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IPL 2011 Points Table – IPL 4 Team Standings – Rankings


IPL 2011 Points Table – Standings

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Indian Premier League Season 4 – Points Table

Indian Premier League is about to begin in few days time and Cricket World Cup 2011 fever is well and truly over with the Indai winning the big price at home ground and it will be interesting to see how Indians people go about IPL season  4. Many people believe there will be much more interesting in cricket from India as well as outside of India from cricket playing nations. IPL is about to start on 8th April 2011 and with the combination of India winning and people getting from 50 over format to the fast paced 20/20 we will have huge anticipation for the Indian Premier League matches throughout the event.

IPL 2011 Points Table Team Standings

You can always tune in here to get the updaed points table after every match is played. we will keep the table updated as soon as the match is finished. So you better bookmark the page and comeback when ever you want to see the current standings


IPL 2011 Team Standings
Royal Challengers Bangalore 14 9 0 4 1 +0.326 19
Chennai Super Kings 14 9 0 4 0 +0.443 18
Mumbai Indians 14 9 0 5 0 +0.040 18
Kolkatta Knight Riders 14 9 0 5 0 +0.433 18
Kings XI Punjab 14 7 0 7 0 -0.051 14
Rajasthan Royals 14 6 0 7 1 -0.691 13
Kochi Tuskers Kerala 14 6 0 8 0 -0.214 12
Deccan Chargers 14 6 0 8 0 +0.222 12
Pune Warriors 14 4 0 9 1 -0.134 9
Delhi Daredevils 14 4 0 9 1 -0.448 9

Highlights Run Scorers in IPL 2011 [ CLICK HERE ]
Leading Wicket Takers in IPL 2011 [ CLICK HERE ]

92 Comments For This Post

  1. arvind Says:

    please shift the entries from Draw column to Lost column. this is simply idiotic that no team have lost any match, but several have won.

  2. Arnab Says:

    Change The Spelling
    The Correct Spelling of KKR is Kolkata Knight Riders, not Kolkatta Knight Riders, please put the correct spelling there.

  3. Nikhil Says:

    Please change the Pune team’s name to – “Pune Warriors India”, as that’s the correct company #.

  4. Suhail.k Says:

    Sachin R Tendulker is a wonderful player in IPL ,Oneday international,test . Sachin’s age is not affected his form eg:15/4/2011 mumbai v/s kochi Tuskers kerala mach he take 100*(66) 4′s -12 6′s-3

  5. nandu Says:

    Plz uppdate the Correct name of Cochin tean

  6. Faiq zaman Says:

    please update the table as soon as possible after the match.and KKR will win this time inshallah.chakde chakde dunu jaha,india or pakistan.thanx.i have no prblm with indians.i love tendulkur.he is my fvrte.bcause he is struggler and sncere wth his country.thanx

  7. Asad Says:

    Please give live updates

  8. jtyjtyi Says:

    ganguly fycked kkr, good srk kicked his butt out

  9. jtyjtyi Says:

    ganguly is an asshole who fucked kkr, good srk kicked his butt out

  10. Faiq zaman Says:

    yar ap log ye table update q ni kochi beat CSK.wo points b ni leke he ap lgo ne.nd kal RCB or RR k points b.what nonsense ths is

  11. ak goyal Says:

    keep updating it everyday allright…..

  12. rajav Says:

    good job man!! keep up the good work!

  13. avijit bhanja Says:

    saruk khan ar uchit match dekhte na asa.tahale kkr jitbe.

  14. Faiq zaman Says:

    yar what is this.mar gaye ho tum log kia.king punjb,mumbai indians,daredavels or decan charger k matches or point me a k leknga kia.ajeb log ho ap.u r doing gud job.par last me to apne ap me CNG khtm mt kro.or updating jaldi kro.ya apne ap pe tanqed acha lgta he tm lgo ko

  15. faiq Says:

    dear king punjb have beenplayed 5 matches

  16. surya Says:

    chennai super kings will take the ipl cup

  17. surya Says:

    there is a ipl cup made for chennai

  18. gandhi Says:

    csk slow steady winner

  19. xxx Says:

    the rite spelling of RCB is Royal Challengers Bangalore not Royal Challengers Bangelore. make sure that u’ll correct it

    thank you

  20. Tanumoy Says:

    Please Put Kochi Tuskers Kerala & Pune Warriors India in place of Koachi Team & Sahar Pune in the list respectively. Kolatta should be replaced by Kolkata & Bangelore should be replaced by Bangalore. Do this needful corrections.

  21. Tanumoy Says:

    Please Put Kochi Tuskers Kerala & Pune Warriors India in place of Koachi Team & Sahar Pune in the list respectively. Kolkatta should be replaced by Kolkata & Bangelore should be replaced by Bangalore. Do this needful corrections.

  22. B.K.Paul Says:

    Team Koachi should have been TEAM KOCHI


  23. aslin Says:

    HEYcool KKR ipl cup is surely for kkr 7.5.11 its a citical match csk vs kkr i like both but i support KKR because i like the team very much GAUTAM GAMBIR the best player a very good man MAN OF SIMPLICITY its for him i support KKR he is my fav pleyer HE WILL BE ROCKING FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR indias rock star GAUTAM GAMBIR

  24. ace_ventura2 Says:

    Yeah, I agree, Ganguly had screwed KKR, he also try to screw the commentators…. the Nimbus Team kicked his butt out as well….he was an is a good player… but his ego has screwed him.

  25. angshu Says:

    kkr is in the form this season

  26. hiralal biswakarma Says:

    weldone kolkata finel will be win kolkata

  27. PRABHU Says:

    keep the roking chennai super kings

  28. Josey Says:

    Many have worried about the spelling mistakes and proper names. But it is Sad to see that most of the comments it has spelling mistakes

  29. Arun Says:

    We where indians mumbai indians

  30. Arun Says:

    This ipl winning team mumbai indians

  31. Arun Says:

    Wish you good luck sachin

  32. maharsh Says:

    banaglore will win ipl 4
    ab devillers virat kohli chris gayle saurabh tiwary tm dilshan zaheer khan and daniel vettori are best players that rcb got

    banglore rocks

  33. Mahesh Says:

    Come on Rajasthan Royals, u r d king of IPL. . .

  34. Suresh Says:

    Rcb is a best. Virat is a very very good batsman in rcb. 4 ipl wining team one and only rcb.

  35. ss Says:

    baler site…6*2=12 hoi bal


    Chennai Super Kings Rocks…. 7 bats man in the team. Team is performing consistent order in batting. Able to win even when they have scored low total of 140 – 150 runs.

    Chennai IPL4 Champions

  37. vikas Says:

    Are delhi ki team kya ho gaya hai, please kuch kar dikhao

  38. Mouktik Says:

    KKR or MI is surely the winning team of this IPL

  39. dhs Says:

    who says kkr will win kkr is asshole mi will win this match…… Bloody kkr and that chutia shahrukh blooody stinkerr
    Kkr ki ookat hi nahi hai please buy kkr or change the franchise

  40. dhs Says:

    see every maharashtriyan taem had put there name as india or indians. no one in ipl this is the difference only maharashtrian had have patriotism all team ae bullshit……specially kkr and rr

  41. AJ Says:

    KKR is the only team which is in profit even after losing. The rest are just big fools. Victory is important but at the end we need money to survive…… all the foolish person who suggested KKR is not good. And do not fight for someone who will not feed you like Maharastra, people over there think for themselves instead of nobody else and Malinga hai toh MI hai, nahi toh kuch nahi hai. Next time find an Indian to play for MI, naam rakhne se patriotic nahi ho jaata. And PWI is owned by a person of Kolkata. So Kolkata paisa nahi deta toh Pune IPL mein nahi hota.

  42. sonia Says:

    kkr u r the winner

  43. shamshi Says:

    the gods owen country …cochin tuskers kerala team
    team coch sagav minister achudanandan

  44. thirumal Says:

    RCB Will screw Kochi from both the sides.

  45. thirumal Says:

    RCB will screw Kochi.

  46. Bhanu Prakash DV Says:

    Please change the name Deccan Charges to Dakkan Chargers….Dakkan players they are…Loosers!

  47. ghost Says:

    Bhaisahab,its Kolkata Knight Riders not Kolkatta Knight Raiders. Be careful next time and don’t forget to correct it.

  48. Rony Says:

    At last KKR beat CSK &prove that they r playing in this ipl only for being a champion!

  49. Rony Says:

    Hi i m rony, from bangladesh. I love shakib & KKR.

  50. $king$ Says:

    wow kkr is in form nw good kkr gambhir captainship is very gud not like ganguly

  51. laalettan Says:

    daivathinde swantham naad inn oru state many countries nodappam thottu poYEEEE

  52. imran Says:

    ple king khan rock (kkr) we r expect skib in next match

  53. imran Says:

    puna ple show ur best parformance.we’bangladeshi r really youbraj
    ple move forwrd

  54. dhs Says:

    A.chup beth saale……bhen…..

  55. Samrat Says:

    Hey dear jtyjtyi,
    ganguly is a very gd player… U wont feel d importance of a player who took the country to the world cup…. D one who represented d nation… D one who made team india proud… Ganguly is nt an asshole…. He is very gd…. U fuck off asshole!!!!!!

  56. Ayan Says:

    Now KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS can win this trophy .
    This is a New KKR . Keep Watching their Winning Style…….

  57. vikas kumar sharma Says:

    Tiger is Tiger chahe wo ghar me ho bahar gagunly (dada)is tiger………. dada i salut you u prove it why u r best why u r tiger………..

  58. CHRIS GAYLE Says:




  59. ali khan Says:

    kolkatta is good team

  60. zulkernain Says:

    knight riders is good team………….dashi boy

  61. NiMMMA Says:

    kolkuta roder is bad team.

    YA ALLAH kolkatta night riders semi fainal me na pohnchay.

    YA ALLAH kolkatta night riders can’t be reach semi fainal.

  62. NiMMMA Says:

    SHAHRUKH has got madeness. he dont know about Gangully’s importance.

    KOL KUTTA will loss every coming matches.

  63. NiMMMA Says:

    KOL KUTTA NIGGHT RIDERS go in fishing catching point

  64. NiMMMA Says:

    ali khan Says:

    kolkatta is good team

    Ali kHAN U R MANTLE, go any Psicatric/ MANTLE Hospital for cheking your brain.

    U MADE.

    PUNE WORRIORS will be played semifainal with RCB, CSK, KXI Punjab


  65. Rony Says:

    Hey nimma what r u saying. I think u r abnormal. Look at d point table. This top 4 will go to semi. And KKR is going to show that they r d best!

  66. prabun Says:

    Decan chargers r now in a form when they won big Victory over Mumbai an Indians .
    Best Of Luck 4 DC teams. Especially Kumar Sankakara.

  67. muddasir Says:

    hi surely wins kkr becoz i aM FAN OF kkr & this season they come up wt all the strongest batsman,bowler,fielding as well as maintaing good captainship frpm gautham gambhir

  68. Shailen Says:

    I am feeling so bad about the Mumbai Indians team that having the world,s class batsmen SachinTendulkar and It,s supporting team but yet they are in 3rd place in Ipl 2011.

  69. Lalbabu Roy Says:

    Kolkata (KKR) Play very well,but Im missing Ganguly.Good luck KKR.

  70. vamsi Says:

    I am very sad about “Deccan Charges”.
    They are having a good team but it is not useful for DC.

  71. toufiq Says:

    KKR is avery big team in iPl4 so they should have to win the trophy of iPL.. sO Go KKR

  72. satish Says:

    KKR IS A GOOD TEAM…..KKR HAVE TO WIN only one match to go to semi finals….they will that match,semi final also and final also….kkr wins dis ipl 4…..gambhir and yusuf rocks .best of luck kkr……

  73. satish Says:

    KKR IS A GOOD TEAM…..KKR HAVE TO WIN only one match to go to semi finals….they will that match,semi final also and final also….kkr wins dis ipl 4…..gambhir,manoj,morgan,kallis,mark,lee,balaji,iqbal.rajat, yusuf and others rocks .best of luck kkr……plz win

  74. satish Says:

    KKR IS A GOOD TEAM…..KKR HAVE TO WIN only one match to go to semi finals….they will that match,semi final also and final also….kkr wins dis ipl 4…..gambhir,manoj,morgan,kallis,mark,lee,balaji,iqbal.rajat, yusuf and others rocks .best of luck kkr……plz win…..god bless kkr….

  75. DevAustin Says:


  76. DevAustin Says:

    balchire sab tal pakao

  77. DevAustin Says:


  78. DevAustin Says:

    HI frnddddsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


  79. DevAustin Says:

    FINAL WILL BE Mumbai Indians VS KKR

  80. DevAustin Says:

    Mumbai Indians willl win the match.

  81. ahmed khan Says:

    dis is 4 nimma
    Oye u nt hvng mind
    Why u use ya allah ya allah
    It is nt ordinry name k!
    So 4m next time plz care of it
    Dnt tk it othrwse bt being a muslim it is our to duty to
    respect allah word plz nt use dis in al place
    i wl pray dat ur wish wl be complt in dis ipl
    Sorry bt plz remembr dis

  82. Rahul singh Says:

    kkr is one the best side in the ipl4…..and they have proved it….I am sure that they are going to win this time……..

  83. mirza asir Says:

    kkr means king khan rulz. kkr pls win the ipl . manoj, kallis, gambhir and all the players of kkr rockz. This time kkr is going to win the ipl. shahrukh khan rocks

  84. Sharnjit Singh Ahluwalia Says:

    Total MP of Kings XI Punjab and Tuskar Kochi are wrong. the toal match played of both should be =P+L+NR, which is not.

  85. angad Says:

    chennai will win again
    i’m sure

  86. Rcb jetega mere vijay malya ji ki team samne wale ki daru pi he mazak nahe kiya he Says:

    Vijay malya rcb piyo or jeyo janab ham to vijay malya ke bhakt he daily nite me unka prashad lete he

  87. John Says:

    Please update the point table. I think that it has not been updated from last 24 hrs…..

  88. shujaat Says:

    fuck all of the hindus and ipl members pakistan zindabad

  89. ahmed Says:

    balaji big fucker who seleted that fucker he is not an international player he is cheaper then gully cricket boys they no how bowl atleast

  90. sankalp Says:

    i was suprised by seeing chirstopher gayle’s performance this indian priemer league

  91. ARNAV Says:

    pakistani cricket players are mordabad mordabadand but indian players are zindabad

  92. Suhit Agarwal Says:

    Kolkata Knight Riders is the best .
    Noone can beat it .
    KKR rocks

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