing around with each other,,, U both r the looser n guess what? Had my country been selected then probably both of u wouldnt have been playing in the semis ha haaaaaaaaaaaa same on u bhaiyaaaaaaaaaas………………….!

  40. Gopi Says:

    Fuckistan 29 runs for 10 wickets ( ALL OUT ) in 5 overs

    INDIA won the match with 10 wickets in 3 overs.

    All Fuckistan cricket fans planned to stoped watching cricket 100000 years

  41. Hassan Says:

    InshaAllah Pakistan trica of Shahid Afridi, Waqar Younus and Intikhab Alam are the best stregist in the Pakistan history and they are making killing game plans. InshaAllah they will come up with a great plan against Indians -(Pussycats) and we will be surprised with a one sided match in which we will out class India. They my feelings is that Pakistan will play Final against Sri-Lanka…will beat them too and will lift the *TROPHY* ….. INSHAALLAH


  42. Hassan Says:


  43. salman Says:

    InshAllah PAKISTAN will win!!!

  44. proud india Says:

    hey guys dont be obessed with india or pakistan winning if MG did not seperate this place then there would not be pakistan but i am glad he did it so that we can injoy one fucking hell of a match …… So all u fuckers out there hope u realize this and injoy the Fucking Match …. it doesnt get better then this Man tc ….. injoy …. and pls dont kill each other but i strongly feel the game of cricket will win, i know i am being deplomatic but watever… injoy guys

  45. santhosh Says:

    i think it is more than that of world cup final match.
    definitely india will be win because india have firing batsman like sehwag, sachin, Raina and Yuvi so it is very difficult for pakistan.

  46. india de bhain nu lunddd Says:

    ooooo kissa kanjari ma day bachiyoo ma nu tuhadi LUND dayna kalayooo kissa kanjari ma diyoo bachayoo tuhadu MA nu LUND dayway ga Pakistan match which v tay WAR which v apni phana nu LUND dain alayoo…
    tussi sarray Indians de MA nu LUND ay tay PHAIN nu v LUND ay..SHOAIB Tuhadi MA NU LUND DAYWAY GA ta fir main v Daywan ga
    jao hun BUND maraoo hinduoo tuhadi KALI mata nu Kallay kuttay tay kallay pig da LUND ay…

  47. Afridi Says:

    Yun Pakistan se Dushmani Achi Nahi India…

    Sheela teri Jawaan hai,
    Munni teri Budnaam hai…

    OR Captain hamara Pathan hai…. hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  48. Max Says:

    Pakistan will rise as a phoenix and astonish the world once again.

    Pakistan ki Jai ho!!!

    Indian team after losing the match will me hanged in the mohali stadium butt naked and scavengers will have a party on them. :-D

  49. Bharati Says:

    WOOO-OOOO-OOWWW! Mohammad Ali, chill dude. I am a Muslim Indian and I am proud to be one and I would strongly urge you to keep religion out of this because this is ICC WORLD CUP 2011 —-> If you didn’t notice already, ITS A CRICKET MATCH! Keep RELIGIOUS OUT of thiss
    And as for the past Indian comments I read, I think as INDIANS we need to give respect to our opponent and Inshallah India will win . Allah ALSO helps the most hard working team and so INDIA WILL DEFINITELY WIN <3

  50. Shariqriz Says:

    Fuk you indian, i want to see you bitches cry and if you win by chance i am going to catch an indian fag in ny and break his teeth lmao fk you fags ya homos, weak, vegi lookin mofo lol, scare crow looking mofo, i can beat any indian blind flod hahahhahahah

  51. Sumit singh Says:

    Pakistan – tab se gali de rahe ho.. kamine ki aulad, teri ma ki chut, lund mein jayega pakistan 30 ko jab bhajji/ten/shewag teri ma chodega..
    jai bharat

    sumit singh
    SN MARKET Delhi

  52. manish sharma Says:

    india jitega.. bhanchod pakistani tum lund chatna ..
    jai hind

  53. Pakistan ki maa ki bhosdi Says:

    Pakistan ki cricket team india kay paiso se bani hai bhikhariyo sir per chat nahi hai aur katwo aur ladai ki baat karte ho

  54. Indian Says:

    Chai ka cup bhej du world cup ka kiya karoge katwo

  55. Indian Says:

    Waqar yunus ki wife bohat sexy hai dilwa do yahi se lund fak kar marunga toh chut par parmanu jaisa asar karega pakistaniyo

  56. Manish Says:

    Indian win the world cup

  57. Indian Says:

    land le lo– worlcup nahi milega…

  58. irfan sami Says:

    i fuck hindoos,singh, indian,(with out musalam)tomarow u see our team fuck indian,i love PAKISTAN,pak zindabaad,hindustan murdabaad

  59. Birapan Says:


  60. Birapan Says:


  61. ammar Says:

    tmhari maa chudegye kal pakistani apni behanu ko tayar rakhna tmhari behun ki chut pe kal thukengy hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm india ki maa ki chut

  62. goldy Says:

    hi surely india will definetly win not only semi final but also worldcup this is spirit if india

  63. jaleel Says:

    soory indians bro your mind shwoing about pakistan why r given the abouse to pakistanes peopls and players you if pakistan paly at your home groond we listen our national athem at your land it enfoe for us but you are atill down and see what happening there inshallah pakistan win the match agist india.

  64. jaleel Says:

    those ply good they win the match and celecbrate

  65. DIPAK PATEL Says:

    India jetega mera bharat mahan

  66. Santosh Tupe Says:

    There is tremendous pressure on India and Pakistan.
    As per History Pakistanis play good cricket under pressure as compared to Indians.But Indians are also seasoned to pressure recently.

    Indian have too many strong points as compared to Pakistan.

    As per several events in past it is understood and concluded that Pakistanis themselves do not have any ethics in any field.

    As Always the truth wins and India is now on the side of truthy and sincerity.and India have to win the game.

  67. prasad Says:


  68. Birapan the Tiger Says:

    Hello mulo ki fat rahi hai abhi se abhi toh sehwag ne tumari ?????? nahi ??? hai

  69. Pakistan ka baap Says:

    Pakistaniyo main apni behno se nikah pad lete ho na to appni behan khud hi chodego ya hume bhi chut aur gand dilwaoge katwoooooooo tumahari musli nahi hoti katwo ka lund hi kat kar katwo ki gand main daal dete hai ha ha ha ha ha toh fir jor se bolo appni behan ki chut hum indians ko dilwa do magar unkay niche kay baal saaf jarur karwa dena pls SALOOOOOOOOOO

  70. Gopi Says:

    All the very best to INDIA.

    Lets wait for the Happy Moment :-)

  71. Jenny Says:

    India Vs Pakistan. India will win but on the other hand Pakistan is a good team, there is no competition between India and Pakistan. India is the biggest economy in the world our real competition is with China and USA, we feel sympathy for Pakistani’s suffering and wish them luck.


  72. Jenny Says:

    I feel sorry for Pakistan as they again and again elect good people to lead Pakistan. This shows how smart Pakistanis are.


  73. Lennil Says:

    Mr. Tilak,…. You EMBARASSED the WHOLE INDIANS, our CULTURE. YOU SHOULD CONSIDER what u r talking. Who ever win, just support India, if u r indian. After all Pakistanis are our brothers, families. So ever you talked like this, definitely i’ll burn u alive. U RASCALE. Mind ur words OK. Definitely Pakistani supports for Pakistan, Indians for India. Cheer up & enjoy the game.

  74. pakistan ki maki chut Says:

    hey i am from pakistan i knw all pakistani’s are bastards . We evn dont knw who fucked our mum . .all pakistanies are mother fuckers . . . . Pakistan should lose . . .because we dnt deserve win. . . . Nadiya khan.(m sory but cant hide the truth)

  75. harry Says:

    india will win!! ….inshallah!

  76. Jani Says:

    India will win!! Trust India!! Jai Hind!!!

  77. TERA DAd Says:

    ravi To Zaban Sambhaal k baat ki kar Theek hai naa

  78. Gopi KA Dad Says:

    Kutay tujhe Lagta hai pakistan k bara ma pta nahi hai
    Yun Pakistan se Dushmani Achi Nahi India…
    Sheela teri Jawaan hai,
    Munni teri Budnaam hai…
    OR Captain hamara Pathan hai…. hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  79. Dad OF pakistan ki maki chut Says:

    Harami insaan to kaisa pakistani HAi jo pana Pkakistan ki Baisti Karta hai
    Tera Jaisa Na hi hn Is duniya ma hn to behtar Rahta Kuta Aainda itni Himat Mat Karain
    Meri Baat pa Gusa karnay sa pahlay apna ilfaaz pa tuwaja dain
    to jis mati ma khelta kuda rha hai aaj usi mati ko baandnaam kar rhja hai
    Feel Sham and u Should Say Sorry To Aaall Pkaitsanis THere

  80. Pakistanis Says:

    Pak win won

  81. jyoti Says:

    Pakistan whether it wins this semifinal or not is still going to be a country living in political unrest. ometimes I wonder if there will be a country for pakistan to return to considering their problems. But as far as cricket is concerned India has poor bowlers and India did it again by hiring a loser like nehra and dropping Ashwin who stabilized India. Its only cricket May only the best team win.

  82. Jenny Says:

    Come on India, please no bad words.


  83. Jenny Says:

    After 1947 it took India 50 years to get back on top to become a global power and on the other hand Pakistani’s have taken 50 years to fill the pockets of there politicians, first Pakistanis should get back there country and help there people and then talk about rivalry with the great nation of India.

    In India it is not about Muslim-Hindu-Christian, it is about unity and in Pakistan it is all about Indians are bad because we all live together.

    Don’t worry about the match Pakistani’s worry about your country which is suffering.

    Hope you Pakistanis understand.

    Thanks & Love,

  84. Ayushi Says:

    Just hoping INDIA wins!!!………….Hope all of them get out……..Fingers crossed TIGHTLY 4 INDIA’s VICTORY!!!!!!!!

  85. zara101 Says:

    u guys shut the F**k up pakistan is gonna win for sure and if you dont belive tha then wait and watch the damn game instead of wastin ur damn time commentin shizz :D

  86. Jenny Says:

    India Won, Pakistanis played good. I think Pakistani Cricketers can change the Pakistani Government, but they played good. 5 World Cup Matches we won all five.


  87. India Says:

    Huh….India won…!!!! World cup ki jeet se jyada kushi hui…..:) Congragulations India…Pakistani’s learn to be “Good”…if not atleast try…

  88. India Says:

    I am so much proud of all the Indians who were good to pakistanis and did consider them as our brothers…I love you all…akhir wo hamaare chote bhai hai…choton ko to ruthne ki aadat hoti hai…maaf karna badon ka farz hai…hai na…!!!!

  89. Sam Says:

    kyo…pakistano…kya hua…sab kuch band karliya…haramzaado…kamino…abhi samaj me aagayi ya abhi wahi gire hue ho….kuch to bolo

  90. owais Says:

    dont care what anyone says i still luv my pakistani team and am so proud of them i honestly didnt even think they wud get this and not only they did, but they beat two os australias records, beat sri lanka in sri lanka, afridi is the lead wicket taker. im sad but still proud of them and congrats to india

  91. owais Says:

    why does everyone use swear words involving each others mothers?

  92. owais Says:

    as a pakistani i respect sachin but doesnt anyone think that wahab riaz deserved man of the match he did take 5 wickets and no sachin vs wahab or india vs pakistan im not comparing them lol

  93. italiano Says:

    i just saw the match and i deserve match was fixed….
    but any way shahid afridi is still tiger he effort too much but loos its not fault of shahid its fault of match fixer

  94. Jenny Says:

    The Pakistani team has made there country proud not because they came to the semi’s but because no player was involved in match fixing as always. They united there country when it struggling and is a puppet to USA. I pray and wish that all Pakistanis learn from Indians as to how Indians operate and work hard.

    Pakistan is suffering because all Pakistanis are greedy and selfish, look at there political leaders, 2-3 families run the country and for years they are elected again and again. This shows how stupid the youth of the country are.

    I hope Pakistan should not worry about global power India they should first help themselves and then compare India and pakistan.

    1947—> India-Pakistan separated. We both were left with nothing, but the Muslims,Hindu’s,Sikhs and Christians united and made India one of the fastest growing and top 3 counties in the world and what did Pakistan do:-

    Beg aid from USA and other oil rich countries are supporting them, still they are corrupted and the main reasons are the Pakistani youth, who are more worried of joining bollywood.

    Wow what a great country. So Pakistani’s shut your mouth and learn from Indians.


  95. Bling-Singh Says:

    anyone got a link for the full game to download please ??? do share btw well done to both teams

  96. lalalallalalallalala Says:

    HEY!!!!! listen up Indian smelly people. Atleast Pakistan is clean and we dont smell like shit. We didn’t win but Pakistan will still walk out with pride knowing that this isn;t the end. They’ll come back and come back hard hitting all of the smelly indians in their face. SHAHID AFRIDI is the best!!!!!! I love Cricket OMG! open ur eyes you indians.

  97. owais Says:

    geez JENNY calm down u dont have to live in pakistan no matter how worse things get we wud never want to be anythign else other than pakistani and to my fellow pakistani stop putting down india y wudnt they wnat their team to win. its a game.

  98. Jenny Says:

    Wow, I got a reply with the stats I have given with “Smelly People”, wow this shows how intelligent the Pakistani blogger s are. I am a smelly Indian but not a puppet, In Universities across the globe they teach how Pakistani’s are a good example how not to make a country progress. Please go and vote to the 3-4 families who are puppets to the US. Oops I mean all Pakistanis are puppets.


  99. Jai Hind Says:

    All green pigs cried and run away from India.
    And Keep the bomb in your ass !!!

    History cannot be changed, Fuckistan is always a loser.

    Its time to show the figures to all Fuckistan cricket fans.
    and one more important and comedy news, all Fuckustan decided to stop playing and watching cricket….and started selling pigs :-)

    Jai Hind…. S A C H I N

  100. india Says:

    Salo kaha kaha tk haro ge.Itihas gawah raha hai tumhari har ka. ab aisa karo k riksha pakad lo aur ghar jao doodh piyo. Aram se ghar pahuch jaoge.

  101. india Says:

    we hav open our eyes but you will never. Koi bat nahi dost bade shehron me choti ghatnaye to ho hi jati hai. Try in next worlcup.

  102. zoya Says:

    apno gali main kuta bhe shair hota hai……….. hahahahahaha………. love pakistan. and we are handsome beautifull people………. and proud to be pakistani..let the indians bark…..

  103. haris Says:

    india:41% of India falls below the international poverty line
    pakistan:As of 2008, 17.2% of the total population lives below the poverty line, which is the lowest figure in the history of Pakistan.
    i m not saying against india but cruption is alsoo there in its meaning less to defend india and criticize on pak. or defend pak and criticize india. all over the world if some are against pakistan similarly all over the globe universities some talk about the poverty in india bad social norms of some indians(pakistani’s as well). by keeping eyes close the facts cant change.
    hoping best for both pak and india.
    and request to my paki people that there is nothing in fight with india try to keep the “ikhlaq” good as our norms tell us. be good with ur enemy and make good bounding with them.

  104. Manu Says:

    hi guys

    pls dont use indecent words here. After all dis is a game. Its for entertainment, not for fighting. hope u all enjoyed da game. Give some food for da starving people, some help for struggling people, behave like a man not like a …….

    Fighting is da easiest way to destruction. it only loses everything u have.

    hope u all understand

    The team who handle the pressure have won the game

    bye guys . pls dont fight

  105. Jai Hind Says:

    Wow…finally INDIA won the World cup after a long -long intervel…..
    Oh..thaks Indin team…………..for giving us dis sweet moment
    we Love you India..We love you Indian team.

    Jai Hind

  106. Novella Us Says:

    Normally I don’t comment on your posts but I wanted to let you know I have placed a link to your page on my blog. I was thinking that maybe you could benefit from my visitors since we have somewhat similar pages.
    I would appreciate a link back ;) Regards, Novella Us

  107. shaharyar Says:



  108. faizullah Says:

    log to jeet kr khush hote hai praz, hum tho har kr b india ki gand marli
    wa wa wa w a w aw aw w w wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaawwwawawaw
    fuck you india
    proud to be pakistan
    pakistan pakistan
    s faizullah proud on pakistan

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