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UEFA Champions League Top Goal Scorers 2011-2012


UEFA Champions League 2011-12 Points Tables – Group Standings

UEFA-Champions-League-points table


SO here we are as the UEFA Champions League is up and running with all its glory this year. We already have couple of big upsets in the group stages with Inter losing against Turkish side and Manchester United dropping points against FC basel at home. Some high scoring draws as Milan and Barc drew 2-2 while Real Madrid started th campaign in good form. SO we decided to make a post where you can follow the Champions League top goals scorers for this season.

There have been two matchdays so far and its Alexander Frei who is leading the charts with 3 goals to his name suely that will change as the Champions League progresses this season.


Teams MP G
Leo Messi ( Barcelona ) 10 14
Mario Gomes ( Bayern Munich) 9 12
C Ronaldo ( REAL MADRID ) 11 10
Karim Benzema ( Real Madrid CF ) 8 7
Befatimbi Gomez (Lyon) 7 6
Roberto Soldado ( Valencia ) 6 5
Abrahimovic ( AC Milan ) 5 5

86 Comments For This Post

  1. kode best Says:

    i will love to see ronaldo to be the highest goalsocerer

  2. Ojubanire Daniel Says:

    I wish and believe dat Lionel Messi will b d highest goal scorer of dis on going champions league and BARCELONA will b d winner

  3. PRABHJOT Says:

    i want to see the ronaldo in this list so messi is hated by me and i also want to see real madrid players

  4. Omajesty Odjugo Says:

    I wish to see messi the top scorer this season again and also the world best player of the year.

  5. ZABI Says:


  6. okeowo ttrombone toladinho Says:

    messi or any player from barcelona will definately be the highest goal scorer in the ongoin champions league

  7. kiran Says:

    messi u r always best an all u real fans just dream that cristiano will come at top an barcelona u will win again i know that

  8. Kazeem pedro Walex Says:

    INSHA ALLAH Messi will win highest goal sccorer and world best player again and again because no one is better than him also Bacelona will collect the champion league cup again and again up till 2015 because no club better than the best club in the world UP BARCA!!! Barca 4life. .

  9. jiwan Says:

    sure..messi is messi n no one can mess him…..go messi go messi…i m alwyz with u

  10. Ojo oluwashina Says:

    Messi is d best player in d world,nd he is uncomparable. I luv seein him playin on d field because d way he play is fantastically. Messi wil b d top scorer,win d world best nd barcelona wil retain d trophy again n again because we are d best club in world. UP BARCA…..BARCA 4LYF.

  11. Bakare O.L. Says:

    Messi will surely win this season highest goal scorer by Gods grace!

  12. Master Says:

    Messi will take the highest goal scorer in this year champion league.
    lets watch out for arsenal and man city in the carling cup quater final.

  13. Seko Jibril Gure Says:

    Messi is the current undeserved world footballer of the year, the most controversial and robbed award on mordern football awards. I therefore wish he never make the 3 best list to avoid the re-occurent of the last time malpractice. No world footballer of the year ever won it through malpractice like we saw on this current winner. Ronaldo deserved it this time around.

  14. Sola d law Says:

    It is very sure dat Messi wil win d highest goal scorer dis season again. If i should continue to talk about d fanstatic game Messi is playing am very sure dis page will not collect it, Messi is d best….. Barca 4lyf.

  15. pabwato Says:

    Am sure Messi is going to be the highest top scorer as long as the champions league is still going on.

  16. Muhammad Asim Says:

    Inshallah Messi will be the toper and barsa will be the champions again and i also wish to see messi again as world player of year,world ballondor and golden boat winner again, and i apreciate the messi fans.

  17. lloyd Says:

    If ronaldo could break de laliga record n beat messi by goals close 10 I dnt c any reason he cnt do it in champions league.. No team has ever defended de champions league in its history n I dnt c dat changin..

  18. Omotadowa Adeniyi Says:

    I wish messi to top highest goal scorer..up messi, mess up everybody, i always prould of u.

  19. Adeyemi Akeem Says:

    I believe messi can do it again, messi will surely become the world best

  20. Peter Says:

    I hope messi is doing is possible best to be the highest goal score of this ongoing season. But for my own thing i prefer christiano ronaldo to be the high goal score of this ongoing season 2011/2012 may almighty god help christiano ronaldo to be the highest goals score of this season. Good Bye have good luck.

  21. saheed olawuyi Says:

    up manutd i wish roony take d highest goal score.

  22. i prefer messi to win footballer of d year & carry UCL trophy 4 tis season Says:

    i prefer messi to be world footballer of d year

  23. NWAMIGHTY Says:

    I pray for Real Men Madried to have a good time this season, am wishing them all time success this season, as for top goal scorer, Ronaldo come UP, God bless you all, RM fans. (((Chelsea what are you doing, get well and step UP, I love you; RM/BLUES SUCCESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…………..)))

  24. offem lekam Says:

    sorry all you haters of the best player ever on planet. messi will top the goals again in a 4th time row. In the round of 16th, it is hard to register a goal but he is one of the people that will continue to register goals. CR7 has lost the battle of contesting with messi and he knows that. up barca!

  25. ushan Says:

    bayern munich will be the champ of 2012..uefa

  26. bombom bigiano Says:

    i believe dat theres no one as fast as dat man knwn as c..ronaldo cus his tooo gud 4 de job nd am a big fan of ronaldo even doh am a man u fan i stil lyk dat sexy guy ronaldo….

  27. Alexis slozzy Says:

    I no messi wil win d world best, highest goal scorer nd champions league. Let dem say anytin, messi is stil d best

  28. greyson george Says:

    lionel mess will be the winner again b’se there is no a best player in this world like mess also barcelona will take the title.

  29. Busari Opeyemi Olanrewaju Says:

    I’ll always troway salute 2 Lionel Messi cos he’s d no.1, world greatest footballer dat d world football governing body has ever provide. And with d help his teammates is going 2 win a lot this season, uefa champions league highest goal scorer, the world player of d year, 2011/2012 champions league, la liga, kings cup. I’ll remain Barca fan till i die. Up BARCA.

  30. Bishi musa Says:

    Sorry 4 real ppl wt wil u say now up bacar always bacar with my messiADE

  31. big dave Says:

    bayern and gomes double

  32. I know n i believe that messi will be the best player this year n the top goal scorer of the ucl n the la liga nad also i believe and know too that barca will win la liga and ucl untillllllll 2015 because right now there is no team better than them n from Says:

    Barca for life messi will be the best play this year i believe n i know

  33. Saydou Says:

    Barca for life
    messi the best player
    messi is messi
    C ronaldo + pele+ronaldinho =to MESSI

  34. Anikesh Sonowal Says:

    Messi vl be the top scorer! n barca vl win the cup!

  35. CARON Says:

    It is high time to leave that ediot messi and CR7 must get his tittle back that he held for so long. I still believe that barca is paying someone maybe the media to get that ediot ugly man on the press. BECAUSE HE IS SO UGLY THEY FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. He cannot play for any other club because no one wants him. Ronaldo God bless him is a much complete player . He is ahead of the ediot in goals . I dont know what you are talking about. UGLY , EDIOT AND DWARF

  36. king seyi Says:


  37. Lud Says:

    Ibrahimnovic is the best he deserves to win. It is spelt IBRAHIMOVICH not abrahimovich!!!!!!!!1

  38. Reuben Joy Says:

    Messi pls do ur very best nt 2 allow any order person nd club lik ronaldo nd madrid 2 collect ur title 4rm u ok. Keep flying high.

  39. mahmud aboki Says:

    surely gomes is growing

  40. ricky Says:

    Hello,I am a fcb fun, went to thank the team about the champion league win on turday.I pray that we will this League this year .long live fcbacelone.

  41. ruel lejesta Says:

    lionel messi is simple dabest player ever leave in football.+1

  42. Alobi Ojong Says:

    Barca a better team to win UCL, Messi too good to be compare, he is specially ordain by God to merit best player award until 2015. Believe me.

  43. Naseer Says:

    I am sure, FC Barcelona will be once again crowned by UEFA Champions League championship this season. I personally support fair play and more technical ply than a harsh game. I like Barcelona’s way of playing, they are calm, inventive, paying contact game, passing quick and always an attacking-oriented team. I think they did well in La Liga this season but I see that there is other teams in the league which always defending perfect when playing with FCB. I think FCB has already proofed that they can defeat strong and big teams like Real Madrid this season in La liga, Spanish Super Cup and Copa Del Rey, and also AC Milan in C League. This season, FCB players are a little bit discouraged to play intensively as they won 13 out of 15 possible trophies since 2009. In conclusion, this season Real Madrid deserved for La Liga and FCB for Champions League.

    Sorry for any hurt in words.

  44. Ernest mavhina Says:

    both messi n ronaldo shuold shine, but at the there wuold be one team to lift the trophy

  45. Ernest mavhina Says:

    both messi and ronaldo shuold shine but at end it would be only one team to lift the trophy

  46. Econgeo Says:


  47. Ansar Mamun Says:

    Messi is the best yill now. And will be the best forever…..

  48. abollat Says:

    CR7 is the best,come to think of he has the best record in the world,play in england,also spain if that be the case CR7 is the best.

  49. Deji Says:

    let them say anything they want to say messi has been ordained by GOD. He remained the world best for now. And this barcelona team is the best team ever. i love barca, it runs in my blood. Fcb 4life.

  50. ABBA TUNGA Says:


  51. Md.Islam Says:

    INSHA-ALLAH MESSI will win with highest score.

  52. Hassan Says:

    no barca players will be the top scorer of dis champions league.And as we can see clearly that messi is in the top so only he will be the top scorers of this cl league 2011-12.

  53. Hassan Says:

    And one thing we all know that barca are the best so they will win this champions league again.And Ronaldo has to go home with their team.

  54. Hassan Says:

    CR7 cry baby.If he is the best then y nobody tell him god of football.Why messi is god. is is so because ronaldo needs only penalty to score and messi doesnt need that.

  55. manseer mutallaf Says:

    if messi want show he is the best let him change another club as soon as CR7 up cr d best of d best keep it up

  56. Xtian Says:

    its a shame no Real Madrid player is on this list…

  57. mayowa Says:

    C,ronaldo Ȋ̝̊̅§ the best player in the world and I wish seeing him ßƺ the best in 2012/2013 G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ luck

  58. prince isong Says:

    no barca players will be the top scorer of dis champions league.And as we can see clearly that messi is in the top so only he will be the top scorers of this cl league 2011-12.

  59. Isiaka ali Says:


  60. man Says:

    People should stot comparing Messi & Ronaldo Messi is not a player to be compared with players he is more than any other player infact what matters is not just the number of goals one may scored but how the goal is scored.

  61. Mansir mutallaf Says:

    The three times world best givin to messi is a dramatic comedy which is organised by the idiot s.blata and m.platini which is wrong. That shows they are all berca fans, bcos if messi want be the best let im go to other club as soon as c.ronaldo, so c.ronaldo is an examplinary footballer he was only hated by those idiotic fifa officials

  62. Diddy007 Says:

    Insane comments about ronaldo and Messi…Ronaldo is an incredible footballer,a wonderful athlete and a good goal scorer of his time and i love dat dude cos he has shown his worth…. MESSI on d other hand is a diffrent individual,to call him d greatest would b wrong cos he has 2finish his career. cos u rate grateness by Achievements. But @ dis point,i wld still pick him ahead of PELE and Maradonna cos i watched Maradonna Live and saw the Tapes of Pele… Wot Messi brings 2d competition is unbeatable. I wld call him The Bestever(not greatest yet)as wayne rooney has fully declared. Cos nobody has Wowed d world like d genius. To really ascertain his greatness,he has been compared with PELE and MARADONNA who r seen as d greatest cos he has far surpassed d likes of Zidane,ronaldinho,ronaldo delimar. These Men hav duffed their Cap for d Man Messi as the best they’v eva seen so y r we arguing. Maradonna said just b4 d world cup dat in his history he neva knew football cld b played d way Messi does it. The only great footballer not accepting Messi’s greatness is PELE… So i ask,where CR7 has not been compared with greats,y compare him with MESSI? A lovely footballer @ his era but not d same package with Messi. Am a ronaldo fan but truth b told. That Boy Messi has shown his class against ronaldo @ all encounters…d dude is not Human. Thierry Henry said “Messi has no Comparison,cos wot he does day after day isn’t normal”.Highly rated Ibrahimovich came 2 Baca and cldnt outshine Messi. He doesnt need 2go 2 EPL to proove himself friends,if ronaldo performed in MAN.U,do u doubt MESSI to perform with dat same MAN.U? Think about it.Would U say CR7 is better than Zidane,Ronaldo dilimar etc? But Compare with Messi and even Zidane is Wowed by Messi’s incredibility…UP Ronaldo,Much Respect Messi cos u r Evil.

  63. Nino Says:

    For sure Gomes gonna get the golden boot this Champion League at 12 goals his a hot striker he just needs 3 more and the boot is his.

  64. Diddy007 Says:

    Lionel will shock U,I’ll understand if ure not a fan of Messi…the Dude doesnt need Fans 2mess any team up.Gomez may score 3more goals if his team plays the ball 4him well to score cos he is a porcher. Lionell can go Mad and score 4 in just one match.the way i see it. AC Millan r goin 2b severely Punished @d Nou camp…well,unless they can carry there mischevious pitch with them…LOLl. BACA isn’t arsenal,those pitch tricks cldnt work with BACA…MESSI awaits them with a lot of punishment for their pitch deception.i hope the scoreline doesnt go bizarre. For me my favourite is CR7, but i reckon Great MESSI as d Greatest,i get scared of wot dat dude is capable of….meanwhile,”Ronaldo do things 4ur Boy,Ure good Broda”. Up CR7 one of the most hardworking footballer in d history of the game,moves with great speed and precision.

  65. will be future messi Says:

    ronaldo on his name every player loves him but on messi they say not d best but they don’t know who is messi the argentinian is the best in dis world of our times . messi is a dream player and i love him nd i want 2 become like leo . i was a right player but when i see messi i want 2 be like him from right i became lefty nd i love him ronaldo fucks………………….

  66. Oluwafemi Ahmad Says:

    Though,Lionel Messi will still be crowned the world best this yeear ane even more,but,you will not be flabergasted when you see chelsea miraculously lift this year champions league.

  67. Oluwafemi Ahmad Says:

    Thou,LIONEL MESSI will stil be crowned as the world best player this season and even more,but,you will not be flabergasted to see chelsea winning this year champions league insallah.

  68. Usman Ahmed Says:

    Marshallah Messi will be the best again and again. People knows Barcelona is going to win every trophy there is. Real Madrid is rubbish they are just a glory hunter. Barcelona is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. CR7 Says:

    goodlucC barca 4 d finals…watch out 4 my team… REAL MADRID 4 lyf… GO CR7…

  70. singh Says:

    PRABHJOT@ u dnt know shit about football,,,sala ronaldo da


  71. zaman Says:

    I think messi will be the top scorer and win the champions league.

  72. Ibrahim Adesola Says:

    Every body know that Messi is better than Ronaldo in Dribble, goal experience, and he didn’t consider red card since when he started football in his feature, means Messi is the top scorer in Uefer Champions league,Kings cup, and La liga, not he will, because he score 14 goals in Uefer Champions League, and he is the first player that he scored 5 goals in 1march in UCL, or who want top score 5 goals now. Please don’t ever compeer Ronaldo with Messi because the difference is clear.

  73. Lil sancy Says:

    Ronaldo is just doing, at de end of de season messi will be de world best player and top scorer.

  74. Lil sancy Says:

    I will lyk 2 be with messi,xavi,iniesta and torres.

  75. MIMI Says:

    Up up up up leo andres messi best player of the year , up up barcelona

  76. MIMI NEYMAR Says:

    Up , messi ,xavi, inesta, fabregas,thiago, busguet,puyol, alves, sancez, abidal,mashcarno,pedro,valdes, up barca

  77. Col Gaddafi Says:

    Say that again.. coz Barca are out..
    Putin ma money on Mario Gomez.

  78. Peter Says:

    Up chelsea we have done it by removing d bst team in d world nd i tink chelsea have tried.Not playing dat matters but crowning it with winning.Behind good football there is suppose 2 b a win @ d end of 90mins.Cheasea deserve dis championship it is nt easy. God is wit us. Amen.

  79. Habu browser Says:

    I always think about messi better than any body he score more goal and score 4 goal in one march high messi is not human being i am expect

  80. victor Says:

    Ronaldo is a great player but messi is ball itself. Messi is not just a player but he makes players. who God bless no one cause. Go on & do more God is with you. Long live MESSI, long live BARCELONA

  81. Game messiah Says:

    Messi is definitely the best player in the world, second by Karim Benzema

  82. Paul Says:

    Messi is still de best player of de yr bacar is stil de best team in de world am proud to be a bacar fan with Messi we ll make it again.

  83. Chelsea will win the champion this season Says:

  84. livingstone Says:

    messi is best forever

  85. partimo lenteo Says:

    messi is the mess! No one we can compare wth him,i thnk he wil b th best playa en th golden boot always,i thnk 4 th next 5-7yrs the whole world is let respect messi potential that he deserves recognition.he is the best choice’ playa of th year in our continent Africa&kenya.

  86. folarin Says:

    Arsenal will win nothing with dis toy team
    Go 4 beta matured player dat can dictate games 4u not players like ramsy,chamak,giroud.if sacking wenger wil bring trophy den send him tired of dis useless policy

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