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FIFA 12 vs PES 2012 – Which Game is better ?


FIFA 12 vs PES 2012 – Which is better game in your Openion ?
FIfa 12 vs Pes 2012

FIFA 12 or PES 2011

So here we are, two of the most celebrated and played soccer sims around will be locking horns again this year as both of the games will be releasing in the gap of a fortnight and you will be able to get your hands on your favourite football games at the end of Spetember and mid october and than you can see which one of them is better.

Pro Evolution Soccer historicaly has been a game with better game play while FIFA was more of a arcade game with better graphics and more licences to the teams and leagues around the World. But EA Sports has came along way in the last couple of years and they have leaped frogged Konami in almost all departments of the game. FIFA 11 was better than PES 2011 in many ways, you talk about graphics, gameplay and licences Fifa scores on PES.

FIFA 12 or PES 2012 ?

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We have already discussed both the games [ FIFA 12 ] [ PES 2012 ]

FIFA 12 – First Impressions From The Press

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  1. macdonald Says:

    fifa is better than pes

  2. wali Says:

    pes 2012 is better then fifa 12

  3. shity Says:

    fifa all the way

  4. joan Says:

    pes rating 10 fifa rating 7

  5. lane Says:

    pes is better

  6. liza Says:

    fifa sucks dick pes is way better

  7. john Says:

    pes is awesome way much better than fifa

  8. Rob Says:

    PES 12 is better with realistic gameplay.

    FIFA 12 is better with realistic animation.


  9. Chacko Says:

    Both have distinct pros and cons. If the best parts were to combined into a single footy game, it would be ultimate. Not having played either of this year’s entries, here’s my opinion on last year’s games:
    FIFA has better animations, better physics, better commentary, more consistent referees, more league licenses and better online play.
    PES has better offline game modes (Master League and Be a Legend), licenses for Champions League and Europa League tournaments, and less repetitive gameplay.

  10. sadiva Says:


  11. sadiva Says:

    fifa is better

  12. Kishore Says:

    Too close to call.. I am a FIFA 11 fan boy but after many hours of play, got bored with same kind of gameplay and style. Then tried PES 2011 for a variety and boy, i gat completely addicted to it(mind you, initially I laughed at people who said PES was better). After few initial hours of reluctant PES games, Found the game completely addictive. No two goals and matches look similar. The logitivity is more for PES. But I have to say, I played pes 2012 demo and kind of disappointed with it. Also excited with the FIFA 12 promos. Too hard to call this time around.

  13. John Says:

    PES is the worst game around. Fifa 07 is better than it. I dont understand how some people think its better than fifa?!

  14. richard Says:

    people only think fifa is better because they never played pes, I have played them both and honestly PES is by far better,more realistic. the only thing is fifa have rights to all clubs while pes only has a few clubs, if you are really a fair critic buy them both and decide which game is actually better in a

  15. issp_gr Says:

    I have been playing PES from PSX 1996 and i have been a true loyal up to PES 2009, Since then Im addicted to FIFA. I am of the belief PES is a game for those guys that play single games vs the CPU. I have never played any master league or any league, only vs other users. FIFA doesnt have the glitches PES has, everytime its different, every movement is different, you can win in many ways using tricks you want to execute and not accidental ones.
    In FIFA 11 we have felt that initial passion for the game like in 1998 ISSPro 2..
    Its FIFA for me and my mates then…

  16. james Says:

    pes pes pes!!!!!

  17. Hamzah Says:

    Trust me when I say this, ignore that votes. FIFA 2012 is Improved A LOT while PES not as much. PES was my fav until yesterday. I bought both games and tried their gameplay. FIFA was more advanced and accurate. PES passes not as accurate. player control not as it should be. In PES, teams with higher power win. ( if both players were at the same level ) in FIFA, it’s even. I beat my couz with Arsenal and he was playing RM 8-5 :D

    Ignore the votes, go for FIFA, if you don’t like it, i’ll take a beating anytime

  18. brad Says:

    pES is better than fifa

  19. brad Says:

    fia 2006, 7,8,9 they are just joking with soccer really they are , pes give them idea how to make soccer game , :)

  20. Fifa Fan Boy Says:

    FIFA All The Way

  21. A Says:

    Fifa 12 is quite literally the worst football game i’ve ever seen and is in the top 5 for worst game ever played.
    The AI rubberbanding has gone out of control. The tackling system is redundant because the AI predict your tackles. The enemy AI are always faster and stronger. Teammate AI hasnt been changed at all from Fifa 11.

    EA sports comprises of a bunch of overpaid idiots who can’t do their jobs.

  22. Jodey Says:

    Fifa 11 was better, and even this time Fifa 12 outscores PES 2012. The stats which is suits each players goal celebrations, arena option, career mode, high graphics, license, online play, improved long range and heading accuracy and witty commentary adds to the pleasure of playing a pure football game. The most annoying thing about PES is that its to easy to score goals and the stats are outrageous, some players deserve way higher stats and vice versa.

  23. tawkingjames79 Says:

    If you like arcade play fifa. If you love football and want to play a realistic challenging game buy PES.

  24. tawkingjames79 Says:

    I own both games, I play pes everyday, I have tried to play fifa a bunch of times but cannot really get into it. Fifa just seems arcadey and stupid really. The players run like retards, there is no real strategy, the game just isnt very fun to me. Pes 2011 is awesome! From the stats of the players, and how they build, to the feel of passing and shooting, its just awesome. At first the game was harder than hell, (it still is pretty hard with difficulty settings) but when you get in there and score it feels like such an accomplishment, it really is rewarding. I wouldnt play fifa for free. But I am GLAD I bought Pes, worth every penny.

  25. ThePsychoKiller Says:

    I go for pes just because i had played it for many years :( …….. If you like fifa go for it,if you like pes then go for pes itself …this is simple as that .

  26. fifasucks Says:

    Fifa sucks biiiiig time. pes all the way

  27. faggslovesdicks Says:

    i was a pes fan from way back, but now i am a fifa fan. i have only played fifa 12, and i think its awesome!!!!!!

  28. pessucks Says:

    with 10000 more robotic moves&animations “PES 12″

  29. pessucks Says:

    with 10000 more new robotic moves&animations “PES 12″

  30. dola Says:

    be a man … a fifa fan

  31. Peace forever Says:

    Okay, people I with most of the fans think Pes is better

    but you guys don’t have to be mean to the fifa fans I mean everyone has they’re own opinions like other people may like fifa but I like pes I played fifa before it wasn’t very appealing to me but it may appeal to other players so be nice guys like i say <>

  32. viki Says:

    fifa is better to pes

  33. Yes2that Says:

    Simple – Fifa is for unders 16′s Pes is for over 16′s. Pes is clearly more challenging(realistic) to play and definately(more rewarding) when you pull off a special goal.

    In short FIFA for kids PES for Men in otherwords PES is a mans game dont bother trying to learn it unless you have the dedication, commitment as you would with the actual real game. FIFA has always been one of those games for me its far to easy to score which for me takes any realism away from it. Once a Proite always Proite, stick your sponsorship FIFA as well – Pes has never needed it but this is the only slight advntage for FIFA – the crests, kits etc etc which when your talking about game play simply dont count..

  34. Valentino Says:

    i think fifa is far much better when i saw pes 11 i was shocking the league were very bad i just like chmpions league …but overall fifa 12 is the bomb

  35. Valentino Says:

    fifa 12 looks nearly the
    same like on TV beside the champions league

  36. prakarn Says:

    Pes 2012 is the best

  37. prakarn Says:

    one more,Pes 2012 is perfect than every old versions and every soccer games right now.

  38. m1111a1111 Says:

    Football games r the hardest to judge on among all games so, its every one and their opinions,but i think they both far from reality.i personaly care for the gameplay the most and in that its PES

  39. Sam Says:

    When it comes to choice,there cn be differing tastes.One man’s poison cn be another’s food.Truth cn be very bitter,but no matter hw u fight it,it remains.I would nt want something bad for you,when it would nt profit me.The choice is your’s…GO FOR FIFA12!

  40. TJ Says:

    Definatly pes, its more challenging and rewarding. Fifa is too easy..

  41. Ron Says:

    both fifa12 and pes2012 are really bad

  42. Rajesh Says:

    I don’t know why Fifa is the award winning game? coz i have started playing fifa since its fifa 08 edition and played Pes 10 for the first time. Pes is more realistic than fifa. Pes graphic is good than the Fifa. Player celebration, ball dribbling, tackling, shooting etc and many more are realistic in Pes than fifa. I think Pes is better than fifa………

  43. Boocco Boyz` Says:

    Fifa suks and RON yu suk to, what do yu play hello kity?

  44. blablabla Says:

    i think pes 2012 is the winner this year. the problem with fifa is, it stays so much the same. after playing 2 or 3 matches you have seen everything of fifa. with pes, every game is different, what assembles real life football. you can’t score the same goals each match like you do on fifa. Fifa has to make drastic changes in their gameplay or else pes will gain the upper hand again in a few years

  45. Tiến Đại Says:

    Pes is so Great.

  46. kir usen Says:

    pes is the best among the best…what ever EA do to make fifa best still put pes as the best…pes is best

  47. john Says:

    pes 12 at online game is sack big time.
    the are cheaters that wen loosing disconecting all the time and konami do nothing about it.
    wen the cheat you you are loosing monye time points,all.
    pes 12 online is a big time loosing

  48. Ahmad Says:

    Pes 2012 Much Much better then Fifa 12

  49. mahmoud Says:

    i played fifa until 07 but after when i tryed pes i thout its very realistic

  50. Samrat Says:

    pes..pes..pes much better than fifa for every edition in all the way

  51. fulham11 Says:

    fifa was better but pes now rules and way better

  52. Bob Says:

    Both game suck. You should try real life soccer rather than sitting on your ass playing these stupid game and pretending to be soccer superstar.

  53. Daymo1 Says:

    Anyone who knows anything about soccer will choose Fifa over PES. I’m not saying Fifa is perfect but my god PES is awful.

  54. bitlebron Says:

    c.. i don’t need 2 play fifa 12 to know its better.. i’ve been playing Pes series for a long time now and i’ve always loved it.. but PES 2012 game play is BY FAR THE WORST GAMEPLAY EVER… HORRIBLE PLAY.. EVERY ONE CAN DRIBBLE WITH THE BALL LIKE MESSI IN REALITY.. lol.. the officiating is gosh horrible.. the Goal Keeper.. oh pls don’t go there.. almost every crossing is a goal.. WTF.. PES 12 SUCKS…

  55. Bryan Says:

    I have played both pes and fifa and I have to say: Pes is by far the worst football game ever. Fifa 12 is way more realistic then pes. On pes their feet are faster then they run, never seen a much worser goalkeeper reflexes ever and pes has all blockheads

  56. aniket Says:

    fifa sucks!! pes rocks!!

  57. Jordan Says:

    I think the Gameplay of Pes 2012 is the Worst ever… but not the Graphic.

  58. Dos Justinho Says:

    I haven’t played fifa on ps3 but pes 2011 is great… The champions league, copa santander libertodores… But I fifa is more gamelike…and pes is real only errors in jerseys, names and unlicensed clubs…

  59. Mr. ReX Says:

    PES 2012 Gameplay is Very Very Better!!! (Wonderful + Addicted)
    FIFA 1998…to..2012 Gameplay is Bad Quality For All Years…

    Forever PES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. dany Says:

    pes 2012 better than fifa 12 because pes celebration and specially uefa version fifa is good but not like originality tough luck fifa

  61. edinho Says:

    o fifa e melhor seus burros fifa e o melhor

  62. soccerfingers Says:

    Pes hs always had more fluid gameplay and the customization options to rename teams like man blue to man city and the kit modification platform which fifa lacked

  63. FIFA Says:

    FIFA is AWESOME to me. I haven’t tried PES 2012 though every PES game that I have played has been low quality graphics and awful. PES is better in the defensive system. I hate how EA brought out that awful defensive engine. Though fifa has more awesome features than pes

  64. katabaley Says:

    PES 6 is way even better than FIFA 12…trust me go for PES12 da real game for matured minds

  65. xblader Says:

    Tbh i haven’t played fifa 12 yet, but pes 2012 is just amazinggggg. it’s really realistic. fifa has been the better game since fifa 10, but this year pes is actually really good. ive played both fifa and pes in the recent years, and hands down pes changed and therefore fifa was the better gae. However, this year pes is just brillant. The gameplay is just superior(to fifa 11). If not already, pes will be the bigger game by next year, just as it was the bigger and better game back in the day. I predict that most people who changed from pro to fifa in recent times will revert back to pes this year or next year.

  66. tairen Says:

    PES gay. everytime install that game. we always need to patch it. player face.body are not the same. what a shame. PES in 2011 also stupid because in their jersey sometimes are not complete at all.
    hair of player also sometimes are wrong. what a gay.

  67. Yehia Says:

    Fifa 12 is the best … if u are a tactician football player then ignore pes and play fifa12 … trust me

  68. Felipe Piacsek Says:

    Honestly, i’ve played pes 11, pes 12 , fifa 11 and fifa 12. THERE IS NO WAY TO SAY PES IS BETTER. WHERE IN THE HELL RUNNING ALL FIELD WITH PUYOL AND SCORING IS REALISTIC? No, pardon me if you like pes, but nothing in this game makes it like real football, if you DO WANT to experience reality, buy fifa and play it. Better in all aspects

  69. Pes 2012 Says:

    I love this game. Kindly send it for me, in website

  70. Danish AZIZ Says:


  71. prakharfr Says:

    i have seen both of the games actually pes 2012 is much much better than fifa 12 moreover pes12 gives you all updates ,bootpacks ,paths etc
    so i think pes2012 is much better than fifa2012

  72. Jack Says:

    If more people think PES 2012 is better, then why is it that FIFA 12 has sold over 12 million copies, while PES managed to sell only 1.56 million copies?

    Just wondering, especially since FIFA has:
    1. A.I. that doesn’t blatantly cheat.
    2. Smoother gameplay that rewards you for being smart with defense and offense
    3. Better commentators that don’t mispronounce names (example: Jon Champion from PES pronounces Higuain’s name as Hig-Way-In. Really?!)
    4. More licensed teams and leagues. Let’s face it, people want to play their favorite teams by their real name.
    5. A development team that actually cares about improving the game for newer generations (after PES 6, Seabass and his team at Konami just stopped caring about the game).

  73. jad rahal Says:

    fuck you bob

  74. divan Says:

    People play fifa cause fifa advertises better than pes. Fifa has lots of money but money can’t buy them the best football game.fifa are to concernd with looks and perfection that they completly forgot about how football is played. Pes has its faults but its much more fun than fifa

  75. divan Says:

    Pes is more competitive. Fifa is to boring. Fifa should put in more brains than money. But dont listen to me everyone gots hes own taste but i play mostly pes all day every day with my friends cause we dont have jobs and we about 5 to 11 people competing and you can see the results of who is the best in the game but not always cause football works like that.

  76. ahly Says:

    pes pes pes

  77. mateusantos Says:

    Cara na boa… o PES12 retrocedeu no gráfico mt! os jogadores estao mt diferentes da ralidade,,, nao sei a jogabilidade se e melhor ou nao.Ate pq o jogo e caro q so.Ja o FIFA12 e mt mais completo tecnicamente falando;O Menu de opçoes e mais completo tmb!! o FIFA foge dakele “mundinho” q o PES proporciona… q depois d 1 mes vc ja ta enjoado do jogo e so resta a opçao ONLINE, mas pra isso nao pode ser o game destravado! e convenhamos,o jogo e mt caro msm!!!enfim esse ano o FIFA12 saiu na frente do PES12 vamo ver o q o PES vai inventar pra 2013! isso se o mundo nao akabar kkkk

  78. mateusantos Says:

    Eu sempre gostei mais do PES, mais ta devendo nesses ultimos anos o PES11 e mt abaixo do padrao:os jogadores nao coneguem correr mais q os zagueiros msm q seja Messi ou CR7 ! o PES12 parece q retrocedeu mais ainda…aff o grafico ta igual á Play1 rsrsrs

  79. nick Says:

    i played pes all years it was great game but this year i played pes 2012 and its bad game.the cameras options is bad and the game is bad but the point is that the pes have the uefa champions league. and the fifa have diffrent uefa. in the career its nice and fun but not like in the uefa champions league that pes have. i have bought fifa 12 becouse its better then pes 12. and all time i played pes.

  80. FIFAVSPES Says:


  81. Angshuman Says:

    I have played both the versions(2011) of FIFA and PES. And the difference is that Fifa wins over PES in terms of Licenses of teams. But as a gamer, i would recommend PES to all my friends. Gameplay, Graphics,Scenario, Players faces,Actions,Movements seems so real in PES 2011. The players in Fifa looks like toys. Fifa tries to work hard in making the game with as much as teams as possible without actually thinking once whether the players faces matches or not!! See in todays world of gaming,the important factor of judging a game is in terms of Graphics and how actually the game matches with the real world. Fifa tries to showoff with their new advanced gameplay(eg. tactical defending and all in 2012) whereas i think almost all these features are present in PES too. Just that PES have given it a different name. Neways my vote goes to PES.

  82. Hossein Says:

    of’cource PES better than fifa when i play PES my mother said witch football team now playing?? but when i play fifa my mother said why you play game she can’t understand the PES is real or game but Fifa she can know it’s a game

  83. youngacejtr12 Says:

    i think that pes 2012 is better then fifa cuz fifa has that wack ass main menu that they allways have and pes has a better menu

  84. marine Says:

    of course fifa is better than pes. fifa 12 wasn’t only designed for fun, it takes both challenges and gameplay above pes 12.

  85. Daniel Says:

    i was once playing pes and got addicted to pes and later i tried fifa and loved the game, graphics, the foul balls, the only problem i have with fifa is that tbere is no uefa champions league and trust me if that league happens to join fifa believe me fifa will be the greatest game all time.

  86. Vovanatb Says:

    Cmon people are u blind? Or u dont watch soccer on tv or play for real? i was BIG PES fan since 1998 ISSPro, till the year 2009 when FIFA finaly changed their crapy gameplay and actualy made it much better than PES, unfortunately KONAMI didn’t do much to improve their gameplay and animation, only in PES 12 they made better animation but not the game play and moves of the players, FIFA 12 feels much more lifelike soccer, with new amazing defensive system, some people dont like it cuz they noobs, they dont know how to use it, once you get used to it, you can’t live without it, once u press LT they starting to move defensively just like real players!!! Or when you press my favorite LB, player stops the ball just like in real life, and thinking where to pass or continue running just like you watch real game, PES DON’T have all of thise natural moves! So tell me how does it make PES more natural and more real lifelike soccer??? How??? They still moves like robots, comparing to FIFA, so what im sayin is: learn to play FIFA! Learn all the moves and tactics, and u never go back to PES, the only thing that i like more in PES 12 is replays, thats it! I hope in the future KONAMI will change this old gameplay, and make it like EA did with FIFA, more advanced more realistic with sick moves and animations! I remember when PES used to be the best and very realistic soccer game, but since 2009 not anymore, FIFA definitely got it!

  87. For All Says:

    Fifa is better PES because Pes ahve very stupied shoots and defence is very stupied :X !! FIFA 12 Forever

  88. benarfa Says:

    once you played pes you dont want to play another football game

  89. aNgRyFiFaFaN Says:

    has the world gone crazy???? what kind of of a retarded ass human being would like PES? It’s the worst game any1 has ever made. I mean all of them, since 2002. just terrible

  90. rosenborg Says:

    PES better gameplay
    FIFA better engine,graphic,sound and animations

  91. game guru Says:

    i see that most people her say pes 12 is better but it doesnt have all the teams or kits , if you play with barcelona you could run past the defenders far too easily, fifa skills are better ,fifa celebrations are better, fifa online is better, EA have done a good job to show how each player shoots, runs, looks and plays, pes 12 has no arena mode, in pes 12 the music is cheesy and finaly fifa has more fast and fluid gameplay. Also you can look it up on the internet but the best selling sports game in history is fifa 12 so konamithis year has not kept up with the standards

  92. game guru Says:

    my fifa broke a week ago so i started playing pes 12. I have to say its a good game but there is just something that makes fifa better than pes and to be honest pes12 is exactly like fifa nine, i have them both

  93. game guru Says:

    luis suarez who plays for liverpool(mersyside red) in pes has long curly hair but in real life he has short hair spiked at the top

  94. kingsley idoko Says:

    fifa sucks pes is better

  95. Dyaks Says:

    FIFA 2012 is the best pes i spell it with small letters because it is useless and fake Why is it FIFA world cup not pes world cup because pes is reched

  96. MATT Says:

    ARE u kidding MEEE!!!!! Fifa 2012 is a dream…
    pes 2009 and 2006 is better then pes 12!
    and in my openion;
    Fifa beats Pes
    Fifa 12 is the best..
    Pes 2006 and 2009 not bad but the rest is bad.

  97. svetg97 Says:

    FIFA is for noobs PES has harder gameplay and many more better qualities so go PES.

  98. amit tharwani Says:

    fifa 12 is best. Hate pes ever

  99. ma maan Says:

    fifa 12 sucks it has sucky graphics and everything,
    PES 12 has the best graphics, gameplay and everything!!!
    PES 12 is a boss, go PES 12

  100. nix Says:

    Pes is like playing any other video game. Greatly edited..the pitch is too small,no realistic team play but its way fun. Fifa is just pure tactics. Fifa is for pro footie fans while pes just for any video gamer

  101. ab Says:

    fifa is the best.i will go for fif because it has realistic gameplay.fifa beated pes in 2011,also 2012.i have both fifa 12 and pes 2012 and i deleted pes as soon as i brought it.i got fifa as soon as it released,now also its there and always playing.fifa the best.

  102. muhammadf Says:

    pes is better than fifa

    fif is a fk

  103. muhammadf Says:

    i say fifa is (the opposite) of better than pes

  104. offinfreddy Says:

    been a hardcore pes player and have loved the game since family games time.gaming has been the best thing that has happened in my life.pes 2012 what nice but was way behind what i expected.the game had so many glitches and many unrealistic moves.i used patches to make the games better and i loved it from am playing pes 13 demo with 50teams and patches and is the best soccer game that has ever happened in my life.tight midfield and shit.i pray u fifa players try this out and repent.

  105. Thabiso Says:

    fifa alllllllllllll the way

  106. Shivank Says:

    I tried both of them. Have been playing fifa and pes, both, for the last 5 years now and on contrary to the previous verdicts, FIFA 12 > PES 2012. end of.

  107. pes better than fifa Says:

    pes is much better than fifa graphics are so much better such as lucas lieva on pes looks exactly like him but on fifa he looks nothing like him in real life so thats why its better

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