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Spanish La Liga Top Goal Scorer 2011/2012 – Leading Goal Scorers

La Liga Top Goal Scorer Season 2011 -2012

La Liga Top Goal Scorer

Spanish League Leading Goal Scorer:

Spanish League is about to start for the season 2011-2012 and it will be another Eplosive season for sure as Real madrid and FC Barcelona will be fighting it out for the La Liga title and it will be interesting to see how this years League season goes about. So we decided to put together a page where we will be constantly updating the La Liga Top Scorer Tables.

Last Year it was Cristiano Ronaldo who bagged home the award with some sublime goals to his name and he broke the record of Luiz Ronaldo as he managed to grab 40 goals in the league which is huge. This season the competition will be tougher than ever as Ronaldo, Messi, Villa and some other candidates are among the league now.

We will keep the table updated throughout the season, every week once the last match has been played in the weekend we will update the Top Scorers table.

LA LIGA 2011-2012 Top Scorers


Lional Messi Barcelona 50 11
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 45 11
Radamel Falcao Atletico Madrid 23 5
Gonzalo Higuain Real Madrid 21 0
Karim Benzema Real Madrid 20 0
Roberto Soldado Valencia 15 1
Cesc Fàbregas Barcelona 6 0
Imanol Agirretxe Real Sociedad 3 0

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  1. Razak Samson Says:

    Ronaldo is not good player, foolish, bastard, u craze, u dey mad, u dey gbongbolosiga.

  2. Jamiu jamo Says:

    Messi and villa

  3. DON BLASTRO Says:

    Christiano Ronaldo is a good player but Messi is most best player now on the planet and you can’t compare c.ronaldo to l.messi……..Messi is the best

  4. dummydam Says:

    another dog fight between Messi and Ronaldo..i Think it will be ronaldo who will win the pichichi again

  5. ANDREW messi wil definately be the winner,he is the best. Says:

    No matter what happens bacerlona remains the best of all bests,and they will maintain both champions league and the laliga.ANDREW SAID SO FC BARCA FOR LIVE.

  6. julian Says:

    ronaldo may be the best at scoring but i will beg his fans to give a critical look at the amount of penalties played by each.That shows the difference between serious goal scorers and strikers.thank u readers!!

  7. Sammy luv Says:

    @ Razak Samson: is only a fool dat do nt appreciate good things. Hw there u say all those trash u ronaldo. Give ur family 100 years frm nw they cnt produce a player dat can play at d lowest level of Nigerian league. Ronaldo is a good player bt Messi is d best 4 nw.

  8. Erikk Shilongo Says:

    Ronaldo is the best! He will definitely win up the top score again! I have seen lots of improvement in him this season and i hope he will find himself at the top again! Ronaldo, keep it up.

  9. Samba Says:

    Ronaldo is a better player,but messi is d best player in world.Up barca

  10. Yemmy ayodele Says:

    Ayodele opeyemi, it is tru messi is a good player special made by the ctreator of all things, but have you all ask your self why is it only fcbaka he plays? What make messi is his team mate or can you point out any player at barca that is not good? Messi found it very easy to score morethan c-ronaldo just bcos of where he belong. Pls bfore i can believe messi is more beter than Ronaldo untill he leaves to england and play, then let see if is going to be world best or highest gaol scorer of the season thanks. And for Gadiola, if an ordinary farmer coahc baca they will make there record, so is not him and if you want to know, ask him to leave for fullham then let see is proffesioner.

  11. Nelflex Says:

    “Football”is the sweetest game all over the world. It has passed the era of ‘one way traffic’. There are a lot of stunts associated with a player being a good player and, there is a difference between a player who is always looking for cheap goals i.e. penalties to increase his goal tally and a player who always scores fantastic and heart-breaking goals when it matters most.For example, Ronaldo scores 7 goals out of which are 3 penalties, while Messi scores 8 great goals without any penalty. Messi playing for only Barca doesn’t mean anything. Is he the only player who have done that? What of the Gerrads, the Terrys, the Alexandre Pierros and the rest? If Ronaldo were to remain at Man U, He knew he wouldn’t have performed wonderfully as he did in 2008/2009 season, So, he has to move. Have you ever think of why Mourinho would spent one season in a club winning everything and move? “It is because of FEAR OF UNKNOWN” For now, Messi will always be the best ahead of Ronaldo. QED.

  12. Alaba Says:

    Boy Alaba,actualy am a barca fan bt 2b realistic nd nt 2b centimental c.ronaldo is good bt leo boy messi is d best player in d planet nd let keep on watch who wil b d highest goals scorer bt hope is leo.

  13. felix mudenda Says:

    If at all the football governing body shall stand verifying on who is who,they used to choose best players of the world,i give Messi a zero percent why? there is never a player who only plays better at only club level, international football is deficulty to for the Messi and thereafter fifa still stands and say Messi is the best how and why? Christiano is the best amongst some others the likes of Suerez,Vila,Xavi,Iniesta and e.t.c.Not messi.Big Ronaldo did it for both the clubs and his coutry at large,and why messi who has never contributed in the Agentine football history..FIFA be serious on selecting use a beam balance!!!!!!!!!

  14. felix mudenda Says:

    Am a true fan as for Mercy to be the best player in the wold he could just change his citizenship.So that he could honored by the club Bacelona and Spain at large,not jus Baca’ and not Agentina..RONALDINHO is THE FATHER OF WORLD FOOTBALL DAY DREAMERS COMPARES MESSI PLIZ STOP DREAMING AND STOP RACISM IN FOOTBALL.

  15. ed Says:

    I think what most messi fan boys don’t understand is the positions Cristiano and Messi actually play, technically they are both right wingers, but Messi actually plays the position of winger and sometimes is even put as the main forward striker. Cristiano is not put as a forward striker, he is implemented as a left attacking-midfielder. His position not only covers the leftwing, but he has to maintain the midfield for Benzema and Higuain, this puts his position in a different place from Messi. The fact that Ronaldo can acquire this many goals, especially last season, is amazing for the position and ground he is supposed to cover, unlike Mess who’s position is farther up in the field than Cristiano.
    Messi fan boys require a little education in football that they clearly missed from masturbating too much to Messi videos on youtubes ;)

  16. Zulu Says:

    To be realistic and to be frank, as far as football world is concerned whether we like it or not lion messi is ever d best player,c.ronaldo’s time has come and gone. Zulu

  17. Oladejo jamiu olawale Says:

    Up real madrid 4 life am true madrid fans&i love C.RONALDO,KAKA WTH MY COACH MORIHNO.REAL IS D BEST CLUB IN D WORLD,UNCOMPARABLE CLUB.

  18. L.V Says:

    People, can u please think critically before u write anything. Cristiano cant be compared with Messi. Cristiano has played for Portugal under 23, Sportin Lisbon, Man Utd and during the times he spent with those teams he proved to be the best player.He moved from Under 23 to Senior Nationa team and also move from Man Utd to Real Madrid. He played very well and scored many goals at Man Utd cos he was best player and top goal scorer there. He was also top goal scorer in La Liga last season. Cristiano peforms better in national side thats why he was named the captain of the team. Messi never played for any team except Barca and its development sides. He peforms very well for Barca but he does not peform quiet well for his Nationa team. Recently, he was named captain of Agentina because the new coach thougt that Messi can improve his peformance in National team. Another very important thing is that U can compare Cristiano with Messi because Cristiano has a price value which is 80mollion pounds and that is a record in history of soccer but Messi has no price value. Cristiano is the highest paid soccer player in the world because of wonderful work he does. Messi is the current world player according to FIFA and he took that trophy for several times. Criatiano has also took that trophy few years back. We shoul not undermine the ability that Messi has when playing for Barca. Since Messi cant perfom well for National side, it also clear that he might not peform if he move to other team in La Liga or England, Italy, Germany or France, for example. The truth is that Messi plays well for Barca and Cristiano has been playing well for teams that he has played for and even for Real Madrid. Messi is earning a salary that is less than Cristiano because he(Messi) is unique and Cristiano is also unique. These players has very different soccer history and even now they are still different when comparing with each other. Due to these reasons and others, Cristiano Ronaldo is a little bit ahead of Lionel Messi.

  19. Olufe Gabriel Says:

    LEO Messi is d best player in d world

  20. Sly Says:

    Baca re d best 4 now but real madrid still remains d greatest club nd 4 messi is gud but ronaldo is better than him coz ronald has play 4 different club nd perform very well nd he still performin till nw,but 4 messi he is still playin among great player dat can supply chances to score,if we 2 knw dat is gud let him go 2 portmouth nd perform nd if he perform gud then i will respect him,but nw ronaldo is d best.up real madrid

  21. ibro Says:

    Messi is the best he has not scored any penalty so far but still ahead of C.Ronaldo and that how he will be ahead of Ronaldo till they all retire…Messi the best player ever..

  22. Nicholas Says:

    no doubt CR7 is the best nomatter hw people critisize him. it wil take 10years or more to produce a competitive striker like Ronaldo. i can’t help it he’s the best player i ever seen.

  23. sunny Says:

    ronald is the best player of the world in football

  24. sunny Says:

    no bady will be like ronaldo. he is the best bessssssssssssssssssssttttttttt

  25. vishnu Says:

    Ronaldo is d best…. the awesome star…. the god of football…..
    do messi hv the speed of ronaldo…. messi cn never hv the ability as ronaldo…. ronaldo is d best in world…. u cn pick ronaldo even if 1000 players are playin on the field….. this is what is called player….

  26. Adeniji olusiji(nana) Says:

    Those people that says messi is better than ronaldo. Thay are al ingorance.

  27. christopher Teah Says:

    messi is one of the good player for now.

  28. Walios Says:

    Ronaldo is d best

  29. vittey Says:

    fuck u ronaldo

  30. vittey Says:

    mother fucker ronaldo

  31. Elvis Says:

    Goals is Goal weather penalty or direct all remain Goal stop confusing your knowledge…..Messi is Christiano Ronaldo Student when it concern football and he will always respect him…….More to that you guys should not forget about Samuel etto ….The Best Striker

  32. Cristian Soreldo Says:

    Messi is the most efficient player but Cristiano Ronaldo is the most complete player.. all of you may not agree but look at the statistics and you’ll see that Ronaldo by far has done more by goal scoring and helping his team come in second.. while Barca is in third.. Champions league and all of the above belong to Real this year.. =)

  33. Cristian Soreldo Says:

    Plus look at messi.. hes downfalling.. he cant do what he did 2 years ago.. but ronaldo is getting better every year.. =) jolly good mate.. lol

  34. charles chikelu Says:

    u’ve said it all,ronaldo is jus 2 strong and sensitive about scoring.pls dnt 4get that scorin penalties aint easy.messi missed penalty against sevilla on saturday,u remember?moreva,ronaldo is d best in pk’s,free kicks,heading,speed.messi is jus the best in dribbling.

  35. jacky mana Says:

    u guys concentrate on two players out of 22!!! in a game? common guys this is a collective game. check out also on the number os decisive passes made by each.

  36. Ben Fm Says:

    We are just round without looking.
    =Why Mess could want to move in Barca?
    =Are those football player perform well after move from one club to another? Like; Ronaldinho, Beckam, Henry and Benzema.
    *That is how Messi fear to move in Barca. But Ronoldo done it and perform well.
    =If Mess want to show the wold that he’s the best than Ronaldo lets him leave at Barca and join in any club.
    =Out of that C. Ronaldo is the best than L. Messi.

  37. AUGS Says:


  38. main uddin Says:

    messi is best player in the world, there is nathing c.ronaldo. Messi king of the world. Ronaldo cat of the world.

  39. Harris Says:

    I don’t want to say anything except these few words which is running on my mind – Messi Rocks :) keep it up, no one can beat your score.

  40. Lyrikyle Says:

    messi cannot be the best if he doesn’t play then barca still wins if christi doesnt play winning is unlikely for madrid, so messi only does what every1 else can do, so he an unnecessary asset. christiano ronaldo is boss

  41. Ezra John Says:

    Fuck u messi,a club plyr.C.Ronldo plys well in hs country n club.He also plyd well in Eng n is plyin same in spain.Bt let messi leav Barca n c.

  42. saiki d one Says:

    4ward ever/ backward never, no matter what they say, that guy who ans the other sides of his name is the best/ an is going to win all d possible trophy. INSHA ALLAH. The name is MEESSSIIII

  43. NSK Says:

    C.ronaldo is the best player of the World..I mean he converts most of the penalties and freekicks into GOALSSSSS and dozens of goals besides that..Messi is also a awesome player but if he wants to prove that he is better than C.Ronaldo he should leave Barca and join some other club..we all will see what is he in REALITY!

  44. NSK Says:

    messi scored a goal on penalty in match vs RCD MALLORCA… y da hell that is not included in the table????????

  45. Master Says:

    most of u guys are just say things out sentiment. am not a fan of baca or real. were are talking about messi and c.ronaldo. have u watch a match were both of them play against each orther. what are ur conclusion, rona cannot brace up for the combat with messi, time and again we have seen it, rona got the potential to match leo, but whenever he see’s leo, he will be shaken. on any match they both play messi always outshine rona. and rona should learn to play fair football like leo, not diving in the box 18, not falling so easily for just little contact, dont deceived ref, let him play fair football, let him single handedly win important match for real. messi didnt win world cup, but he won the world best player award, am not supprise, becos no other play u can used to match is present form. world best is for an individual not a group of player. so guys messi is a genues, for now he has no match. if u should compare players not with their goal scoring, u should compare players like iniesta, villa to c, rona not to messi

  46. higuain Says:

    How can people here fight about Messi and Ronaldo when in fact Higuain has only played half of the matches messi and ronaldo did + scored no penalty’s at all and is still in the same position as them and he is still not in his top form come on guys be realistic and look at the statistics exactly before commentin you have to be honest if there is someone to talk about it can only be Higuain. He only played like 4 full matches in La Liga? Messi played 11 SNM.
    Messi played 11 full matches scored 12 goals without penalties.
    Higuain played 4 full matches scored 10 goals.
    If Higuain played as much as messi and ronaldo did the statistics shows he would have been arround on 20-25 goals?

  47. nzongang Says:

    we should know that this is a public forum and should not result to calling others fools for expressing their minds.that shows how some of us are and wee brought up.
    that said,ronaldo is a better athlete considering the number of teams he has played for,and how well he has performed.
    personally,i think barcelone as a team makes messi and his name .individually ,he is not that good.

  48. Joseph Tuku Says:

    Ronaldo is the best player due to fact that from different clubs he play still showing the same standard why mess dont like to move from barca also if you need to prove chris is the best watch them in their national team you will see how mess is poor this that there some pp like xavi,iniesta who help mess to shine thats why even himself he dislike to leave the barca,go west go east go north go south chris is proving in the world he has talent no matter where he goes he will shine

  49. Kai Says:

    C.ronaldo is only d chaser of messi

  50. Elijah Says:

    The both player ave won everything only world cup but it is glaring that ronaldo have to leave man u and now in real m he went their to finish his football but messi was born in barc grew up in barc cnt play any were. And again last season ronaldo went on injury after messi has scored more than ronaldo cos of injury ronaldo came back scored the goals and by pass messi and win it we luv using ronaldo even in playing games cos of his potencials messi should go on injury n come back he will never remain thesame ronaldo is a bad player if he fall inside the 18yard box dat is a professional fool if u don’t knw ronaldo kip doing it

  51. Kachiz Says:

    C.Ronaldo is a player with great shot skill, Messi is the greatest player that is all in One.Messi is just the best. BARCA FOR LIVE

  52. NSK Says:

    hey KACHIZ if ‘messi is all in one’ then how the hell C.Ronaldo remained the top scorer of laliga last a matter of fact messi shows excellence in just dribbling..while C.Ronaldo shows his very best in everything..admit it Messi is a good player no doubt about that but C.Ronaldo is lot better..

  53. NSK Says:

    thank GOD they finally corrected the table..

  54. MIMMY Says:


  55. Vince Ochaya Says:

    I think the world must face reality as it comes in. Ronaldo was thought to be the best when he palyed for MAN-U. Yes he still is the best with powerful shorts at goal, so physical and a sprinter. But, Messi is just in his own planet at the moment. If Messi joins Real Madrid today, he will even score more goals than Ronaldo and even contribute 50% assist to Ronaldo’s goal tally for the season. For Agentina, they do not play Messi standard and flair. Watch this space.

  56. NSK Says:

    LA LIGA 2011-2012 is C.Ronaldo’s and Real Madrid’s League….

  57. Sumesh Says:

    Why are you saying only about messi and ronoldo higuain not a player ? Ya. how ever messi is the best he completed another hat trick on champions league football he 5goals in 4 matchs and is the leading goal hunter in the season nd get 13 goals in 9 game nd he scored 22 goals for barca in the season. he is the only legend before the maradonas century

  58. nicky cs Says:

    fuck ronaldo…whatz da use to compare da God of football messi with a being like ronaldo…almost half of whose goal come from penalty..ha2

  59. Bibijay Says:

    Make some noise 4 bibi! i’ve read everybodys comment,now its time to balance the whole thing.messi,two times world best,a winger also a striker nd most atimes an attacking midfielder,great scoring ability nd the sharpest player in the world, the second richest player in the world,the highest payed player in the world,three times uefa champions league highest goal scorer not just that back to back from 2008 till date played against man.u during the days of cr7 at the final nd scored plays beta than ronaldo wen eva the both played against has great player than barcelona bt yet we say dat messi is always being fed wit balls to score damn! in terms of assit messi is beta than ronaldo,goals messi is beta.has gr8ta ability dan ronaldo stronger than ronaldo who is very lazy nd always dive nd cry to get penalty nd free kick gosh! so tell me wat trophy has ronaldo won 4 his country eva? nd u all are here blabrin ur mouth bt 4 messi he has won 2008 olympic cup 4 his country nd under 17 world cup 4 his country each against nigeria. Hasn’t he tried.202 goal 4 his club is dat not enuf bt add ronaldos goal at man.u nd madrid it is not up to 120 yet including his all goal eva not even up to 178 too bad.abeg give it up 4 lionel messi or av u heard of a player that wen he is train,lots of fans pay nd buy ticket just to watch him train.God! abeg 10 gbosa 4 dat wizard.james williams curtist add me on fb.up barca nd up messi nd up bibijay

  60. mike Says:

    ronaldo cant fit messi because messi have the best skills and messi can play as magic. ronaldo is good but messi is best

  61. NSK Says:

    All those stupids who think that most of C.Ronaldo’s goals come from penalties should know that penalty is not that easier to take…even great players of the world like ROONEY,DROGBA,TORRES,MESSI miss penalties sometimes..if it is that easy why dont Messi just take all penalties and take the top spot?????

  62. goutham Says:

    messi no other choice

  63. Uzair Khan Says:

    Messi+Iniesta+Xavi = Cristiano Ronaldo
    The world best player is every 1 know is C.Ronaldo bst of all …..
    My best Player i am doing every thing 4 him………

  64. Mokube Gilbert Says:

    well i will go for ronaldo because he knows when Real Madrid needs a goal,infact he is simple the best

  65. XxXxXxXx Says:

    Messi is good player and a good dribbler and a good team player but if you compare it with ronaldo,ronaldos individual game is superb and he can win the game playing individually which messi cant…..soooooooooooooooooo RONALDO IS THE BEST PLAYER AND HE WILL PROVE IT TO EACH ONE OF THEM WHO HAVE WRITTEN AGAINST HIM

  66. Tanvir Rahman Says:

    Ronaldo…………………… no doubt………… messi is nothing without xavi and iniesta…..:)

  67. crash Says:

    this is to ed. i dont really understand why you wasted your time writting that statement. i watch a lot of real madrid and fc barca games. from what i see ronaldo plays out wide on the left and makes runs through the middle quite often using his pace to score goals in the six yard box when possible or in order to head the ball. messi is like you said technically a striker. the problem is if you take that term so litterally and assume that must mean it is harder for ronaldo to score you are very very mistaken. i really dont care what you call messi’s position. he plays much deeper than ronaldo does a lot of the time. at any given point when he is not receiving the ball he will revert to making plays starting in the mid field in order to link up and score goals. often times he will make several passes and score by making runs half way accross the field. ronaldo is actually more of a natural striker because his speed and physical nature make it easier for him to score headers and distant shots but he relys on just as much distribution of the ball if not more than messi because seemingly half of his goals come from hard fought tap ins from either crosses or square balls etc… my point is basically that your wrong if that wasnt already ovbious not to be rude but its just non sense. and for whoever made that comment about ronaldo doing more for his country. anyone who has any knowledge of soccer and really knows all aspects of class players would realise that ronaldo has not done more for his international team in terms of how the team actually functions. messi made an enourmous impact in every game in the last world cup. how many times did he score none. but the fact remains he was a better play maker than even xavi and iniesta when his teamates linked up with him and didnt completely fall apart. and although i think ronaldo is very talented and he did manage one goal in the world cup. he is not as versatile as messi is. and therefore since portugal played fairly average in every game with the exception of the one against north korea. ronaldo was relatively uninvolved. ronaldo can not be a center piece he is an amazing scorer but without a succesful mid field he can do very little which is the case with almost any forward except for messi of course. messi plays amazingly for his country. he plays more of a mid field role and often makes more runs some of which are shut down more often than they would be in la liga because of his lack of options. but he is amazing through and through. to put it simply if any one had to take messi’s place with argentina including ronaldo they would be even less effective try looking at this the other way around for once people. thats about all i have to say hahaha.

  68. ifeanyi mola Says:

    C.Ronaldo is the best

  69. O.G.B Says:

    all the Barc fan,s are crazing so much crazing they are sick REAL for life

  70. akshat Says:

    Ronaldo u r the best footballer in the world there is no doubt about it in the world.But do u think messi is better than you?.no no ways
    messi fucks but u fuck a lot obviously messi is the best in the world
    u mother fucker asshole bstard chutiya madarchot bhenchot randa lavada rascal bhosadika.take it in your mouth

  71. Oriniowo Abdulgafar Eniola Says:

    You d best Ronaldo wish to play like you.d award goes to how Master Ronaldo.thankx

  72. Charles Iwuagwu Says:

    ronaldo have proven yet again that he is a better player than lionel. messi enjoys tredmendous support from his team mates no wonder scoring goals is too easier for him.
    the pichichi award will go to ronaldo i guess because he is so terrific up front. he can also score via many ways say. he has the jump power and a free-kick maestro of all time. if lionel thinks he is too fabulous let him prove himself in Argentine national team.

  73. Omar Gambo Says:

    RONALDO: is his time to rule the world in football, he will keep on for decade’s please messians kindly wait for ur time, for now u are late.

  74. George maintain Says:

    Lio messi is the best scoring 53 goals and 27 assist,ron has 53 goals and few assist,wat makes lio better ron is dat,ron is an individual player while messi is a team player,dat is y messi will always outshine ron wen dey go head to head.

  75. NSK Says:

    if Ronaldo just kept on scoring at that speed messi should pack his things and buy a ticket home……

  76. NSK Says:

    although i am a madrid fan but the table is wrong..messi has 14 goals…all of u dont visit this site again..this site suckssssss….visit for latest results and fixtures……

  77. osman Says:

    C.Ronaldo will wine highest goal scorer this season.

  78. osman Says:

    because hi is the best.

  79. akujobi kenneth o. Says:

    ayodele i’m so much disappionted in u,for castigatn messi and guardiola. Messi doesnt perform bettr at country as he does at his club,because they play different style of football. Ok ask ronaldo to go to barca,chelsea or arsenal,you wil see him ending up like torres and ibramovic because he is not a team player. Messi is far better than c.ronaldo,talk of skillz,scoring ability not shooting ability,decipline and what have you!

  80. akujobi kenneth o. Says:

    ayodele i’m so much disappionted in u,for castigatn messi and guardiola. Messi doesnt perform bettr at country as he does at his club,because they play different style of football. Ok ask ronaldo to go to barca,chelsea or arsenal,you wil see him ending up like torres and ibramovic because he is not a team player. Messi is far better than ronaldo,even at bernabeu his own fans shout at him alwayz for his selfishness. And as for guardiola.b4 he arrived barca,barca had a trouphyless season,and he came and sent away d pillars of barca-ronaldinho,deco and brought in pedro,alves,abidal,toure,kieta,bousquet,villa and so many more whom barca cnt do without,and he made 6trouphies in hs 1st yr nw 2cl,3la liga,etc so he is great!

  81. NSK Says:

    hey akujobi i think u hit ur head hard..C.Ronaldo can play anywhere..and he will always give his best..Messi is just a ***** of barca..

  82. Razak Samson Says:

    Messi is the best player in the world

  83. kebi Says:

    messi is great,but ronaldo is super,,,,put ronaldo in barca and he will out shine messi.ronaldo always out shine his players.we should stop being partial in judgement.ronaldo has proven,i wish messi goes to english ligue and break the genes of becoming a world best player.ronaldo has always been the best in any competition.if only pele and marodona can stop being jealous and give ronaldo his marks.every teen wants to play like ronaldo because he is an ambassador of good football.i learn alot from him but cant pick anything from not a goal keeper but with messi on a free kick,it wont make me tremble if am at the goal post.with van derser on the post and ronaldo is taking the kick my heart will stop being partial and embrace the truth.barca is just a great team for now and no one can deny the fact.but ronaldo is a super player.he has made his marks in various field but messi has done it just in barca and not even in his country.i see no reason why people say things like ronaldo scoring most of his goals through is football.messi won the under 21 fifa world cup with 2 what are we saying?please fans be wise when arguing.goal is goal no matter how it is being scored.

  84. yathesht Says:

    i think that cristiano ronaldo is the best there was the best there is and the best there ever will be..with this every one can know who will win the pichichi award…….

    by yathesht pratiraj phool

  85. kenneth akujobi Says:

    messi has won d olympicx,u20 world cup,and many others 4 his country,at club 3champions league,2 world club,5 la liga,4 spanish super cup,2 uefa super cup,2 world best,2nd world best ’08,3rd 07′.top goal scorer la liga,champions league,208 for barca. Tel me abt c.ronaldo* messi is d best!!!

  86. hi Says:

    Messi is the best player in the world and he his younger than ronaldo. And definitely he will leave barca and perform same with other club. Ronaldo is arogant and he is not 80 million worth. See above most of the football fans fucking ronaldo.

  87. Ogoyi Says:

    Chrisan ronaldo knws that messi is far better than him so y agure when u knw messi is the best

  88. agus hariyanto Says:


  89. Aaron Pathak Says:

    For sure Cristiano would be the first scorer with less then 40 goals. I am still confused with the league winner. Barcelona is down with 6 points clearly and doesn’t looks so strong in this seasons. Other hand Real Madrid seems much stronger in championship and home league. Sahin still in bench, and gossip of buying Neymar would be the mystery for Barca.

    Any way it’s soccer so we just can predict, we hoots watch the first league game of Barca vs White so we can strongly predict. I will go with real in first and Valencia in 2nd, if not Barca.

  90. tonymatins Says:

    who ever says that you cant com pair ronaldo and messi is a full and should go and fuck his mother or her father.ronaldo is the world best and mourinho is the best coach in the world of football,take it or you leave it

  91. blessing Says:

    messi is the winner

  92. Darko Says:

    Rondaldo, no question ask, he will be best of all tiem if he continues like this, ,messi is just good in barselona thats about it, i think you cant compare those 2, and this season will prove it RONALDO FIRST, but ques what second is Mourinho is second hehe
    sorry hatters but its the truth

  93. Abu madu Says:

    Fuck u all barca fans and fuck barca too… Fuck mesi.

  94. Tanvir Rahman Says:

    i think those who don’t like CR7 should not express their feelings about. you like Messi, I’m not gonna stop you. All your anticipation about FCB will be shuttered this season. And it is CR7 who will do it. Messi is a good,in fact the best FCB can provide,but what about Argentina,mates? 19 goals from 79 games. without Xavi and Iniesta he could do well,but can’t win any titles.This season,in FCB as well,without iniesta he can’t make the game for themselves.

  95. sameer Says:

    100s of messi can not be like cr.ronaldo is the best. he is the surprising guy and he will be the best

  96. sani bazza Says:

    its TOP GOAL SCORER not BEST PLAYER. y waste time talking about national team,left or right wing etc.ronaldo is currently topping d list,i believe he is going to win d title period.

  97. add Says:

    ronaldo is one of the world best player not messi

  98. Toby Sotanmide Says:

    What is football turning into? A pedestal to articulate fight and hatred for another image of God? What precedence are we setting for the coming generation? And by this hot exchange of malignant volleys of destructive critisism, I shudder at the boomerang! Please, no matter our opinion on Messi and CR7, let us love one another still, forgiving the opposition. Love Barca, Love Real, Love all.

  99. rotimi Says:

    Ronaldo has won most noticeable individual awards Messi won before Messi, you can go to hell for all I care. Am‎​ a football fan and not a maggot, Messi is the best right now, Ronaldo closely follows, others are far behind, ‎​so shut up!

  100. JAYMO Says:

    Barcelona to HEEL With their Messi,..Christiano is the live wire,messi is just an insulator.

  101. aidil Says:

    ayo CR7 memang pantas menjadi top scorer la liga 2011-2012.

  102. ayush Says:

    messi mother fucker

  103. ashley Says:

    mother fuckers….FC barcelona, u suck big time….wid u’r bald,big dick incestous ,mather fuckin coach n dat fuckin 5 feet kid,messi………..u will never b a historic club like “REAL MADRID”………go fuck urselves!!!! -Anti Barcelona,HALA MADRID!!!!!!!!!

  104. Abdul Samad k Says:

    C Ronaldo is great plyr in the world.
    C Ronaldo best in the world.

  105. shamil has Says:

    “messi is the best” messsi + messi =lio messi

  106. B. B. Emmanuel Says:

    @ Julian I was thinking u will know better dat a player wu can score a penalty is a good player or shuld i say a better player. So many gud players loose penalty. So penalty does count. For the highest goal scorer i’l giv it to Ronaldo. for d world best considering partial votes of the voters in the world I’l consider messi. But considering clubs and country i’l give it to Ronaldo. They ar both brilliantly excellent in their own way. If it were possible I’l consider a TIE i.e. both of them be name world best.

  107. harmen Says:

    it is natural tha c.ronaldo is better .messi is only player with standard players ,without barca he cannot score like in world cup in south africa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  108. harmen Says:

    i learn from ronaldo tricks his style is great there is lot a learn f.r him

  109. Alpha Says:

    Ronaldo is the best player ever………..he is more of a completely player than any other player on this planet.

    he does what he trains………..

  110. Abdul Samad k Says:

    What a goal of c ronaldo beautiful

  111. Abdul Samad k Says:

    Endhina verudhe c ronaldonod kalikkunne avane tholpikkan kziula.

  112. Idris Says:

    All of u see one reason or the other to choose ur favourite player but as for me messi is d best “ti irin ba kan irin ikan a te fun kan”

  113. maxmad Says:

    chup ho jao madarchodo sab ke sab,,,,bhadwe kuch bhi lekhte rehte hai,,,,,bas chutiye jaise comment lihkte rehte hai kuch kuch bhi,,,,oyee lavdo gand mey dum hai toh khud kuch karo phir dusro key barey mey bolna,,,,,,

  114. samm Says:

    who tells penalty does not count to be a good scorer, if messi is such a good player then why he got card during hitting a penalty? Frenz penalty really does count and ronaldo is the best in all way
    even i ll play much better than messi in Barca coz I ll get brilliant pass from Xavi n Inestia.If he is such a good player then tell him to play good for his own country,
    fuck Messi n his fanz……..

  115. Abdullah Says:

    C.Ronaldo can played in all kind of league it’s one of success of Ronaldo and messi can’t play without xavi and inesta but we see that Ronaldo is finetastec player in the world I love spacialy his fast speed and stronger shots and nice step over he is king of step over

  116. Paras Says:

    Messi has suppprt of other Barca players……. But Ronaldo is alone.. . . ., he is the best. .

  117. Paras Says:

    Messi has suppprt of other Barca players……. But Ronaldo is alone.. . . ., he is the best. . . .

  118. Funsho Daniel Danfuhodinho Says:

    Hi people let me tell u people d trut nd notin but d trut Messi is very very very very very better dan c ronaldo, ronaldo plays ball but Messi plays football nd Messi show him self to ronaldo dat he pass him in any game dat da jam against man u nd against real madrid so is only my fans will understand me Barcelona national item for barca for GOD so love barca nd gave is only son Lionel Messi dat any player dat touch him like ronaldo dat want to touch him wil rost like a wood greatin to my Barcelona fans i luv u all. From Danfuhodinho Ronaldinho d king of football.

  119. kamran Says:

    cristiano ronaldo the world best player of the year and pichichi award already cristiano roanldo but missi good player but i hate u missi bulshit player

  120. Vin Saint Says:

    CHRISTIANO is the best striker cos he is capable of playing with any team in the World and at Madrid he is playing as a leftwinger now Messi he has never played 4 any team in the World only Barca and to be frank speakin Messi is trying bcos of the great Midfielders at Barca like Xabi Hernadezi,Iniesta and others ,but 4 Christiano he can play at team and he is always leading in scores at any club he plays,let Messi go to other clubs and perform the way Christiano has performed,he cant bcos he is not skilled he cant adapt to any team and even himself has confirmed that he cant leave Barca,so Christiano is the best skilled,talented and professional striker in the world…

  121. SAYED ZABI Says:


  122. rohith S Says:

    cristiano ronaldo is bestttttttttttttttttttttt

  123. gman Says:

    Learn to spell people. It’s embarrassing to see how people type these days.

  124. Ameta arte Says:

    messi is the best,,i hope messi to make alot gollll in the next time…
    barca is the bestttttttttt,,,,,,

  125. Ameta arte Says:

    messi top in the world,,,,,messi is better,,,,,,
    but CR7 only style…

  126. aliyugafai Says:

    u guys why compared messi with c ronaldo let submit vote to vote to see result messi is better fo ever

  127. aliyugafai Says:

    u guys why compared messi with c ronaldo this is stupid comparism let submit vote to vote to see result messi is better no doubt about

  128. aliyugafai Says:

    iam not say ronaldo he is not good because he better than some playyers but he is not better than messi all you no guys

  129. kamran Says:

    missi is not good player, foolish, bastard, u craze, u dey mad, u dey gbongbolosiga.

    cristiano ronaldo is the bist i love you cristiano ronaldo

  130. Jewel Says:

    Lionel Messi is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than C Ronaldo….

  131. hahas Says:

    i sit and read all these comments and i laugh very much.. first of all i want to answer those who say messi can’t live barca and go to other club to prove he is the best player while ronaldo has move and prove what a great player is he ..bulshit first ronaldo has only move from Manchester and the reason of course is the money .. who can buy a player for so much money?only real and if wasn’t real c.ronaldo would definitely stay forever in Manchester like others player which already stay in Manchester. don’t worry definitely c.ronaldo will stay for many years. and why messi leaves barca to prove his skill? the best team makes the best player. teamwork between players makes player shine. no one by alone can play football.and here will talk about football. yes c.ronaldo is good player but not compare to messi .wake up guys..can ronaldo pass 3-4 defenders and empty the defense by his own?what about balance? c.ronaldo can’t stay on his feet. i never see faster player that messi most of the people can’t realize how messi is dribble and pass the defenders like they are stop because most of people can’t see. try to watch messi dribble in slow-motion and you will understand what i say.messi is just form another planet no one compares to him and yes will definitely brake all these records and his already prove what player is he also in Argentina what about assists? because he didn’t score on fifa whats matter? if wasn’t messi Argentina will never scores. wake up people and see the truth. c.ronaldo copy Beckham’s life he is not original.he is a showman and when was in Manchester was far better than now you can find several and better players compare to c.ronaldo like Xavi or Iniesta. and of course only ONE Ronaldo is the real one Ronaldo the Phenomenon with number 9.. fuck CR7 and fuck you and those you say is better than Messi go and make an eye check.xaxaxa. Messi is the BEST player in galaxy

  132. OGIE VICTOR Says:


  133. kamran Says:

    ronaldo good player missi is not good player fuk u missi

  134. Mex Says:

    4 me, Ronaldo remains d very best. I can see Messi as the best if he leaves Barca and try another club. Ronaldo has done that and will still do it again, even if taken to the German Bundesliga or anywhere else in the world. That is the hallmark of a good player that shines @ any club and in any region, not like Messi that can only play well @ Barca and then become useless to Argentina!!!

  135. shahrukh Says:

    messi cant score penalty .he cant take free kick he cant head he cant shot like cr7. he cant run like cr7 .and more you know that messi fans / but your still comparing messi with ronaldo . cr7 is the best in the history. hala mardid

  136. Yes Says:

    Watch out for 3 wise men master mismeric mesiless messi cancelor spanish hero iniesta and last but the least th gr8t magician in the meldfild xavi

  137. farhan Says:

    ronaldo and kaka is best in the world

  138. john blue Says:

    messi 36 for season so far, ronaldo 29.
    messi also has more assists and look at the amount of pen’s ronaldo’s had be realistic people, ronaldo’s a great player but messi is and always will be number one.

  139. shafiq Says:

    who says messi is the best is only barcelona player.why he cant leave the barce because he know that he is zero witn out barca. he dont show his skills and goals in argentina.he heading,shooting,free kicks,running and also penalty kicks are very weak if we campare it with ronaldo.CR7 is a perfect player.he shows all skills in man utd and real and made records on every level.he made his club best.he is a machine of scoring goals.fifa plz campare every skills of ronaldo and messi then u will decide messi is less than ronaldo.

  140. Yaayo Says:

    Well I really don’t know, why some people talk rubbish..U know Christiano Ronaldo(Portgal),Luiz Nazalio Delima Ronaldo(Brazil)& Ronaldinho Gaucho are the most and ever best players I have seen so far. They do switch clubs and everywhere they do go, they really show the Charisma they’ve gotten or have. Messi, Just can’t be at one place for others to be praising him..Look if he (Messi) really knows he is a good footballer and can win trophies Just as Christiano Ronaldo did with Manchester, becoming the first and only footballer to have won the world best player in England.He (Messi) should first do it with Argentina and then Change a Club before I will and can see the kind or qualities he has in Him as a player.

  141. Ohaque Says:

    It’s just the half of the league. They have to run another half. Any thing can be happen. But most selfish player like Ronaldo can make the highest goals record of this season. Spanish football not for him. he have to fly Italy or again in England. Also with his club coach.

  142. Ishant Says:

    Messi suck he is foolish

  143. Black Says:

    Messi is the best in the world and I bet he will win the ballon d’or for 5 times…Pele please stop hating Messi c’os everyone knows he is better than you and C Ronaldo together.

  144. rohith S Says:

    who is messi ,he is nothing with out co-players ,but CR7 is an indivisual player,no one can handle the pace,heat&power of one scored more goal before CR7 signs to real he was awarded golden boot.this is the best exm for messi fans.

  145. rohith S Says:

    Real Madrid 12 players 25 titles,Barcelona 10players 11 titles ,this is Pichichi Trophy for more indivisual goals done by club players,so Real madrid players are best ever

  146. muhidini salehe zungo Says:

    hi guys?, to me messi is the best than any player in the world for this generation. Yet ronaldo is good but messi is better than ronaldo and indeed, try to compare the goals that each of them scores, then you will realize thatgoals that are scored by messi are very skillfull that what scored by ronaldo. In addition, the issue of messi to perform better in barca but almost poor at barcelona is the issue of responsibilities at the fiels given by the coach and also the kind of players that he is plying with in the national team and in barca, are they equal?, Also the fact that messi scores most while in barcelona because there are some good players, it is true there is xavi, dani alves and the like, but messi him self is the leading player for assisting others to score in barcelona. Moreover, why only messi is scoring more than others in barcelona while there are other strikers in barcelona?, the truth is that messi himself is a good player and heavily talented by the creator of the universe. For example, Thiery herry did not get more success while he was iat barcelona and even ibrahimovic.
    Indeed, for the case of guardiolla it is not true that barcelona is performing well because of good players only but also his professionalism of teaching football because having good players is a neccessary condition for the success of the team butnot a sufficient contributor of the success of the team. For example, Ivory coast is a good team as far as good talented players is concern but it is not performing to its best comparing to tghekind of players it has.What can I say is thatto cook a cake is not a matter of having each and everything that is needed to cook a cake but also it needs a qualified person who can cookit at best, and if you arenot capable of cooking a cake then you will end up with a bad cake eventhough you have everthing required to cook a good cake. Therefore guardiola knows how to combine the players of barcelona so asto get good results. MESSI IS THE BEST PLAYER THAN RONALDO BUTRONALDO IS THE BEST PLAYERS THAN ANY PLAYER IN THE WORLD FOR THIS GENERATION EXCEPT THE GUY OF THE GUY, THE BEST OF THE BEST AMONG PLAYERS IN WORLD”LIONELL ANDRE MESSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII”

  147. Aifuwa Says:

    I am manut fan think c ronaldo is the best because he have done great things for beni manut and he is still doing it for madrid

  148. taofeeq Says:

    c. Boy is the man to do it lets view it b4 ronaldo get to r. Madrid is there any one compare with messi not until dat boy get to madrid he is man to give kudos Ronaldo is the one to make our next world best cus its a worth

  149. wendy Says:

    Niggas shut your mouth..Messi mite be ð best player rite nw,bt ronaldo is a better scorer dan messi will eva be.he took ð ward last year,wat was messi doin?.he’s already makin n breakin records in a league where messi has been playin,dat shows he’s a grt player,messi wnt mk such a success in any oda league,dnt b deceived.Ronaldo made he’s mark in England n is also doin dat nw in spain.I dare Messi 2 move,lehs see if he’ll b ð best player y’all claim he is.and messi is only dis gud cos he plays in barca,alongside oda gud anti-ronaldos shut your hole,you call a mouth.

  150. hardey Says:

    mercy is a talented player i know he will set an unbetable record for years to come

  151. samson ayaxman Says:

    my home boy christiano ronaldo will definitely will it again. he is a multipurpose player anyday anytime. messi is gud but is fortunate 2 b playin in a beta team wit gud supporting players.

  152. samson ayaxman Says:

    christiano ronaldo will definitely win it again, he is a multipurpose player. messi is gud but luck 2 b playing in a gud team wit gud supporters.

  153. MK08 Says:

    Ronaldo doesnt dribble players like Messi, Ronaldo just kicks the ball and run past them, he doesnt got the same technique as Messi. Messi won more Ballon d’ors, 3x Champions league, much more titles then Ronaldo. He is 2 years younger then Ronaldo…………….. Everyone say Messi never won anything with Argetina, tell me what Portugal won with Cristiano Ronaldo…they came 2nd after Denmark in the Euro qualification stage. LOL! I know that 90% here post the player they like or team they support, mostly Madrid/Barca. But if you ask 100 neutral people most of them consider Messi the best. Ronaldo is in no way more talented then Messi. If you watch how many Madrid players run after Messi when he have the ball its 3-4 players trying to take the ball. When Ronaldo has it he got max 2 Barca players targeting him. Be realistic.

  154. RENNIE Says:


  155. RENNIE Says:

    el classico copa del rey match cr7 scored 2 goals,24 in league in 20 matchs,but messi not even one 22 in league in 20 matches.who is best”cr7″,dont even think negetive abt ronaldo

  156. sam Says:

    let me tell all one is a game which requires all eleven players to do well to a team to win.and every player in the world has his own time when he plays well.when christiano played and scored maximum goals playing for manchester utd. who knew about messi.time changes.those who are shouting messi may see even a better player rising……..this is just a matter of time……… the end of the day making goal is the main thing in soccer…how one do it only comes secondary…dribble or intentionally falling to gain a free kick…so stop all these nonsense and enjoy the game.

  157. Bomge pari Says:

    Ronaldo is the best he will be the top scorer this year also

  158. muhidini salehe zungo Says:

    Ronaldo takes each penalt that madrid gets in the game. Currently, ronaldo is the top scorer and he has already scored 24 goals but 7 goals out of the 24 goals he scored through penalties.However, lionell messi has already scored 22 goals and only 2 out of 22 goals were scored through penalties. The net goals for ronaldo after correcting by the penalties he scored are 17 while for messi is 20. This shows that messi is a real scorer in the sense that small proportion of the goals he scores are through penalties unlike ronaldo.

  159. DEBASISH07 Says:

    ronaldo is going hit the table once again………………………

  160. varun Says:

    who is he world’s best player in last 3 yrs offcourse he is THE GREATEST OF ALL THE ONLY ”LIONEL MESSI” he is better than all the players on this planet and far more talented than c.ronaldo,,,and i know that he is going to win this time.

  161. Mufty nani Says:

    Simply C ronaldo is de best…no matter how mess play ball…..ronaldo stil de best…..go go C R 7…

  162. Mufty nani Says:

    Go Cr 7

  163. Olaniyi olaleke Says:

    Messi is the best player in the world. I sure, messi(10) will win the award this season.

  164. Sabza05 Says:

    Quite oviass! It only took 3 seasons cr7 to break a record that was set about 4/5 decades where as Messi has about 8 seasons in LaLiga but still is not even close to breaking the Pichichi record set by Di Stefano let alone by the football God CR7

  165. nyn Says:

    ronaldo is the best……………….

  166. nyn Says:

    messi is a ordinary player i think . if anybody have any doubt about cr7 skills then just see his over step,speed,ball control,free kicks,driblings and also his pure and wonderful penalties on you tube it can prove everything ……because cr7 is one and only and messi is ordinary like others footballers………….OK………bye…….

  167. galenas Says:

    pondites will soon realise that leo messi is somewhat a fabrication of the media with overblown performance. I believe his contributions to his teams’ successes cannot match c. ronaldo’s. and about the pitchichi this season do not bet on messi cos cr7 will back it again and r madrid will win the title. Those who are blind in their rating of fc barcelona are advised to take a closer look at the table and full statistics of laliga table, may be ronaldo’s prophet of doom will start becoming objective. they are on a steady decline. mourhino is still the best tactician in the world of mordern football. i challenge fifa to in the future take a more critical apparaisal of these two guys with only the facts of the case.

  168. martin Says:

    You dumb bastards that dont appreciate ronaldo fuck you! Dont hate on the guy just cause hes better than you and will always be better. Guys like @Razak Samson just prove to society how much of jealous bastards they are.

  169. Juninho Says:

    Ronaldo only has more penalties because he’s a real finisher and knows how to score them. Not like messi which has less penalties because he’s missed 7 just this season, which a real finisher wouldn’t let those go.

  170. mesafint Says:

    ronaldo is the best than messi

  171. Sir Cleva Says:

    C R7 is d best dat i eva c in my live,cos he is ALL in ONE In term of all dis things.
    Jump power
    Scoring. nd evry tin C boy is d best

  172. Soul10 Says:

    ronaldo neve score when d team ned it most acpt d last final of copa delray bt messi alwayz there 4 d team!! score when needed..ronaldo is an super player bt messi iz d 1 who iz more that him!! in future more better player than Cr7 n lm10 bt now messi iz best in futbal world!! thats all my thought guyzz!!

  173. maxmad Says:

    tumhari maa ka chud madarchodo, tumhari gand mey lund dalu “RAJNIKANTH” iz da best! baki sab chutiye hai Ronaldo aur messi rajnikanth ke lund pey latak teh hai.

  174. sachin Says:

    hey ronaldo is the best player without doubt
    messi is a good player but not as ronaldo is with his
    skills and his rockets kicks and his ability to take the ball
    from one post to another

  175. anthony Says:

    Razat samson do u have six leg at one foot or do peoples know u in soccer as a player never let me tell u christiano his problem is only attitude but afterall he is perfect in football

  176. souvik Says:


  177. Maddy john Says:

    Messi is the current best player in the world.. N he deserves to be FIFA PLAYER OF THE YEAR.. He has done it hattrick.. Hats off to him.. Messi is best at dribling, passing, finishing.. And all u need is those qualities.. But Cristiano is just better at those skills.. But his kicks are best.. Sometimes those kicks also falter;) messi involves in team game to maximum extent compared to cristiano, he’s not selfish to score goals unlike ronaldo.. That’s why i like him .. N the best thing is, even if there are 8-10 guys defending he can get through that army n can finish it well to score.. The world says Ronaldo is great, Messi is greatest..:)

  178. Masawudu Says:

    Stupid people wil b oly tinkin dat messi cannot play in different country…players like david silver,Torres ,Aguaro and co are al playing well in england.,the same messi can also do what he is doing in spain in anyother country like england,spain ,italy and germany…messi is d best player in d world and the greatest player on dis earth…even c.ronaldo hav said it so only stupid and blatant people wil only ronaldo to his master Andres lionel messi the talisman.

  179. Masawudu Says:

    Stupid people wil only compare ronaldo to messi…messi is best n greatest player on dis earth…ronaldo should be compared to liverpool andy carrol and chelsea lukaku…messi wl b crown d wrld bst 5times in a roll.

  180. Fahiz Noori Says:

    Ronaldo is the best player not only in laliga but in all fotball clubs

  181. Gman Says:

    all you haters of ronaldo,,,,,fuck you.You cant do shit on the field and yet you criticize a world class player.Can you score even a penalty dumb fools.

  182. madrid Says:

    the officials gives too much support for messi. ronaldo have more fans cos he is a real quality player, unlike messi. fifa officials are making a big mistake in giving messi too much support.. WHAT IF MESSI PLAY FOR ANOTHER CLUB WHERE THERE IS NO XAVI, INIESTA, VILLA AND ALL OTHER SPANISH GIANT PLAYER???? can’t imagine!!!!!!! CR7 always rock!!!!!!!

  183. bobval Says:

    if you think about good foot ball them messi is the best football in the world he is a player to watch in every mach cause if you stop him not to score then he will make a fablous pass to goal.people say ronaldo leave club to another club and he prove wel not knowing that he move hardship to reachman ronaldo is good. But messi is the best in the history of football trust me

  184. chapzo Says:

    stupid ple i dont blem u ple messi cary on gud boy

  185. david Says:

    well,i love the both of them….

  186. Haji Musa Says:

    the both of them are good bt make u no say mess na baba bt for nw i never can tell but who the cap feet let him wear.

  187. owusu andrews panyin Says:

    messi is da best of these millenium…fc barca is da best team of all..

  188. James Says:

    Cr7 the best

  189. khampha Says:

    Messi is passed good time he was the best for three years But this year he is not good as he was So this year is Ronaldo’s year

  190. Olatunde Says:

    U say messi but he can only dribble and score but ronaldo can run, dribble,score,head,play freekick, plays shot, and lots more so what skill are u now saying he is learning. Ronaldo can act as a one man machine and at d same time do team work. But una messi na only team wore he sabi and that is becos of xavi and ineista. Remove bot of them and there will be no messi isnt it glaring.

  191. Daniel Says:

    Ronaldo only cares about skills he doesnt no what teamplay means he is giraffe cunt.
    Messi holds ball with him and he cant control almost all goal for barcelona are his he knows what he is doing he keep his head up :D

  192. Dotun Says:

    Only blinds and fools compare messi with a self playing player who want all ball to himself. Messi and suppress in some simple area on d field u done need to compare a humble guy to an arrogant person u don’t need to compare a guy dat ‘ll score a goal n celebrity it by Thanking God and a guy guy dat ‘ll a goal n start looking 4 media not to talk abt d field of play. Messi continue d good work God as sent u.God knows y dere a messi and a c ronaldo it him c r is a kind of proud and arrogant.dose who say c r is better dan mess let them judge themselves in fearness and see who is better on d field,character and self respect 4 human being.

  193. samueljoo Says:

    Ronaldo is the best to me and will always be the best all our fans

  194. Lambert Obizie Says:

    To start with, Minus 10 penalties scored by C.Ronaldo = 17 goals, also minus 2 penalties scored by Messi = 21goals, on that Regards, I’m still saying that Messi will win it again, he is a natural football prayer, not with power and muscle.

  195. Mrs Clara Says:

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  196. nelson Says:

    cristiano u r the best. vittey the one who commented and ofended ronaldo. listng to m:go to say fuck for yo family. cobarde.
    ronaldo u r the BEST.

  197. Austine Solomon Says:

    Season 2011/2012

    Spanish Supercup 1st leg
    Real Madrid 2 – 2 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Villa, Messi
    Assist: Messi

    Spanish Supercup 2nd leg
    FC Barcelona 3 – 2 Real Madrid
    Goals: Iniesta, Messi(x2)
    Assists: Messi, Pique, Adriano

    UEFA Supercup
    FC Barcelona 2 – 0 Porto
    Goals: Messi, Fabregas
    Assist: Messi

    La Liga – Jornada 2
    FC Barcelona 5 – 0 Villareal
    Goals: Thiago, Fabregas, Alexis, Messi(x2)
    Assists: Messi, Iniesta, Thiago(x2)

    La Liga – Jornada 3
    Real Sociedad 2 – 2 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Xavi, Fabregas
    Assist: Alexis

    UCL – Group stage – Game 1
    FC Barcelona 2 – 2 AC Milan
    Goals: Pedro, Villa
    Assist: Messi

    La Liga – Jornada 4
    FC Barcelona 8 – 0 CA Osasuna
    Goals: Messi (x3), Villa (x2), Fabregas, Xavi, O.g.
    Assists: Fabregas (x3), Messi (x2), Alves, Abidal

    La Liga – Jornada 5
    Valencia 2 – 2 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Pedro, Fabregas
    Assists: Messi (x2)

    La Liga – Jornada 6
    FC Barcelona 5 – 0 Atletico de Madrid
    Goals: Villa, Messi (x3), O.g.
    Assists: Xavi, Villa

    UCL – Group Stage – Game 2
    BATE Borisov 0 – 5 FC Barcelona
    Goals: O.g., Pedro, Messi(x2), Villa
    Assist: Villa, Alves, Thiago

    La Liga – Jornada 7
    Sporting Gijon 0 – 1 FC Barcelona
    Goal: Adriano

    La Liga – Jornada 8
    FC Barcelona 3 – 0 Racing Santander
    Goals: Messi(x2), Xavi
    Assists: Iniesta, Pedro

    UCL – Group Stage – Game 3
    FC Barcelona 2 – 0 FC Viktoria Plzen
    Goals: Iniesta, Villa
    Assists: Messi

    La Liga – Jornada 9
    FC Barcelona 0 – 0 Sevilla FC

    La Liga – Jornada 10
    Granada CF 0 – 1 FC Barcelona
    Goal: Xavi

    La Liga – Jornada 11
    FC Barcelona 5 – 0 RCD Mallorca
    Goals: Messi(x3), Cuenca, Dani Alves
    Assists: Adriano(x2), Dani Alves, Messi

    UCL – Group Stage – Game 4
    FC Viktoria Plzen 0 – 4 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Messi(x3), Fabregas
    Assists: Adriano, Cuenca, Pique

    La Liga – Jornada 12
    Athletic Bilbao 2 – 2 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Fabregas, Messi
    Assist: Abidal

    CDR – Round of 16 – 1st leg
    L´Hospitalet 0 – 1 FC Barcelona
    Goal: Iniesta
    Assist: Fabregas

    La Liga – Jornada 13
    FC Barcelona 4-0 Zaragoza
    Goals: Pique, Messi, Puyol, Villa
    Assists: Xavi, Fabregas, Keita, Cuenca

    UCL – Group Stage – Game 5
    AC Milan 2 – 3 FC Barcelona
    Goals: O.G., Messi, Xavi
    Assist: Messi

    La Liga – Jornada 14
    Getafe 1 – 0 FC Barcelona

    La Liga – Jornada 17
    FC Barcelona 4 – 0 Rayo Vallecano
    Goals: Alexis(x2), Villa, Messi
    Assists: Xavi(x2), Alves(x2)

    La Liga – Jornada 15
    FC Barcelona 5 – 0 Levante
    Goals: Cesc(x2), Cuenca, Messi, Alexis
    Assists: Iniesta(x2), Xavi, Alves, Messi

    UCL – Group stage – Game 6
    FC Barcelona 4 – 0 BATE Borisov
    Goals: Sergi Roberto, Montoya, Pedro(x2)
    Assists: Pedro, Cuenca(x2)

    La Liga – Jornada 16
    Real Madrid 1 – 3 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Alexis, Marcelo (o.g.), Fabregas
    Assists: Messi, Alves

    Fifa Club World Club – Semifinal
    Al-Sadd 0 – 4 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Adriano(x2), Keita, Maxwell
    Assists: Thiago(x2), Messi

    Fifa Club World Cup – Final
    Santos FC 0 – 4 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Messi(x2), Xavi, Fabregas
    Assists: Xavi, Alves(x2)

    CDR – Round of 16 – 2nd leg
    FC Barcelona 9 – 0 L’Hospitalet
    Goals: Pedro, Iniesta, Thiago(x2), Xavi, Tello(x2), Cuenca(X2)
    Assists: Fabregas(x3), Tello, Sergi Roberto

    CDR – 1/8 First Leg
    FC Barcelona 4 – 0 Osasuna
    Goals: Fabregas(x2), Messi(x2)
    Assists: Xavi(x3), Fabregas

    La Liga – Jornada 18
    RCD Espanyol 1 – 1 FC Barcelona
    Goal: Fabregas
    Assist: Alves

    CDR – 1/8 Second Leg
    Osasuna 1 – 2 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Alexis, S.Roberto
    Assists: Adriano, Messi

    La Liga – Jornada 19
    FC Barcelona 4 – 2 Real Betis
    Goals: Xavi, Messi, Alexis, Messi(p.k.)
    Assists: Alexis, Xavi

    Copa del Rey – 1/4 1st leg
    Real Madrid 1 – 2 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Puyol, Abidal
    Assists: Xavi, Messi

    La Liga – Jornada 01 (postponed game)
    Malaga 1 – 4 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Messi (x3), Alexis
    Assist: Adriano

    Copa del Rey – 1/4 2nd leg
    FC Barcelona 2 -2 Real Madrid
    Goals: Pedro, Daniel Alves
    Assist: Messi

    La Liga – Jornada 21
    Villarreal 0 – 0 FC Barcelona

    Copa del Rey – Semifinal 1st leg
    Valencia FC 1 – 1 FC Barcelona
    Goal: Puyol
    Assist: Fabregas

    La Liga – Jornada 22
    FC Barcelona 2 -1 Real Sociedad
    Goals: Tello, Messi
    Assists: Messi, Alves

    Copa del Rey – Semifinal 2nd leg
    FC Barcelona 2 – 0 Valencia CF
    Goals: Fabregas, Xavi
    Assists: Messi, Fabregas

    La Liga – Jornada 23
    Osasuna 3 – 2 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Alexis, Tello
    Assists: Cuenca, Fabregas

    UCL – 1/8 1st leg
    Bayer Leverkusen 1 – 3 FC Barcelona
    Goals: Alexis(x2), Messi
    Assists: Messi, Fabregas, Alves

    La Liga – Jornada 24
    FC Barcelona 5 – 1 Valencia
    Goals: Messi(x4), Xavi
    Assists: Pedro, Abidal, Busquets
    misse is dat best payer

  198. biswa pratp Says:

    messi is a dumb ass,he is forgetting that he is a kid,and his father is christiano ronaldo.he cant reach the skill level and goal scoring level even if it takes him 100 yrs.ronaldo is the most richest,handsome and popular footballer,so every one envies and hate him.but doing this will not change ronaldo.he was,he is and he will be the best n will remain the no. 1 footballer the world has ever seen,not like messi,missing easy penalties.

  199. ABEL (aka. ACCRA) Says:

    If you say messi is the best, have u wander why 1 – He has never moved from barca? 2 – Why he cann’t even make any impact playing for his country (ARGENTINA), 3 – Why he could not win the highest goal scorer last season? This are some of the quality C-BOY has over MESSI. C-BOY dont mine them u are everly the BEST and the best u will remain.

  200. Kambiz Says:

    both play cristano ronaldo and lional messi is the best player in the world.becaes it messi is top player 2010-2211 and ronaldo is second top player in the world.

  201. erick Says:

    men fuck yall haters on cristiano ronaldo i bet if cristiano was in barcerlona every body would say omg hes the best bitches ya motherfukers wound say shit but like cristiano is the best he dont need to start in no mother fucking bad ass club he got to madrid because off his talent dont fucking hate bitches. cristiano is the best. i bet if ya change cristiano into messis shit ya would think diffrent if cristiano would play for barca and messi would off started to play with manchester there would be a diffrence ya would say messi sucks and shit. am a player i play golie and mid fielder and trust me messi is good but because he is in barcelona but cristiano ronaldo is better because he dont need any other player to make him look good bitches. messi is a good player because in barcelona you have a xavi ,a iniesta that can play a dani alves a puyol and shit. thats y messi is good. but other hands cristiano can play by him self yes he is selfish and stuff but he is good so dnt hate on a player that makes his name be hert around the world by him self ok stick to realistic shit cristiano is better than messi and no lies messsi is a good player belive that but cristiano ronaldo is way much better so plz stop with all the gay shit ya say o messi is better he is not he is just at a better team with better teamaits. cristiano is better because he is the best. and ya now what if ya want to be the best you have to take on the best. cristiano ronaldo……….

  202. jatin Says:

    messi a far better player than ronaldo
    saying this because ronaldo scores his 27 out of which 10 are penalties
    and messi scores his 23 out of which 2 r penalties

  203. jatin Says:

    messi a far better player than ronaldo
    saying this because ronaldo scores his 27 out of which 10 are penalties
    and messi scores his 23 out of which 2 r penalties

  204. solomon bonny Says:

    ronaldo is d best



  206. MARTIN THE KING Says:


  207. wazzy Says:

    lionel messi is da best man for da pichichi award come 2012

  208. iaishan Says:

    messi is a floop player in the world kip it up c.ronaldo

  209. Ahmed Says:


  210. Mohammed Rahil Says:

    Messi rocks and Ronaldo sucks……….

  211. shalton Says:

    C.R is 1 of the most talented player i hv ever seen in my entire life u simply cannot comper him wit l.mess,i totally agree wit C.R fans that if messi moves to other clubs he wont be the same messi that he is now for braca things r goin to be different for him new players,new coach n if luck goes wit him then i shud say that he is special but for C.R he is special bcoz he has proved himself werever he has played so for me C.R is the best n will be the best among the best

  212. Midorich Says:

    Messi was given d motto MESSILESS not just by gain saying, but 4 is everlasting potentials, but i only see ronaldo as a RUNNING HORSE on d field. And really i dont blame u faggot dat said Messi dont perform 4 is country i think we all witness d 3-0 international friendly where he scored a hat-trick, now can anybody tell me some of d tallies ronaldo has won 4 his country who couldn’t score against Poland. U guys really av to watch el classico to view d comparison of d 2 player both on supersport,hi soccer or even sites lyke e.t.c…And 4 does of you saying he cant perform in another club i would refer u to go and browse about d history(biography) of lionel messi…Dere u will see he was brought to barca by his father at age 8 becos of his medical condition and only barca was ready to pay 4 his treatment per-month…Who thought he would become a God of soccer lyke dis, so d difference is clear and dont be sentimental…

  213. ago Says:

    if anybody out there hates ronaldo then hes forgot to face reality. messi is a fine player but he needs to prove that by going and playing in the epl. ronaldo was there and won the world best player- never happened before. his selfishness on the field is his power! that is whjt makes him great! his ability to convert penalties is worth talking about. how many players can take penalties and dont miss like ronaldo. when they say serious strikers dont score penalties then they dont know what they say. ask Ghana, anytime gyan fails to convert a penalty and what it costs them. ronaldo is enjoying only his second season in the la and has already broken the 38 goals record by hugo sanchez. over 5 years messi has been playing in la liga and hasnt been able to do that and u wanna tell me he’s better than ronaldo, oh come on!! messi can only play for barca; but ronaldo could even move on to another club and still be good.

  214. TOBI Says:


  215. ABAYOMI Says:


  216. LAKAN Says:


  217. TOBI Says:


  218. THIMOTY Says:


  219. TOBI Says:


  220. THIMOTY Says:


  221. TOBI Says:


  222. sakib Says:

    Ronaldo is more better than Leo messi.Ronaldo should win that.

  223. Eliya Says:

    Messi has a better scoring record than Ronaldo because most of his goals are from open play where as ronaldo has 10 goals from penalties and messi with only two penalties and 2 goals behind Ronaldo, all in all they are both Great players.

  224. libo Says:

    ronaldo has like 10 penalties?!!!!!!!!

  225. One United Says:

    Christiano Ronaldo is Good at all level (Both Club, Country and others) but Messi is Good in Barca without Xavi & Inesta Messi is no were to be found… Thanks to Spanish Team/Boys for Messi Life….. Messi Prove yourself by winning something your country…. Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Kaka and all other Brazil World Footballers has done it for their country..
    Messi for your route now….. No level for u

  226. kwalz Says:

    u all say Ronaldo scores just penalties. well, whose fault is it dat messi keeps missin penaltyz? Messi is great but wen would he realise he needs anoda challenge? i guarantee u he would be anoda Fernando Torres if he leaves barca. if not, he sud proove d world wrong

  227. thangjakov Says:

    Dear anonymous Mr LV, performing well in many clubs n team does not mean the player is the greatest. Unlike any top players who play for the money, Messi does not. He is very much loyal to Barcelona and because of his devoted passion for football and loyalty to his club, he does not have a price. In short he is priceless, not for sale. To him Barcelona is like a family which had adopted him since he was a kid by footing his unaffordable medical bill for hormone deficiency which would otherwise left him stunted.
    If you look at the goals scored by Ronaldo, a huge amount of it came from penalties awarded by the dubious ruling of the referee who give into the theatrics of Real Madrid players.
    Unlike Messi who does not get into verbal argument in the pitch, Ronaldo does get into nasty argument and shows dissent. Messi donates generously and has his own Organization to help the needy.
    If you say Ronaldo is greater than Messi in soccer, then you may be right for like minded people like you. But Messi is great overall considering his humanity, simplcity, timidity. Because of all these, more people in this world will look up to Messi for Inspiration because of his charisma.

  228. MR TEE Says:

    Rolando has always a better player than messi.but due to some wrong stuff classification, they choose messi. hahahahaha

  229. Samson Samoranofmajor Says:

    Cr7 is the best player.

  230. barcelona fuck Says:

    Messi is the only country fucker, strugle to score goal for his country,, use to be messi fan but now i like to go toilet if i saw messi playing…. C.Ronaldo is best

  231. todeh Says:

    FIFA showed us the best player and totally agree with Head body of football association….as far as concern abt highest scorer in la-liga,i guess RONALDO may win this season…

  232. Wole Says:

    Those who compare Ronado toMessi make greatest mistake in life. This is Messi’s season not Ronado’s Season.

  233. 89bind Says:

    ronaldo is penalties top scorer

  234. pavanmitra Says:

    I think cr7 is d best player in d world…..!!!
    bcoz his great speed,excellent freekicks,n his ball control with his 2 legs…where as messi always plays with his left leg,n his team players are good players n they help messi to score but in rm d coodination is not gud…..

  235. mark s.series Says:

    hey to the world greatest the player ever on planet earth is Leonel Messi,he very well than your C. RONALDO ,look at the end of the spanish la liga my messi will the highest goal scorer in the league.thank the almighty God who above all gods will all way guard Barcelona and messi in the world,victory victory to Barcelona in both champion league,copa d la rey and la liga.

  236. ekene Says:

    Y is it dat people always say he should go out from barca and go to posmoth did ronaldo play in dat kind of club?ok y did ronaldo not play for swansea let’s see how gud he is

  237. iaker Says:

    this is for all who goes on 2 compare messi n rona…Let me tell u all the first basic point both have been super flop in the biggest stage of football World Cup till now..So better all of u keep out of calling any of this players the best or the greatest ever footballer…comin 2 rona n messi, its practically unfair to take the credit away from messi simply by saying that he plays for barca alongside the demons of midfield like Xavi Iniesta Fabregas or any of the barca team mates or so called the best ever Spanish national team…messi has his own repertoire making lots of space for himself and has outdone many teams n even rona when they clashed..but never forget messi is literally a one footed recisely a left footed player…but rona is both footed player as he proved in his days with man utd on the right and now for real mad on the left…rona has not played many a games completely as a striker just as messi does….they both play for 2 grt teams full of top players with records of both almost swapping each other forget who is takin the penalties for if messi doesnot take its not the fault of rona and vice versa…but for conclusion i would rate nd like all football lovers to credit rona simply for his all round ability keeping aside the num of personel milestone one has achived…to conclude keep watching both the magicians…hail football

  238. Juggarnut Says:

    First off, this won’t probably be read by many cos it’s way down. That said, I want to say I write this piece not as a fan of any bt as a football fan with an open mind. The Ronaldo/Messi rivalry is so strong and up there and even the two of them ain’t helping matters as they keep scoring day in day out. Ronaldinho is the most skillful player to av ever played the game, C Ronaldo would av bn the best player in the world were he to av come in a different era. Messi, is nt the best player in the world. He is arguably the best player to av ever played the game. I av read a lot of comments and personal opinions. It is very wrong to say Ronaldo is better cos he has played in more than one club and proven to be the best at all of them. Is Sir Ferguson not a good coach? Did Messi nt win the under 21 world cup? Was that nt a national team? When u consider Messi’s height and the fact that he is prolific in every dept. he is truly the best ever. Without sentiments this piece is actually my honest personal opinion. For laughs, ask the goal stoppers they torment who the best is. Trust me it’s definitely gonn be HIM. The (Messi)less Lion(el)

  239. Java west Says:

    We should not get angry bt I really love Ronaldo so much to the extent that I always say he is the best . i dont even check how good mess is am sorry I love ronaldo

  240. Kazeem Says:

    Messi is a local brat while ronaldo is world nd intercontinental hero

  241. buba Says:

    ronaldo is a goal mahen

  242. Agu sharma Says:

    Now Cr7 has has proved himself in two of the world’s leading club i.e. MU & RM, which is a feat messi’ll neva achieve, messi may be gud in la liga but he might not be in EPL, moreover cr7 has an all time scoring average of 1.29 which is far more better than messi’s 0.73.

  243. Nomi Mir Says:

    Well u compare ronaldo with messi (Mickey Mouse)… Take Inesta & Xavi out of his game he z shit… I bet that he call Inesta & Xavi on his weeding night coz he can’t perform without them…..

  244. JACK Says:


  245. nyn Says:

    How can a player leave a club when the club is okay for him…. 4 dos dat are saying MESSI shld lv BARCA to oda club…i wil say u mis it….. Wht abt Ronney….Gerard….Scholes..Giggs… John Terry..etc do dy lv dea club ….no bcoz dy enjoy d club….. nd abt d acheivement 4 dos of u dat ar saying Messi is an Ordinary pezin ….if MESSI stp playing football today cnt ever reach his acheive till u die…… CR7 IS a good player but MESSI is d BEST ever……. We ve dos people out dea dat can break welah but Micheal Jackson is exceptional among them dat is why dey call him KING OF POP ….it also implies to MESSI KING OF FOOTBALL…………….. UP BARCA BLUE SCARLET 4 EVER

  246. eliah Says:

    Lionel Messi will win the pichichi for thid time.

  247. george iwueke Says:

    messi is the utimate and world best i luv messi he can dribble score,he can pass ball, he is the god of sccocer.

  248. prince Says:


  249. Eblizzy Says:

    Y on earth are we comparing messi and ronaldo?we no dey are both great player…despite ronldo has played 4 four clubs means noting…messi is d best player on planet earth…i see no reason y u guy compare ronaldo wit king messi…ronaldo body is nt natural,he is build by a machine…messi is build by GOD send from above…morova,messi has won d world best player 3times nw.and ronaldo just won u…most of ronaldo goals aqe penalty…i neva said sonaldo is nt a gud player o…but messi is far far beta dan him…messi has broke many records dis year…

  250. Ak money. Says:

    I tnk c.ronaldo is the best and records breaker.(1) youngest captain in d world at the age of 22yrs,(2) he broke d highest goal scorer in d world in man united,(3)he went 2 real and broke d laliga highest goal score & he rebroke his world highest goal scorer again(4) d same hattrik with messi frm 2009 & he met him there(5) last yr dcemba b4 holiday he play 112 games 111 goals i think is the best.

  251. kieran dainty Says:

    a third of ronaldo’s goals have been penalties this season, and messi has only had three! ronaldo never turns up in big games, lionel messi’s stats in big games are 2 and a half times better than ronaldo’s as they showed on revista de la liga, ronaldo is a selfish player and only plays for himself and goes to the gorund at any opportunity like a little girl, where as messi gets hacked down to the ground and still gets up and runs with the ball!! messi is more consistent and a complete player there is no arguement to who is better here for me!! messi has scored 133 goals in 121 games now, hes does the business week in week out.

  252. Samuel osei kelvin Says:

    Cr7 is de best player on de planet, earth

  253. lucky Says:

    Cr-7 iz d best football player more than messi.

  254. aniko Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Rooney of man u, Terry of chelsea, and many others play who have almost all their carers with their respective clubs, and have not won world best. Now u can now see what i mean. secondly we have seen Man u wining premier league back to back and has spent 25 yrs and above in man u. why has he not won world best coach? can u also said the present bayern munich coach is not a coach who has coached different clubs with proof of records in all the clubs? people should not be bias in their comment. Ayodel did not carry out his research very well before post his comment. pls advise him to do just that.

  255. marthil louis Says:

    i just wanted to say messi is the best for ever , and no one will never beat his record.

  256. madridiasta Says:

    I love RealMadrid I hate Barceona

  257. Amal Michael Says:

    Well messi sucks,lets not compare that arse hole messi with the the greatest footballer of all time.It took that bitch messi 8 seasons to score 200+ goals in la liga whereas it took ronaldo only 2 seasons to score 100+ goals in la liga.Ronaldo has scored 32 goals at international level whereas messi has only scored only 22 goals for his nation.Christiano Ronaldo has scored 254 times at club level at club level whereas messi has scored only 235 times at club level.Ronaldo was the top scorer of the 2006 fifa world cup & guided his team to the semi finals.Ronaldo converts free kicks,penalties etc into goals while messi makes a complete mess of them.As you can see christiano ronaldo is way better than messi.Now to the people who say messi is better than christiano ronaldo:just fuck of arse holes.

  258. Keer' tan Lama Says:

    Messi is the best in World…. he achieved 3 time fifa player of the year in 2009,2010,n 2011 so we can say proudly messi is best in world

  259. will Says:

    ronaldo is the best in the world messi is crap poo head messi is just not good and real are better barca.

  260. Anih Francis Nnaemeka Says:

    CR9 is a good player but Messi is far better than him because Messi is more potential than christiano ronaldo because morinho is killing his career

  261. maro Says:

    For sure Messi is best player for now but Ronaldo is greater scorer. Ronaldo will win

  262. yash Says:

    Well certainly messi is not the greatest.Ronaldo is a complete player and he has played in many league unlike messi. ppl talk abt da number of penalties well de are part of the game and u need skill to convert those too.. so stop talking abt da ronaldo’s penalties. Ronaldo took just 2 season to complete his 100 plus goals in la liga….Messi dont even stand a chance…and those ppl who think messi is better de r just amateurs in football…Ronaldo is da best player anytime

  263. Ansar Mamun Says:

    Messi Rockssssss…..

  264. yash Says:

    For all I like Messi club….if Ronaldo Scores from penalty u ppl got problem ahh….check out how many goals messi scored in champions league on penalty….den bark abt it….Ronaldo is best!!! Messi is good bt not better dn ronaldo!!!!

  265. Atul Says:

    From India,
    I think that both players are best in there position but you can not compare C.Ronaldo with messi. Ronaldo is the best his tricks, skills,shooting ability.He is the best and no one can stop him for scoring the goals he is goal machine.So stand up and put your hands up and say rooooooooooonaaaaaaaldddooooooooooooo.

  266. ATUL Says:

    From India,
    C.ronaldo is the best he is the real hero football is not only about goals it is about talent and no one in the whole universe is as talented as C.Ronaldo.if you have still some problem in that so open youtube type C.Ronaldo skills and tricks and see those vedios i am sure you will also find that talent in him.RONALDO you are the best and all are your student i request you to teach Messi how to play football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. Imoh Udontah Says:

    C.ronaldo is a good player no doubt but it is unfortunate he(Ronaldo) came in the time of messi. Messi is the greatest player on the planet. Those that say messi can only play for barca are wrong. To be frank barca really helped messi when he(messi) needed them most by taking care of his hospital bill. So he can’t bite the fingers that fed him. But dat doesn’t mean he can go to another club and do well. Thank u readers.

  268. chakra Says:

    c. ronaldo best stricker in the world no body can say anithing about this but messi is the playmaker and stricker and masician forever in football game.may new generetion will give like them for us.

  269. Selfa Moses Bandi Says:

    Every body is entittle to his personal opinoins. The fact still remain that Lionel Messi of fc barca is undisputable the best player in the world compare to c. Ronaldo. Messi, single handedly took Argentine U20 to win world youth campionship in NetherLand 2005. Are there no other quality players in fc Barca? Who can be in form all the time? Why only messi alone? Since fc barca is rated the best club in the world because of the players’ pedigree. Leave messi alone! Fifa has never be sentimental in choosing the world best. I rest my case!

  270. M-kay Mishack Says:

    Messi mite b d world best player anybdy can tink of rite nw bt in terms of goals or pinchinchi award in la liga, i wil stil raise my boot up 4 C. Ronaldo 2 win it. Tk it or leave it

  271. M-kay Mishack Says:

    I luv madrid nd barca, doy dy ar lik cat nd rat dt neva agrees.i wil lik bot team 2share d awards nd trophies 4d season equaly. U win 2 nd i win 2, jos simple if posible

  272. raul Says:

    i would like 2 say, da game of soccer is not all about dodging and shooting… with dat no competition C. ronaldo is de best… but when it comes to teamwork messi is on his own other level!!
    it is not possible to compare these 2 stars… their both the best at their own games..!!
    Respect both of themm!!
    but at this point!! messi man!! 38 goals with 5 penalties but Ronaldo 37 goals with 10 penalties…
    Messi has more chances for the PICHICHI award!!

  273. dipesh acharya from nepal mathmandu Says:


  274. cyril Says:

    the two players C.Ronaldo and L.Messi are the best player in the world right now but i pray Messi wil the pichichi this time. UP BARCA

  275. Naseer Says:

    Hi Guys!!

    I am fan of fair and quality play not clubs and specific players..

    I am agree with those who say both Messi and Ronaldo are best. They both have qualities which are not deniable. Their style of play, positions, techniques and personality, constitute completely different scenarios. They have differences in their ages as well, Messi is 24 and Ronaldo 27. Professionally, so far as football playing is concerned which is discussed by football professionals, Messi has just started his professional stage while Ronaldo is in the middle of his professional career. This what the time will decide in the future. Ronaldo is very good with his direct approach, speed, penalties and physicality, and is a good finisher. While, Messi is more mid-fielder than a striker. He is master in dribbling with close angels. He is very good making orchestra of the game with his top mesmerizing quick passes and assists. Messi is very good in team-play. When it comes to the score line, He (Messi)can score more in open play not from spot kicks. He is physically not good and short in height. His (Messi’s) individual run is very fantastic, no one can be compared to this little Argentine in the world right now, which is real. However, Ronaldo is good in scoring but what can I say that only scoring will not deliver silver-wares, you have to be in quality to deliver. Sometimes, a team will score 6-0 or 7-0 to an opponent team but it cost only for the sake of 3 points in a game, then for another game, a draw or loss is not acceptable. While another team will score, 2-1 or 3-1 but they also winning the game, and if they show consistency, that’s good. What Real has lack that they reached to 100 goals in liga but in 5 recent decisive matches they drew 3 times which comes to only 4 points ahead of Barca, with an Elclassico in hand in Camp Nou. So, I think scoring is good but what is very important is to plan the match in the way to finally deliver something. FC Barcelona using the squad abilities planning the match with the way which most of the time they are a winning team amongst the others, and therefore, Lionel Messi is awarded 3 times consecutive golden ball winner. Competition is good to grow more but I request from all you readers and commentators that please be honest in your writings and comments, its not fair if someone is not professional in football, just emotionally reacting about the issues, its not fair for football as well. Support your players but by a realistic view which is acceptable for all. Forgive me for advising.



  276. Nxumalo Benele Says:

    Messi is the best. Ronaldo this, Ronaldo that but Messi is the best player of all times

  277. Nasser Riyami Says:

    To: Razak
    Do you know Ronaldo and just flush out you comments about him.
    Be a good sportman. Respect others and others will respect you

  278. timvincent Says:

    critiano is acomplete player than messi.from headers,freekicks,scoring,footworks and he has individaul briliance as to messi who relay on xavi and team mates.take messi to another team definatly he wont perform.look at how he plays for argentina he even wish he was a spaniard coz of what xavi does for him.he recived boos and eccoh during south american tournament,he didnt do ant thing for his team

  279. Autor Says:

    Messi is the best no matter that he just plays for only barca.
    Christiono follows messi no doubt.

  280. Maxi Says:

    Messi plays gud futball, ronaldo plays gud football, dey ar both record breakers, bt i immetate ronaldo on my daily fotball, lyk leg ova, d way he stands wen playin free kicks, and his shoot, he plays left n right perfectly, bt messi is a 1 leg man n he also plays good football…. Bt d fact is i enjoyin watchin ronaldo play dan messi.. That is to say, ronaldo is my personal favourite. I dont care 2 knw abt any barca fan… Anyway Manchester united for life.

  281. Messi Says:

    Have u guys ponderd if dey eva bort messi?if u dnt knw,i wl tell,he was neva bort.he developd in barca,but cr7 was dat messi has changd club z nt bcos he z scard,bt bcos he enjoys his team.he z nt evn entisd with money..also rememba dat pele dnt leave s.america n stl e z d greatest futbala eva.guys tnk.

  282. Irshad Says:

    Ronaldo is a good player.messi is a waste player.i hate messi.

  283. carter slade Says:

    do you know what makes a player complete?

    when a player is about to achieve his goal no matter how he is destructed.For that i liked Cristiano Ronaldo the most ,because his targets and goals are a hardwork of him ,while comparing to messi.Without the help of xavi and iniesta i don’t think messi can afford his place ever.Becuase they are the world’s largest soccer midfield magicians .I contradict that if higuin ,benzema ,ozil ,kaka and all real madrid players focus on one finishing player that is cristiano ,He will achieve three times than messi,but i can’t say that messi is foolish,he is a good player.Barcelona grew up messi into to a finite player.he deserves his ungiven prices.

  284. carter slade Says:

    did messi ever had a quality to shoot with both foots like cristiano ,my precious

  285. football fan Says:

    Messi is pretty fantastic for a human,as for ronaldo well,he’s not human.

  286. Clive Newengo Says:

    CR 7 gat 40 Goals followed by Higuein w 18
    Messi gat 39 Goals followed by Cesc w 6
    it means every1 at Barca z assisting Messi only
    and ts diffrent 4 Madrid…..CR7 e z man

  287. ganja Says:

    Frst most say both plyr r fantastic,we hear about Pele n deigo about How great they were in their eara.cristiano-messi is giving us more than we bargin for,to hve two of the greatest plyr in the same era is a blessings in the game Of fubal.evry1 hve their favourite playr cr7 is mine,if sum1 wnt to say messi is no problem to me cos evry1 entitled too their own opinion.what would ask all futbal lover to do is to Gve respect to bot plrs.

  288. Gold Says:


  289. zarul helmi bin zakaria Says:

    ronaldaooo.. the best player 2012

  290. ronaldo Says:

    ronaldo, the best

  291. Hh Says:

    What can i say,but to say both player are still yet to reach their peak..messi and cr7 scorings can eva eva b compare to Pele who score more than 100goal in a season,so they’ve got work to do….4me both messi and cr7 are fantanstic,but sentiment apart…as far messi exist cr7 wud alwayz find it difficult and dats whats happenin to him now…

  292. hussaini maitalata hassan Says:

    through critical observation, we understand that Lion Messi is the best player than C.Ronaldo, becouse Messi, unlike C.Ronaldo is not only scoring but also working in the midfielders and assist his team mates to score a goal. Sometimes even Xavi and Andres Iniesta does not do as well as Messi works in the midfield at large. While C.Ronaldo is selfishness player, becouse in most cases there alot of goals he suppose to give to his team mates to sc

  293. olusola owolabi Says:

    Never to compare the king leo messi,The three times world foot baller of the year with c ronaldo.Ronaldo is Gud among his team mate no doubt either in Man united or Real Mad but not in the World of foot ball.what I will like to add to correct my friend dat is compared messi & ronaldo,Don’t forget ronaldo score every is goal wit shot, ronaldo score 11 penalty this season, ronaldo is selfish player never compare the two. messi u wil collect world footballer more than six times, if u like it or not that is our own palava.Up barca

  294. Real Fan Says:

    cristiano is the best player in la liga, even your mom knows that? she’s a fan.

  295. Real Fan Says:

    cristiano is the best player in la liga even your mom knows that. she’s a fan!

  296. micheal dol Says:

    in my opinion messi must b the best player of the world compared to ronaldo…… cos he is so great in football technique, while ronaldo use much more power rather than messi…… Note it fri…..

  297. abhishek thakur Says:

    cristiano ronaldo is the best player in earth in my opinion messi is also best but he is bloody baster and not able to compaird c.ronaldo

  298. REAL MADRID Says:


  299. caron Says:

    Messi fans..try to undertsand that Cr7 only gave it to messi for a while because Cr7 felt sorry for him and he was crying too much for publicity.Cr7 is now taking it back because it belongs to him and no on e else.Cr7 is for sure the best I have always said it and meant it.Ronaldo haters eat your words you will apologise to Ronaldo.CR7 YOU ARE , SUPERB, BRILLIANT, GOODLOOKING, TALENTED, SEXY, THE ABSOLUTE BEST IN THE WORLD.

  300. caron Says:

    Ronaldo is as follows:

    4) Cr7 just gave messi a chance and now it is time to take it back
    5) Messi showed his true colours the other day with his tantrums
    10000000) no other like c. ronaldso

  301. caron Says:

    I cannot wait to watch tonights game against germans. I love watching this guy, so exicting I find messi boring to watch theres nothing to watch.

  302. bob Says:

    ronaldo has taken 88 shots more than messi this season and more penalties.
    yet they have the same number of shots on goal and messi has scored more goals (and scored less penalties)

    and messi always gets a lot of assists.
    messi seems to be the better player.

  303. Farhad Says:

    My favorite and best best player is Lionel Messi, he is the marvelous,interesting,super human brelient,and the great player he desrved.

  304. Farhad Says:

    Messionel love you messii

  305. will Says:

    i hate messi
    i love ronaldo

  306. lionel messi Says:

    i have to say that ronaldo is better than me and i am not very goodand real are loads better than barca by a mile

  307. Yusha'u labaran kafanchan Says:

    How can people compare ronaldo with Lion Messi.Uncomparable.”if there is current God of football, I would defenately say it was Messi”Eto’o.
    Messi is far better than wicker ronaldo.

  308. C Ronaldo Says:

    I have to say that,messi is better than me.I like his stile of dribbles,messi is our king,king of any legendry footballer.

  309. Saif Says:

    Cristiano ronaldo is best player, cr7 is sweater than messi, cr7 is better than messi

  310. PROF.D.DON Says:

    Messi is the best compare to C ronado

  311. Sunmtims88 Says:

    Fuck Ronaldo…. he always play penalty… Messi is the best play in the word ever the best.

  312. jack Says:

    messi is the best football player in the body can play like messi.he is the game maker and goal mechine.messi the best and barca is the best club in world.

  313. muhammad akram Says:

    ronaldo and massi the got difrant styels massi want to rich to the goal and score and ronaldo score from the long range, but i love missi he is the great playr!

  314. Double G Says:

    Messi works with D̶̲̥̅̊ team n makes gud impact doing that plus he Is also gud @ indivual play. He does most of the assists and also score the most goals 4 his team. And amazing is not a pride victim. With these qualitieshe’s got Ronaldo can only be next and Messi surely D̶̲̥̅̊ best. Believe Me.

  315. Double G Says:

    Messi works with D̶̲̥̅̊ team n makes gud impact doing that plus he Is also gud @ indivual play. He does most of the assists and also score the most goals 4 his team. And amazingly is not a pride victim. With these qualitieshe’s got Ronaldo can only be next and Messi surely D̶̲̥̅̊ best. Believe Me.

  316. pp pants Says:

    you spelled lionel messi wrong

  317. john stud Says:

    messi is the best he currently has 46 goals in la liga and 68 overall that speaks volumes he is a continuous record breaker

  318. john stud Says:

    and remember the season is not over yet he very well will score more goals Messi to the world

  319. BARCA Says:

    Messi is rely player of all time believe
    me messi is also grater than pele and Diago armando Maradona so we can’t compare with c’ronaldo b/c messi is specal one for ever and ever plse i advice to all of Madrid funs be support foot ball dot listen your feeling be aware of foot ball like tiki taka messssssssssssi is rely great outstanding player in our universe if world has a time messi is the captain and forwarder player

  320. Johnsweet Says:

    There is question i want to ask all of you dat are insulting C.Ronaldo,yes Messi is the world best i agree,am not a football fan but a basketballer.if you guys dat are insulting C.Ronaldo,if they give all of you dat are insultin C.Ronaldo those chances nobody will know u guys at all,so let be realistic,if you guys notices dat second world best dat Messi collected was a mistake,Messi did perform very well in dat session even C.Ronaldo perform more dan him throughout the world 2010 and if u check the history of football no player have score against all his opponent but C.Ronaldo have done it,there also a question i want to ask you guys insulting C.Ronaldo,where was Messi when C.Ronaldo was breaking the record in la liga,Messi have not break any record in la liga before but C.Ronaldo only 62weeks,only just a session C.Ronaldo have broken a record in spainish la liga,Messi only broke barca record all time highest goalscorer in the history of barca,before you guys start saying all manners of things against C.Ronaldo let Messi move away 4rm spain and move into any league and let see what is made of.C.Ronaldo have played in three different league and have come out with something,which player in the world have do that,if there is tell the history of football C.Ronaldo is a record breaker,Messi is only collecting world best because of is team if C.Ronaldo were to be in barca he will have achieve this so called world best more dan Messi.when i mean somebody is a record breaker is not easy at all,look at C.Ronaldo when he was in portugal league he was crowned king of goals and when he went to England he was also crowned king of goals and also broke a record there first time in history world best going to England was unbeliveable also went to spainish league crowned king of goals in his first session also broke a record in la liga no player in la liga have ever score 40 goals in history were was Messi when C.Ronaldo was breaking dat record were was Messi ooo,Messi have played all is life in spainish la liga but have not scored dat kind of goal before aspect for this session 2012,now see which player have done that which C.Ronaldo have done so all is enemies shut up you don’t have anything to say,they only talk about world best not history breaker,yes i agree dat Messi can play more dan C.Ronaldo yes but let Messi come out from barca and suprise us and destroy C.Ronaldo be serious with you all including C.Ronaldo enemies let forget about world best no player in the history of football have done want C.Ronaldo have done with is record breaker first time player to achieve world best in England,he move away from man utd becos he wanted to be a legned and his dreams are coming true does Messi have a plan to be a legned,some pple will say Messi is already a legned,Messi is a legned in barca not to the world bcos if u calculate all d clubs C.Ronaldo played for and his achievement no player have done dat so watch out for Euro2012 and next session C.Ronaldo will suprise all of you,i belive in him……peace out see you guys nexxt session

  321. carlson Says:

    the season was tough and i thought my man Christiano Ronaldo would stand the test of time and still come out la liga’s pichichi but he failed me and let Messi lead him with no more hopes of catching up again but all thesame he is still a great player and am always with him till the end.

  322. Larriwo Kpensa Says:

    Lets say things as they are and we should stop making a mountain out of a mole hill. people just hate good things. Messi and Ronaldo are good players but there is no comparison with life and death. Messi is role Model to every football loving guy all over the World. You can only compare Messi with Maradona and pele not C Ronaldo.

  323. Larriwo Kpensa Says:

    Today in the history of soccer, Messi has scored 72 goals in all competitions this season 50 la liga goals 14 champions league goals and 8 copa de ray goals and he still have one la liga game and copa de ray final to play. After 40 years plus, he is the only player in the World who break 67 goal record set by Muller of Bryan Munich and today he has set a record that can take 1 Million years to be broken. Do you think anybody can break his record? In fact messi is supposed to have sacked from playing a football. He is a spirit. My people, whoever God bless no man can curse. and whoever curses him shall be cursed.

  324. Rosun 3 Says:

    Wish messi would win this season’s golden boot for the liga….!!
    keep up leading the table… ._^

  325. rock Says:

    You al say ronaldo fuck, but for all those who love messi i want to say messi is father fuckker……….

  326. Edison Mpofu Says:

    Messi is the best ,it will take 100 yrs 4 his record to be broken . We love ù Messi ,u making the world of sorccer more intertaining . Edie Mpofu .

  327. doyinmike Says:

    @johnsweet u just open ur mouth and saying rubbish,see what the people that wise and know much about football says: Today in the history of soccer, Messi has scored 72 goals in all competitions this season 50 la liga goals 14 champions league goals and 8 copa de ray goals and he still have one la liga game and copa de ray final to play. After 40 years plus, he is the only player in the World who break 67 goal record set by Muller of Bryan Munich and today he has set a record that can take 1 Million years to be broken. Do you think anybody can break his record? In fact messi is supposed to have sacked from playing a football. He is a spirit. My people, whoever God bless no man can curse. and whoever curses him shall be cursed.

  328. doyinmike Says:

    this guy has break many records this season two hundred and fifty somethings goal in la liga first person in history of football to score 5 goals in champions league, first person to score 50 goals in la liga and 72 goals in one season and people are saying rubbish, who is c.ronaldo fuck him

  329. daniel Says:

    LEO MESSI is a great player hi is an inspirational ,in terms of football MESSI is the best player come to CHRISTIANO RONALDO he is also the best player in the world and a player that has motive and hungry to score every time but MESSI is football itself IN TOTO

  330. taiwo Says:

    Fine messi is a good footballer,But for this season C.Ronaldo is better than Messi. UP C. RONALDO

  331. caron Says:

    Ronaldo is far better is every way. Dont even bring messi name into this. Ronaldo lent his title so messi and his can keep quite . Now Cr7 is taking it back to where it belongs with RONALDO
    5) MUST i GO ON (you get my drift)

  332. Tadour Says:

    Sometimes, I wonder if truly all humans are created and naturally endowed with reasons and intellect. As some fans would just wake up one day and dare open their highly-disjointed mandible to lambast players like Ronaldo and Messi. If you must make any lewd comments on those two players, think deeply before you put words together for them both. They are the greatest players of our time. The fact that I’m a barca fan and I’ve seen Messi played fantastic football is not enough for to condemn C.Ronaldo totally. Aside these two players, there’s no other player that sqaure up with them, you’ll have to agree with me on that. But some fans would due to their unnatural love for a particular player, begin to launch sentimental remarks thereby forget that their family cannot in hundred years come together to produce a similar personality. It’s absurd. I admire CR7 who left England for Spain and became legend of a club within couple of seasons. That is not to say that Our Leo Messi who owed Barcelona a lot for infusing so much money on him during his surgery is not twice greater than Ronaldo. It is so obvious that Messi plays fantastic football, like he’s not of this planet. I implore some fools among you who knows little about football facts to always cogitate before you comment. NLT*

  333. thula Says:

    Ronaldo is a best player in this global no mater wat ranaldo is a 1 man he doesn’t need sameone that wil make him score messi need xavi or inester ronaldo is the best player in the world

  334. Lawer nelson Says:

    Where u ll stay n have a gud playing time is where u ll be,messi ll play barca till he die b/cos he want to be a legend as for c-roh he does not nid any legency so why c-roh to messi,messi all the way (nelson)

  335. rohit Says:

    Messi the great

  336. peter Says:

    ronaldo is gay

  337. john stud Says:

    Messi is the best he has more records than C Ronaldo so when people want to talk records you have to check out Messi

  338. Muhammad Sarmad Says:

    i think ronaldo because he is also the la liga winner

  339. Ron sak Says:

    Cistiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world more than messi.beacouse Ronaldo makes his moves in his own for gole.but messi scroors by his team mate suport he din’t make some grate moves.his team pusses froms his back.

  340. patrick Says:

    cristiano is the best palyer in the world go go ronaldo (real madrid) the best

  341. Laven u Joshua Says:

    For now messi still remain d best player not only in laliga but in d world cos all d competition dat he had play this season he is the highest goals scorer nd last season he had all d trophys To show he won all but now Ronaldo only have laliga
    For this reason Messi is still d world best.

  342. Morris Karnuah Says:

    I will like for FC BARCELONA to signed player like:1.MORRIS KARNUAH from ELWA UTD from Liberia,an attacking midfielder. 2.NEYMAR from SANTOS Brazil. 3.NEUER from Bayern Munich goal keeper because Victor Valdes is a dirt.

  343. Anyakudo victor Says:

    Ronaldo is the best. fuck messi cos he can be as good as Ronaldo

  344. caron Says:

    When messi does what Cr7 did then he will get my respect

    1) Cr7 left his country and family to go to Lisbon a strange country and people
    2) had to get use to diff way of playing
    4) Left to go to England and had to get use to diff language, diff people, diff weather, diff way of playing and still very young…
    9_)Messi must do all of the above and then we will see how great he realy is

  345. -دانلود نقشه معماري Says:

    I simply could not depart your website before suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard info a person provide on your guests? Is gonna be again frequently in order to inspect new posts

  346. caron Says:

    That short thing called messi bastard….is useless and he prooved yesterday. CR7 THE BESTTTTTTTTTTTTTT 100%

  347. sanchit singh Says:

    i am shocked that how do people like maxi i think they to were maxi

  348. Naga Says:

    Matter what Messi is the best….

  349. chambokotino Says:

    messi the best

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