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Amir Khan vs Paul McCloskey Boxing Fight Results


Amir Khan wins by Technical Decision; Judges Score – 60-54

Amir Khan vs McCloskey

[ Amir Khan successfully defended his title against McCloskey ]

This is going to be one hell of a fight between two very exciting boxers, Amir Khan group is very confident that he will go out there and win the bout with ease but he is coming up against McCloskey who is a European Champions and have an oppertunity of lifetime to get a win under his belt against one of the hottest prospect around in boxing and after all the delays in the telecasting rights and stuff Amir Khan wont be at his brilliant best and if McClosckey can put together a good result it will be interesting how this fight goes about.

Surely McClosckey will go into the fights as a under dog but it will be interesting how Amir khan reacts for the match as his opposition have been very vocal and it is going to be one hell of a fight tonight. We will have all the fight results as well as live updates from fight here and if possible replay video will be available too. So stay tune and come before it all starts on the night.

Boxing Fight Result
[ Khan Defeat McCloskey ]
It is a unanimous decision for Khan in what was an one-sided fight. The ringside doctor checks the injury and stops the fight with a cut above the left eye proving too serious for the fight to continue. It’s going to the scorecards as it is an accidental clash of head

Amir Khan afterfight interview to BBC
“I wanted to knock him out to be honest. He was getting beat, his head was getting lower and lower and that was always going to happen”

Paul McCloskey afterfight interview to BBC
“I have been waiting for the this fight for my whole life and it has been taken away from me by a doctor a poor decision. My team were not even given a chance to work on it. I’m shocked and I am numb. really ridiculous”

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  1. mentor designer Says:

    Awesome fight no can defeat Amir khan

  2. PCOOL Says:

    Khans a prick

  3. X5UNV Says:


  4. JulHI Says:

    Luv to c PCool face smash by Khan!
    Best man win!

  5. Baz86 Says:

    Kahn could nt beat my granny that fight proves he s a women that’s typical fukin English for u have to support a paki, the only thing wrong wit England is the people in it are twats

  6. MAC Says:


  7. MAC Says:


  8. Ailsih Says:

    Baz86 you are a moron and know nothing about boxing. Khan was having an off day and still beat McCloskey handily. people like you make the rest of us irish people look like stupid, racist priks.

  9. saqib Says:

    I don’t know much about boxing but I saw a pre-match ceremony where only two people from the audience applauded for Amir and rest of them were hooting which shows that how racist these white skin people are,but no worries,becoz Victoy is the best reply and Amir got that.

  10. A5h Says:

    Baz86 u are fliping racist mother should have given birth to a dog instead of u

  11. jamie Says:

    since when has boxing become about race you ignorant fucking Neanderthals! amir khan is a gifted boxer and will be one of the British greats, realistically his chin is like sugar glass but we all have our weaknesses. McCloskey could have knocked him out in the remaining rounds and should have been given the opportunity to. whether he could have or not. amir is not gonna get the respect he deserves with results like that, he’s supposed to be fighting the likes of cotto, mayweather and pacquiao in a couple of years. How is he gonna progress if he is protected from situations like prescot happening again?

  12. Roccobear Says:

    What a bunch of small-minded irish wanks we have here! I’d welcome Pakistan immigrants to my beloved country long before i’d want any inbred irish scum!!! Good on ye Khan, fly the flag for our multicultural society, as long as he dawns the Union Jack and fights to the best of his ability he’s a true Brit in my eyes. Bring on Money Mayweather!!!

  13. jugaar99 Says:

    greatt man we proud u pak proud u shabba gorro ki —– krdee ——

  14. lee Says:

    i am a big boxing fan and no who can box and amir khan can he won all 6 rounds so who dint deserve too win baz your the prick bet u wunt fight him good on u khan u deserve the win khans guna be the next ali ur fogeting the lads only 23 he has respect and dunt fink hes the baddest man out there he is 100% comitted to his boxing not like most off the boxers so if any1 deserves to be up there with the best off the best its amir you irish ant got any decent boxers is that all u got paul wat was his name av never heard of him lol

  15. saeed Says:

    I dont hear any of you lobsters making racial remarks about black fighters, why is that I wonder? probably cos your all so scared of them, so funny, so pathetic, your knees tremble in case you get mugged…hahaha

  16. Majid Says:

    why do people start to get racist and personnel. I tell you why? because brown people shit all over Irish racist. Amir smashed Paul face in, Paul is a Irish white smelly Pig, deserves straws and peanuts. A Pig eats anything even shit!!! Its the worst and dirtiest animal on the planet. I can be racist to. Do you feel good about it now. Losers. LOL

  17. jimmy Says:

    ENGLAND 1 ireland 0

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