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PES 2012 Game Preview and Release Date


Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Gameplay, Preview and Demo


Another installment of one of the most famous soccer game around will be launched on 14 October 2011 and this will be called Pes 2012. Konami has announced the official date and they say it will be the most advanced and ambitious soccer game ever which is a big saying. What is amazing about the game is that PES has got the official licence for the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europe League and UEFA Super Cup which is huge as many teams will have their real and official kits and brands.

In terms of gameplay Changes they have done a few things which will excite the PES fans, Teammate Control, Active AI and Off the Ball Control are some notable introductions and might play a big role in getting back the franchise to the level it use to be, as EA Sports Fifa has came a long way in the recent couple of years and now many people believe Fifa is a better game as compared to PES.

PES 2012 Release Dates:

PES 2012 is due to be released 14/10/2011 on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.
Release dates for the PSP, PS2 and Wii versions will be announced shortly according to Konami.

PES 2012 Screenshots

Pes 2012 Screenshots 1

Pes 2012 Screenshots 2

Pes 2012 Screenshots 3

PES 2012 Gamplay Video

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    [...] quite a thing to chase and it will be interesting to see how they go about this year. We discussed PES 2012 already and now it is the trun of FIFA [...]

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